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Season 5 The Walking Dead – Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel?


The Walking Dead Season 5 filming is finally underway in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank god, because we were going through some serious Walking Dead withdrawals. Quite shockingly, news regarding the season has been rather “tight lipped.” We haven’t posted much news here because we typically like to post only relevant news or spoilers and not make articles about pointless shit – cough WetPaint cough.

That being said, AMC recently welcomed a new series regular to The Walking Dead. It’s been reported that Seth Gilliam was added to the cast for Season 5. “The Wire” alum will play a character by the name of “Michael Todd.” Evidently AMC is attempting to keep the character’s identity a secret but there’s already speculation that Gilliam will play Father Gabriel Stokes from the comics. No one can confirm or deny this in reality because AMC likes to keep things under wrap until the new season premieres.


For those of you unfamiliar with the comic, Father Gabriel is an African-American preacher in his 30s who meets up with Rick Grimes and the gang as they make their way towards Washington D.C. At one point in the comics, he shares his backstory with the group and reveals that at the beginning of the outbreak, he trapped himself inside his church and left his family, friends and parishioners to get attacked by zombies. He was forced to leave the safety of the church when he started to run low on supplies.

Although this isn’t a complete comic book overlap, many fans have assumed that Father Gabriel Stokes was the person responsible for “kidnapping” Beth. It would make sense, seeing as the events took place at a mortuary and the car that picked up Beth bared a cross-like symbol.

Either way, Michael Todd is described as “having two sides, displaying a friendly, puckish humor but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret.” Well that sounds oddly familiar. I think just about every character they cast on The Walking Dead is “haunted by a dark past or secret.” Remember the character description for Bob Stookey?

In other casting news, it was rumored that Former UGA football star Chase Vasser landed a role on the show but it has never been confirmed by AMC. E! News also reported that a new character, 17-year-old Burton, would be introduced during the premiere. His character is described as a young boy who lost his leg but “does not let his disability keep him down.” Could Vasser be playing Burton? We have not a clue!

What are your theories about the identity of Michael Todd? Do you think he will represent Father Gabriel Stokes from the comic book series, or will he be his own standalone character? You be the judge. Sound off in the comment section below.

Sebastian C.