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TWD Enthusiasts #8 – The Walking Dead E7:S3 – “When The Dead Come Knocking”

This week we are joined by Erin Thomas, a Walking Dead enthusiast like ourselves, where we recap Season 3/Episode 7 of The Walking Dead entitled “When The Dead Come Knocking.” The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday December 2, 2012 on AMC at 9PM EST.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why is Sarah Wayne Callies (a.k.a. Lori) still in the credits if she is dead?
  • Does Merle have a right to be mad at any of the old group members?
  • Michonne/Rick showdown – Rick/Carol reunion
  • Does Michonne have multiple personality disorder?
  • Judith…really?
  • More in-depth look into the Woodbury experiments
  • Is the Governor a bit of a softy? Compared to the comics, he looks like a nice guy
  • Check out this KFC ad placement for The Walking Dead
  • Mid-season finale predictions!
  • Check out The Walking Dead graphic novels – get all caught up during off-season!

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