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Will Daryl Dixon Die? Actor Lands New Role in Kirkman’s Sci-Fi Film


We recently learned Robert Kirkman is producing a sci-fi movie under the Skybound banner. Kirkman will be teaming up with David Alpert, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Chris Ferguson, Christian Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto to produce a film called Air.

The film will feature The Walking Dead’s own, Norman Reedus. Reedus will be joined by Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fast & Furious 7) as one of the two leading characters.

Plot of Air: When Earth’s atmosphere is all but destroyed, humanity’s last hope is the personnel cryogenically frozen in an underground bunker. Reedus and Hounsou play the caretakers of the facility whose sanity is tested as they struggle to survive in the last bit of habitable space on Earth.

Does this spell bad news for Daryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead’? Historically speaking, actors who score new roles while on The Walking Dead have typically ended up being killed at some point during the season. Last year, it was reported that Dallas Roberts, who played Milton Mamet in Season 3 of The Walking Dead, landed a new role on Unforgettable. This led many to believe that Milton would be killed off by the end of the season. Which, as it turned out, ended up being true.

As fans of the show, we are also aware of the grueling filming schedule for ‘The Walking Dead.’ Filming typically lasts around 7 months, from May to November. As of now, no filming or release date has been set for Air, so it’s yet to be seen whether filming will cause a conflict.

Are you excited to see Kirkman produce a sci-fi flick, or would his time be better spent focusing on ‘The Walking Dead’ television and comic book series, along with the countless other projects he works on. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.