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The Walking Dead: New Footage Teases Part 2 of Season 3

If you’re going through “walker withdrawals” due to the mid-season hiatus of AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead, tickle your taste buds with two newly released trailers/clips for Part 2/Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

The first clip is similar to the preview viewers saw immediately after the mid-season finale in December. It provides a more in-depth look into what viewers should expect during the 2nd half of the season.

The second clip is a little boring in my opinion – and now that I’ve seen it, I’m a little upset it will consume an entire minute of the mid-season premiere in February. We get it. Governor bad.

And seeing that we’re all well aware that Daryl survives his precarious situation in Woodbury, this clip interests me even less. Personally I’m still pissed that AMC fired Glen Mazzara, so they have a lot of making up to do – and these clips don’t do it for me.

Sebastian C.