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The Walking Dead – “I Ain’t A Judas” Episode (E11:S3) Recap

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCThe episode starts off in the cell block. Rick says were not leaving; while Herschel thinks it’s time to go. Merle thinks the group should have left the night before, but now it’s too late because The Governor probably has scouts watching the prison. Rick starts to leave and Herschel screams at him and pretty much calls him out – saying that he’s slipping but now is not the time. He says that he put his family in Rick’s hand, so it’s time for him to get it together and do something.

Rick exits the cell block and starts to survey the surrounding area with binoculars. He spots something, but he can’t make out what it is before it disappears. Carl joins him outside and tells Rick he should stop being the leader – that he should let Herschel and Daryl handle things and that he deserves a rest.

In Woodbury, Milton is sitting in the Governor’s apartment. They’re tallying the amount of people in Woodbury that would be able to defend/attack if need be. The numbers are rather low, so the Governor wants to include men/women age 13 and up to which Milton responds “boys and girls.”

Andrea busts in without knocking, and she’s pissed because she evidently found out the Governor went to the prison even though he said he wouldn’t. The Governor says her friends shot at him first. Milton leaves. Andrea says enough is enough and that she wants to go see her friends at the prison. She wants a car, but the Governor won’t provide. The Governor then tells her that if she goes, she should stay there, as she exits the room.

Outside of Woodbury, the town is hunkering down for what looks like a battle. Karen tells Martinez that her son has asthma and he can’t help them. Andrea is mad at this because she thinks that Martinez is supposed to be having people learn how to defend themselves, not raising an army. Martinez says the only way to defend themselves is by raising an army.

At the prison, Rick instructs Maggie to keep watch in the guard tower, while the rest of the group debate about what they should do. Glenn doesn’t want Merle staying with them, but Daryl defends him and runs off. Rick says he can’t kick him out, and Herschel reinforces that by saying that Merle is loyal to his brother, so he should be able to stay.

As Merle tapes up his prosthetic, Herschel walks in and introduces himself. Herschel whips out a bible. He quotes a passage, to which Merle completes the scripture. He then proceeds to tell Herschel when the Governor returns, he’s going to kill him first, then Michonne. Leaving Rick for last so that he can watch everyone die ugly.

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCOutside of Woodbury, the Governor is examining his new “army.” He allows one woman to leave because she has arthritis. As he approaches Noah, Andrea informs him that he’s asthmatic; to which the Governor could care less.

At the prison, Carol welcomes Daryl back to the prison. She says she thought the prison was a tomb until Daryl found her alive. Carol tells him to not let Merle bring him down, and that he has come a long way on his own.

Milton and Andrea are back on the streets of Woodbury and Andrea questions Milton regarding whether or not he knew anything about The Governor’s “visit” to the prison. He denies it by saying he wouldn’t advocate a move like that. Andrea wants Milton to cover for her, as she makes a plan to escape Woodbury to visit the prison. Milton tells her no, but Andrea presses him further by saying she wants to bring a resolution to the conflict before more innocent people get killed.

The Governor removes his eye bandage and reveals his destroyed eye. He replaces the bandage with an eye patch as Milton enters and informs him that Andrea is planning to leave Woodbury and requested his assistance. The Governor tells Milton to help her.

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCMilton helps Andrea secure a walker and then they proceed to remove a walkers arms and lower jaw – Michonne style. In the process, more walkers begin to surround them, and Tyreese pops out of nowhere and kills one of them.  Milton agrees to take the group back to Woodbury, as Andrea heads on her journey to the prison.

At the prison, Michonne is staying physically fit, as Merle approaches her and tries to reconcile their differences. He wants to clear the air, and explains that it was only business. Michonne doesn’t seem too interested and continues to work out.

As Carl looks through the binoculars, he notices something weird going on. Maggie notices that it’s Andrea approaching the prison. She tells Carl to get his dad and the others. Andrea approaches the gate and has to ask to be let in. As she enters, Rick throws her against the fence and starts to pat her down. He forces her to the ground and strips her bag off of her before asking her if she is alone. She responds that she is.

After entering the prison, Andrea begins to question them about all of the missing members of the group – Lori, Shane, T-dog. Andrea wants to see the prison, but Rick refuses to let her through. Rick tells Andrea that her boyfriend tore down the fence and shot up the group. Andrea begins to realize the real story behind the Governor. Andrea is confused because she feels like the odd-man-out and that no one wants her there. Andrea tries to point the blame at Merle, as she explains that she wants to work things out. She wants them to come live in Woodbury, but they all scarf at the idea. Rick wants Andrea’s help getting inside Woodbury, but Andrea refuses so he walks away.

In the prison yard, Andrea blames Michonne for “poisoning” her friends. Michonne says she is under The Governor’s spell, and informs her that he sent Merle to kill her. Michonne says she went back to Woodbury to expose The Governor for what he is, and that she knew it would hurt her.

Tyreese and his group meet with The Governor and learn about what’s been going on in Woodbury. But the real kicker happens when Allen tells The Governor they ran into some whack-job in a prison. The Governor realizes that the group knows the layout of the prison, and Milton asks them to describe the layout. Tyreese makes the same offer to The Governor as he did to Rick and the group – anything to help the betterment of the group.

At the prison, Andrea meets “little ass kicker.” Andrea inquires about how Lori and Shane died, to which Carol explains that Shane was in love with Lori. Before leaving, Carol comes up with the master plan to give the Governor the best night of his life, and when he’s sleeping, kill him. As Andrea begins to leave the prison, Rick hands her back her gun and tells her to be careful.

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCAndrea arrives back at Woodbury and enters The Governor’s apartment. She informs him that she went to the prison, but doesn’t provide a reason as to why she came back to Woodbury. She tries to tell The Governor that they’re broken, living in horrible conditions, but The Governor is only concerned whether or not Merle and Michonne are with them. The Governor says she belongs at Woodbury, as they share a passionate embrace.

At the prison, it’s nighttime and Beth begins to sing another song. Rick chats with Daryl and Herschel and informs them that he’s going on a run the next day. He says he’ll take Michonne and Carl. Carl stands guard outside of the prison.

Andrea rising from bed as she approaches the sleeping Governor with a knife. She holds the knife to him, but then walks away as she decides she can’t and walks away.

Episode Ends.

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