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The Walking Dead Casting Series Regular “Roy Stark” for Season 4 – Possibly Abraham?

Sgt._Abraham_Ford_With_Rosita_EspinosaThe Walking Dead has quietly begun replenishing its ranks in the wake of Sunday’s deadly Season 3 finale.

TVLine has confirmed that the AMC smash has issued a Season 4 casting call for the series regular role of “Roy Stark,” who’s described as a former army medic who is deeply haunted by his past — pre- and post-zombie apocalypse. As a result, he’s a bit of a loner, although he maintains a charming/self-deprecating/confident public face.

The part calls for an actor in his early 30s to mid 40s.

In an interview with TVLine on Monday, Robert Kirkman confirmed that the show’s fourth season (bowing in October) will feature some “big differences” from Season 3, including “new locations and new places to discover and explore.” The two seasons will share at least one common thread: David Morrissey will continue to raise hell as the Governor.

Sound a bit like Abraham from The Walking Dead comic book series? We all know based on past cast interviews that actors often audition for “imaginary characters” before they are provided all the gritty details about the part. So we can only assume that “Roy Stark” is a fake name that should be replaced with “Abraham.”

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SOURCE: Yahoo! News

Sebastian C.