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The Walking Dead Season 3 – Deleted/Alternate Scenes

Geeze, oh man. We are a little behind on our Walking Dead related news recently! And for that, many apologies. Let us make it up to you by providing a few deleted/alternate scenes from Season 3 of The Walking Dead. There have been a ton of releases lately, and we figured you might benefit from having them all in one place.

First up, we have a scene from Season 3 episode “Clear” featuring Lennie James (Morgan) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes):

Next up is the much talked about “Zombie Lori” scene from Season 3 of The Walking Dead. This is the first and only glimpse of Sarah Wayne Callies as a walker after her death in Episode 4 entitled “Killer Within.”

This next deleted scene is a clip with Melissa McBride (Carol) and Michael Rooker (Merle) sharing an intimate moment in the prison during Season 3. It would be been very interesting if this scene was actually incorporated into the show, although it may have seemed a little out of character for Carol (in my humble opinion).

Last but not least is a clip of the #TeamPrison meeting to discuss Rick’s “condition” after Lori’s unexpected death. A few, if not all of these scenes are featured in the Season 3 DVD/Blu-ray of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns on October 13th, 2013 at 9PM EST on AMC. What are some of your most anticipated moments?

Sebastian C.