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New Details & Cover Art Revealed for Issue 127 of The Walking Dead

The-Walking-Dead-Issue-127-CoverIn the Letter Hacks section of a recent issue of ‘The Walking Dead’, Robert Kirkman promised a very different comic book starting with Issue 127 after the conclusion of All Out War. We speculated that Kirkman could be hinting at the death of The Walking Dead’s main protagonist, Rick Grimes. On our latest episode of Comic Quickies, Dennis and I discussed the possibility of this death.

Although unlikely, Kirkman has always toyed with fans about killing off the beloved Rick Grimes. However, new cover art for Issue 127 reveals an onslaught of new characters for the book – and none that we recognize. The issue also bares the tagline: “In the aftermath of ALL-OUT WAR we discover… A NEW BEGINNING.” Who is this new group of survivors? Could Kirkman possibly replace the existing group of Survivors with a whole new group?


Better question is: who is the mystery woman on the cover of Issue 127? Our best guess is either Lori 2.0…or Judith. Because we all know that neither of them ACTUALLY died during the prison raid. Just kidding. But then again, you never know with Kirkman at the helm. Or maybe it’s a flash-forward sequence and the woman is actually the child of Maggie and Glen. Now there’s a twist. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In additional news, The Walking Dead also announced that Issue 127 will be a double-feature –that’s right, 48 pages of Walking Dead goodness!

What do you think Kirkman and Co. have in store for comic book fans this spring? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

Sebastian C.