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TWD Enthusiasts #9 – The Walking Dead E8:S3 – “Made To Suffer”

This week we recap the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead entitled “Made To Suffer.” We also talk about the future of our show during the “off-season.” Don’t worry, we will have a few episodes during the hiatus that include our Top Moments from Season 3 thus far, and any other fun zombie related news!

Episode Highlights:

  • The introduction of Tyreese – a little too late?
  • Are all the experiments solely for the Governor to help his daughter?
  • Why doesn’t the Governor want the prison for himself?
  • The “Screamer Pits” – it’s a mystery!
  • Carol’s a lesbian? SAY WHA? Just kidding, she’s banging Axel now.
  • Did Daryl intentionally get caught while in Woodbury? More discussion on Daryl’s relationship with Merle
  • Shane is reborn…in Wolverine form!
  • Governor vs. Michonne – FINISH HIM!
  • Disappointed by the “cliff-hanger”
  • Chat about our upcoming episodes & we pick the winner of our contest!

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Sebastian C.