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The Walking Dead Season 4 – Spoilers from the Set – Character Deaths/Appearances & Filming Locations


We recently received some interesting news from our TWD Insider “Sophia’s Babydoll” regarding cast deaths, appearances and filming locations for Season 4 of The Walking Dead. If you would like to remain spoiler free, please turn away now or forever hold your peace.

As the majority of you know, a flu-like virus has recently infiltrated the prison causing many residents, even some main characters, to fall ill. If you listen to our podcast, we’ve speculated that this is a ploy by the producers to make it appear as though “no one is immune to the virus, even the main characters.” To date, Sasha and Glen have both fallen victim to the deadly virus. As of now, those are the only main characters that appear to have been infected.

This has left many to wonder whether Sasha or Glen will survive this season. But according to recent reports, Sonequa Martin-Green (aka Sasha) was seen in Newnan, Georgia in late October filming with Lauren Cohen (aka Maggie).  Evidently, they were fighting a bunch of walkers while filming Episode 13 – so it’s safe to assume that Maggie and Sasha both survived the mega-flu epidemic.

Also, Tyreese, Daryl, Rick, Carol, Michonne and Glen have all been seen within the last couple of weeks filming episodes 12 and 14 (they usually film in order but they filmed 14 and then 13 for some unapparent reason).

Last but not least, AMC recently applied for and received permission to film in Grantville, GA again – possibly in a cemetery. If you recall, this is where we last saw the deranged  Morgan. Rumors are still surfacing; however, Lenny James (who plays Morgan)  has not been spotted in town yet.

Based on this news, we can assume that all of the main characters will survive the prison flu and Morgan could possibly make another appearance in Season 4. What do you think of this recent news? Sound off in the comments section below.

Sophia's BabydollAuthor: Sophia’s Babydoll is The Walking Dead Enthusiast’s very own TWD insider. Currently residing near the set of The Walking Dead, Sophia’s Babydoll provides up-to-date information on news and rumors surrounding AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead.”


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