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#33: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue #110 & #111 of The Walking Dead

the-walking-dead-issue-110 the-walking-dead-issue-111

Whoops! We’re a little far behind, but we promise to be back on track (and on time) when the next issue of The Walking Dead is released on July 10th.

Next time we’ll discuss some exciting news regarding The Walking Dead comic book series! We should also have some news from Comic Con: San Diego to discuss.

In this episode of TWD Comic Quickies, we chat about our thoughts regarding Issues #110 an 111 of The Walking Dead – in particular, how slow we found them to be. We also hear some feedback from our listen Cindi Throck.

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In case you missed it: TWD Comic Quickie Recap of Issue #109 of The Walking Dead

Sebastian C.