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We offer a number of advertising options including banner advertisements, custom podcast sponsorships, product reviews and more.

  • Audio only pre-recorded advertisements provided by the sponsor
  • Audio-only “live reads” that we’ll read during each new episode of our podcast
  • Banner ads on our website
  • Product reviews of sponsor products
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser
  • Show “segments” that are “brought to you by” a specific advertiser

The audience we generate is typically interested in The Walking Dead and anything affiliated with the nerd culture (other television shows, comic books, toys, etc.). We have thousands of site visitors a month, in addition to over 10k fans from all over the country on our Facebook page. If you would like to receive official site statistics, please email us with your inquiry.

If you’re interesting in advertising on our site, feel free to email Sebastian C., producer and host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast and