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Introducing TWD Comic Quickies With Dennis and Sebastian

Who doesn’t love a good quickie? The Walking Dead Enthusiasts do. But before we get into that, many of our podcast listeners are well-versed in the world of The Walking Dead comic book series. Seeing that a new issue comes out each and every month, we thought it would be cool to incorporate the comics into a separate segment of our show.


Introducing TWD Comic Quickies With Dennis and Sebastian – your much needed monthly dose of The Walking Dead comic series in one quick 15 minute recap! Think of your typical quickie, but like sex for your ears!

Each month we will recap the latest issue of The Walking Dead and discuss the issue’s hits/misses, deaths/introductions and new character developments. Because there are over 100 issues already in existence, we will begin with Issue #100 – which was just named the best selling comic of 2012 – and proceed from there. For those of you that have read the comics, you know that there is a MAJOR character death that occurs during this issue! So it’s a great place to start, without going all the way back to the beginning.

TWD Comic Quickies will be a no holds barred discussion about The Walking Dead comic book series, with minimal discussion about the television show. Be weary of spoilers – although the show has proven to not exactly follow the comic books at all times.

We hope our listeners enjoy the new segment! TWD Comic Quickies with Dennis and Sebastian: It’ll be over before you know it, but it’s just as satisfying. 😉

Sebastian C.