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TWD Enthusiasts #41 – The Walking Dead E7:S4 – “Dead Weight”


The Season 3 finale is finally here! Oh wait, I mean the mid-season finale for Season 4. But it’s pretty much gearing up to be the same thing right? The Governor is switching back and forth from good and bad, and Dennis and I are encountering the same situation regarding the first half of this season. Were these Governor-centric episodes as good as we were expecting? Not really, but listen to the podcast to get all the gritty details.

In this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast we discuss:

Sebastian’s Pick: The Walker Stalkers have announced the next 2 dates and locations for their infamous “Walker Stalker Con.” From March 14-16th, Walker Stalker Con will be in Chicago. And from October 17th-19th, Walker Stalker Con will be returning to Atlanta. Make sure to get your tickets today!

Dennis’ Pick: Day of The Dead is being remade because that’s exactly what we need, another zombie movie.

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We’ll be back next week to recap the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead entitled “Too Far Gone.”

Sebastian C.