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The Walking Dead Comic Spoilers: Is Rick Grimes’ Death Imminent?


Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series are well aware that Rick Grimes has seen his fair share of life-threatening ordeals throughout the course of 119 issues. From surviving the initial days of the zombie apocalypse to battling The Governor, one of the most despised villains in comic book history, Rick has been virtually untouchable. Unfortunately, he seems to have met his match with Negan – the comics latest potty-mouthed bad boy hell bent on destroying everything Rick Grimes stands for.

Up until now, fans never truly considered the death of Rick Grimes as an imminent concern. However, in the latest issue of Letter Hacks, the fan-mail portion of each new issue of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman hints at big changes to come starting with Issue #127 – the first issue to be released after the conclusion of All Out War. He writes:

“Rest assured ALL OUT WAR is taking us to some very new, very different and very exciting places. This will be a drastically different book starting with issue 127, but that’s all I’m going to say.”

Is Robert Kirkman hinting at the death of the comic book’s main protagonist? At this point it wouldn’t really surprise us, as the story always seemed to be more focused on Carl’s journey as a child of the apocalypse rather than Rick’s personal memoir. Either way, it hasn’t stopped fans of the graphic novels from speculating about the future of the comic. From theories about potential “flash-forwards” involving Carl as a grownup to the deaths of other major fan favorite characters including Michonne and Maggie, fans will have to wait until the end of April when All Out War comes to its conclusion.

What are your thoughts about Robert Kirkman’s statement about a “drastically different book” starting with issue 127? Are you anticipating the death of Rick Grimes? If not, what other changes could be made that would result in such a drastic change? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Sebastian C.