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7 New Photos from Season 4B of The Walking Dead

Entertainment Weekly just released 7 new photos from Season 4B of The Walking Dead. Nothing major has been spoiled based on the photos, but some conclusions can be drawn about the upcoming season.

Glenn clearly decided not to stay on the bus when the prison was attacked by The Governor. This may also help to explain the photo of Tara Chalmers running out of the prison with an unknown man/woman dressed in riot gear. It’s safe to assume that person was Glenn now that we see an official photo of him dressed in riot gear.

Michonne seems to be up to her old tricks; using walker pets to cloak herself from other walkers. I’m glad they’re bringing this back since I felt like it was short-lived in Season 3.

The photos of Rick and Carl will likely be from Episode 9, the mid-season opener, as we’ve come to find out that this episode will be a direct adaptation from the comic book series.

Last but not least, the ladies can enjoy some photos of Mr. Daryl Dixon running through the woods.



What are your expectations for the remaining 8 episodes of Season 4B of The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.