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TWD Enthusiasts #45 – Prediction Palooza – Season 4B


Welcome to our Prediction Palooza episode of the podcast. This week, we’re chatting about a bunch of Walking Dead news and our predictions for the second half of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ – which is set to resume on Sunday, February 9th at 9PM on AMC!

In this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast we discuss:

  • A possible Daryl Dixon death
  • The Governor’s return in the second half of Season 4
  • New characters to be introduced
  • Why Negan won’t be in Season 4
  • The titles and descriptions for each of the 8 episodes in Season 4B
  • Big questions from the first half the season that have yet to be answered!
    • Is Baby Judith alive?
    • Who actually killed Karen and David?
    • Who is feeding/dissecting the rats?
    • Will we see Sam return at some point?

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Sebastian C.