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Spoilers: The Walking Dead Issue 127 Brings Big Changes – Before & After

Warning, this article contains MAJOR spoilers for Issue 127 of The Walking Dead comic book series.

At one point during the All Out War story arch, Robert Kirkman teased major changes coming to The Walking Dead starting in Issue 127. Wow, he was not lying! On Wednesday, May 14th, Skybound released the 127th issue of the hit comic book series ‘The Walking Dead.’ After a less than stellar finale to the All Out War arch, Kirkman delivered a very refreshing change-up to the main story line.

After flash forwarding two years since the defeat of Negan, we’re introduced to a host of brand new characters and potential story lines. More importantly, many fans of the comic were shocked by some of the character transformations since the end of All Out War. Check out this before and after gallery below. Characters with the biggest transformations include Rick Grimes, Jesus, Carl Grimes, Eugene Porter and Negan.

Andrea-Before-and-After-Issue-127 Carl-Grimes-Before-and-After-Issue-127 Eugene-Porter-Before-and-After-Issue-127 Jesus-Before-and-After-Issue-127 Negan-Before-and-After-Issue-127 Rick-Grimes-Before-and-After-Issue-127

What are your thoughts about the character transformations? Overall, are you excited where The Walking Dead comic is headed? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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