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The Walking Dead Season 4 Image Revealed – Zombie Lori?!

Just kidding. Well, kind of. In this newly released image from Season 4 of The Walking Dead, it appears that Rick Grimes has a stalker. But that scraggly long brown hair and white dress seems a litttttttle too familiar. Are we being teased that zombie Lori will make an appearance in Season 4? Probably not. Rumors have already been circling that according to Robert Kirkman, Rick Grimes himself isn’t even safe this season. So we can safely assume that this image further emphasizes that fact. Feel free to speculate below in the comments section!


The Walking Dead surged to record ratings throughout its third season, often defeating its non-cable competition among the key advertising demographic of 18-49-year olds.

AMC is yet to announce an official premiere date for Season 4, but production got underway on Monday of this week.

Sebastian C.