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The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoiler Photo: Will Woodbury Last in Season 4?

If you’re a “Walking Dead purist” and would like to remain spoiler free until Season 4 of The Walking Dead returns on October 13th, please stop reading now.

Although it has not been confirmed how many episodes of Season 4 have been filmed to date, one can assume they’re probably still filming the first half of the season. With that being said, a recent photo posted on Senoia Coffee & Cafe’s Facebook page suggests Woodbury may meet its demise early in Season 4.

In the photo, you can see that the former Woodbury Town Hall has been demolished by the set crew. As you may already know, the Town Hall was built specifically for the show, and was only a facade. Now that it’s been torn down, fans have reason to believe Woodbury won’t be a part of the latter half of Season 4.




In recent interviews, Robert Kirkman discussed the possibility of mother nature playing some part in Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Do you think these 2 stories are linked? Will Woodbury become rubble at the hands of mother nature – e.g. by a fire or maybe a tornado? Sound off with your thoughts below.

Sebastian C.