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TWD Enthusiasts #6 – The Walking Dead E5:S3 – “Say The Word”

On this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts we recap Season 3/Episode 5 of The Walking Dead entitled “Say The Word.” Please enjoy Ryan’s British accent for the first 10 minutes of the show – and apologies for the quality of the first 12 minutes. We were having a few connection issues!

Episode Highlights:

  • Did anyone else think this was Lori serving lemonade in Woodbury?
  • First glimpses of Penny (The Governor’s daughter)
  • The romance between The Governor and Andrea – wtf?
  • Why do they need 3 graves when there is only 1 body?
  • Carol/Lori theories!
  • The Michonne/Andrea drama saga continues
  • Who is on the phone! Don’t worry, we don’t spoil it.
  • Winner selected for the Vol. 1 The Walking Dead graphic novel from
  • Chat about World War Z and Warm Bodies trailer

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Sebastian C.