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The Walking Dead: Did AMC Accidently Confirm A Daryl/Beth Romance?


If you’ve been watching The Walking Dead recently, it hasn’t been hard to notice the blossoming relationship between fan-favorite Daryl Dixon and the recently acknowledged Beth Greene. The two have been spending some major time together after being separated from the rest of the group following the Governor’s prison raid in the Season 4 mid-season finale.

Speculations have been circling around whether Beth and Daryl are “romantically involved.” Up until now, nothing has been explicitly stated to confirm or deny the allegations; however, all evidence seems to suggest otherwise – e.g. consistent flirting, hand holding, piggy back rides, etc.

Fortunately for inquisitive fans, it appears as though AMC recently made a slip up on their own website, confirming the rumors that at least one of the characters has feelings for the other. In the details section of the episode guide for Episode 13 “Alone”, AMC accidently confirmed that Daryl’s feelings for Beth were not platonic. After the blunder went viral on Twitter, AMC quickly updated the website to adjust the wording to something more subtle. Check out the before and after screen shots below:




Daryl-Beth-Romantic-2What do you think about the slip-up? Are you surprised or did you see this coming all along (like most of us). Most importantly, what could this news spell for a possible Daryl/Carol reunion? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.