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TWD Enthusiasts #5 – The Walking Dead E4:S3 – “Killer Within”

On the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts we recap Season 3/Episode 4 of The Walking Dead entitled “Killer Within.” Oh, and we talk about the long forgotten kid’s snack Dunkaroos….and PajamaJeans.

Episode Highlights:

  • Small recap of Season 3/Episode 3 – “Walk With Me” (damn you, Hurricane Sandy!)
  • Recap of Season 3/Episode 4 – “Killer Within”
  • Do the prisoners deserve to join the group?
  • Did T-Dog deserve to die?
  • Did Carol automatically become unless again in this episode?
  • When will the two storylines come together?
  • Comic book Governor vs. TV series Governor
  • Did Lori deserve such a noble death?
  • Walking Dead news about Season 4, World War Z, and Ryan’s zombie audio drama

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Sebastian C.