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502 – The Hurt That Will Happen – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast


Daniel Salazar is back and we feel like we should be way more excited by this episode than we actually are. Conceptually, the idea of radioactive walkers sounds exciting, but the execution is so poor that we’re left feeling quite a bit underwhelmed. Couple that with the fact that there is literally no ‘A-plot’ this season, and our characters seems to be stuck in the same narrative loops for going on two seasons, and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. Fingers crossed that next week picks things up a bit, but we’re not feeling hopeful.

This season we’re doing something a little different – we’ve be participating in a weekly panel style discussion with other Fear The Walking Dead experts on the Good Talk app. You can know when we’re living by texting ‘FTWD’ to 22415.

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We’ll be back next week to discuss the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead!

Sebastian C.