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#34: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue 112, 113 & 114 of The Walking Dead

Triple Comic Quickie! Yes, yes. I know last time we promised to be on-time with the next Quickie, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Fortunately for you, the last 3 issues centered around the same storyline, so it was the perfect precursor to All Out War!

In this episode, we discuss Issues 112, 113 and 114 of The Walking Dead. Not only do we discuss storyline, we also chat about Rick’s potential death, other characters that might die during All Out War, and the serious lack of zombies in the comic as of late.

Near the end of the episode we discuss the Midnight Release party for Issue #115; the start of All Out War. Here is the link to all the Midnight Release parties happening across the United States. Find your local comic shop on the list and be there on October 9th!

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Sebastian C.