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You say you love The Walking Dead? Well, you’re in luck! The Walking Dead Enthusiasts is a podcast dedicated to discussing Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book and television series The Walking Dead.

We are also a fan site dedicated to reporting all the latest news, theories, spoilers and speculations pertaining to the show and comic book. Both the podcast and the website are run by genuine fans – you might even say, real Walking Dead Enthusiasts (see what we did there).

Sebastian Compagnucci

Podcast Host/Editor-in-Chief
Twitter: @TWD_Enthusiasts
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Sebastian C. works in the eCommerce consulting industry in Philadelphia. After becoming a fan boy of the franchise in 2011, he founded and created The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast and (now In his spare time, he’s most likely eating something that’s not good for him. He has made it his life mission to get cast on the hit-reality show Survivor. He’s also convinced he would survive a real-life zombie apocalypse; which is highly unlikely.

Ryan Smith
Podcast Host/Site Contributor
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Ryan works and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He plays an active role on the Zombie audio drama “HG World” and has a life goal of beating Sebastian onto Survivor – which likely won’t happen. He’s an avid swimmer, biker, photographer and a talented, aspiring voice actor. Although Ryan took off for Season 4 of The Walking Dead, we are very excited to welcome him back to the podcast to discuss Season 5. Since he hasn’t read the entire comic book series, Ryan is able to offer thoughts from the perspective of a fan who isn’t familiar with the source material.

Dennis Patrick

Podcast Host/Site Contributor
Twitter: @Dpatrick0991
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Dennis thoroughly enjoys working with online media. From freelancing and getting his work published on several video game websites, playing/hosting ORGs (online reality games) to, of course, podcasting on the hit comic book and television series The Walking Dead, you don’t have to look very hard to find one of his projects online. Dennis has been an avid gamer since the day he could properly hold a video game controller. Now he’s taking his passion into new lengths with journalism.

Christopher Patrick

Site Contributor
Twitter: @dancingtoaster
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Christopher Patrick is not an award winning writer (although he knows some) and currently lives in Scotland. He is serving as Secretary on the board of Pan Breed Productions who recently produced a short film written and directed by Christopher called The Auditors, currently being submitted for festival consideration. He graduated in 2013 from the University of Glasgow as a Masters of the Arts, a title he’s struggling to live up to. Chris’ interests lie in watching film and television, as well as listening to music and reading books. He also plays guitar.


Brandy Elliott

Site Contributor
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Brandy is a southern girl who loves the beach and Florida State Seminole football almost as much as she loves all things The Walking Dead. In her spare time, she enjoys stalking The Walking Dead filming sites, baking, geocaching, playing golf and disc golf, and trying anything new. Brandy joined the writing staff of in July of 2015.

Sophia's Babydoll

Sophia’s Babydoll

Insider for
Twitter: @SophiasBabyDoll

“Sophia’s Babydoll” is The Walking Dead Enthusiast’s very own TWD insider. Currently residing near the set of The Walking Dead, Sophia’s Babydoll provides up-to-date information on news, photos and rumors surrounding AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Many of the site’s spoilers regarding the season are based on news provided to us from this insider. Sophia’s Babydoll has connections on the show, and is also familiar with filming schedules.

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