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The Walking Dead Season 4 Exclusive Photos – Did Rick Lose His Hand?

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers & Potential Season 4 Spoilers below. You have been warned!

Rick-Loses-Hand-The-Walking-DeadI’m forewarning you to take all of this with a grain of salt. I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of these photos as a telling sign for what’s to come in Season 4 of The Walking Dead. But as fans of the comic book series, we are all too familiar with Rick Grimes’ early interactions with The Governor (David Morrissey will reprise the role in Season 4), and the subsequent loss of his hand.

Fans have been wondering whether “TV Rick” will suffer the same fate at the hands of The Governor. In the past, Robert Kirkman has expressed that cutting off Rick’s hand is one of the few things he regrets about the comics, due to the fact that it limits the character’s ability to conduct everyday functions. As of 2 years ago, it appeared that “TV Rick’s” hand would remain intact; seeing that its removal wouldn’t necessarily contribute to the overall story (and I could only imagine the CGI costs).

However, in these exclusive images from the set of Season 4 of The Walking Dead (from a source that I cannot determine, but were found on a Walking Dead fan’s Twitter), it appears as though Rick has suffered a significant hand injury – coincidentally on the same hand as his comic counterpart. Take a look below:

Rick's Missing Hand - 3

Rick's Missing Hand - 2Rick's Missing Hand - 1 What do you think about the pictures above? Is this a telling sign that Rick’s hand may be cut off by The Governor during Season 4, or has he only suffered a minor hand injury? Sound off below.

Look on the bright side; it appears Carol is still alive and well…for now.

Sebastian C.