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The Walking Dead Finale: Deleted Scene Shows Alternate Death Ending

Warning, detailed spoilers follow for The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale! Turn back now or forever hold your peace!

Around the end of 2012, there had been multiple rumors circling about a “re-shoot” of the season finale of The Walking Dead. Now that the finale has come and gone, AMC released these original scenes of Milton’s brutal zombie attack on Andrea. As many of us know, Milton was mortally wounded by the Governor and left to die in the same room as Andrea. The intended result was for Milton to reanimate and ultimately kill Andrea after he was unable to do so per the instructions of The Governor.

But according to some news outlets, there had been multiple re-shoots to this scene, as a recent interview with Dallas Roberts, aka Milton Mamet, revealed that Milton was initially shot by the Governor, but the scene was re-shot with Milton being stabbed instead.

In the first take on the scene, Andrea was actually bound to the torture chair by heavy chains. She did not free herself before Milton attacked. In fact, Milton quite graphically bit into Andrea’s side.

In the original scene, viewers saw the whole attack and were not left with the “behind-the-door scuffle” that we experienced on finale night. The whole story would have changed because Andrea would have been killed by Milton altogether, rather than having Rick and the group find her and aid in her suicide. Check out the exclusive images below.

Which death scene would you have preferred to see on finale night?

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