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#44: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue 120 of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comic Issue 120Praise the lord! We’ve actually released a Comic Quickie on time and are only talking about one issue for once. It’s safe to say, we feel like changed men. We’ll be sure to make this a habit moving forward. This episode ended up not really being a “quickie” since it runs about 40 minutes. But who cares, this issue is worth the discussion!

In this episode, we discuss Issue 120 of The Walking Dead. This includes Rick’s diva attitude, Carl’s immunity from ever being killed, Maggie as the new leader of The Hilltop and Heath getting his leg blown off!

Not only do we discuss the individual issue, we chat about a couple of key things from the Letter Hacks section of the comic. Robert Kirkman provided a bunch of insight into the future of the comic in this month’s letter hacks – Aaron stepping to the forefront after the death of Eric, Negan’s appearance in the television series, Gabriel going MIA and zombie life expectancy.

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Sebastian C.