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503 – Humbug’s Gulch – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

We don’t know, friends. We are slowly losing faith in this show — and we didn’t have much faith in it to begin with. We are searching harder for an A-plot than our group is searching for a missing Althea. The new, more interesting story lines are being abandoned for weeks to focus on characters who have been stuck in the same arcs for two seasons now. The introduction of Dwight was supposed to be exciting, but it felt shoehorned into the series and was introduced in a rather unbelievable way. We’re still holding out for better days – hopefully we will find our way out of this moonless midnight.

This season we’re doing something a little different – we’ve be participating in a weekly panel style discussion with other Fear The Walking Dead experts on the Good Talk app. You can know when we’re living by texting ‘FTWD’ to 22415.

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We’ll be back next week to discuss the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead!

Sebastian C.