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TWD Enthusiasts #7 – The Walking Dead E6:S3 – “Hounded”

In our pre-Turkey day episode, we recap Season 3/Episode 6 of The Walking Dead entitled “Hounded.” We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We will see you back here next week to recap yet another episode of The Walking Dead…unless we eat ourselves to death – which is a great possibility.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who’s on the phone!?
  • Are the showers working in the prison?
  • What’s up with that scene with Andrea and the chick on the wall?
  • Merle has a change of heart?
  • Miss Independent Single White Female, Andrea
  • Robert Kirkman explains “Death By Bite
  • Carol is found – shocker!!
  • Predictions for the remainder of Part1 of Season 3
  • Lister questions and feedback!
  • Will Daryl get killed off this season?
  • Introduction of a new comic book fan favorite – Tyrese!

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Sebastian C.