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202 – Reunion – Westworld Podcast


Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? We have, and it’s this season of Westworld! Questions abound this week, as we go back to the beginning and get much more insight into the start of Delos-controlled Westworld. Are we starting to see William transition into the Man in Black now more than ever? And what exactly are his specific motives for Westworld? Jump forward in time and Dolores continues her march West to Glory/The Valley Beyond/whatever you want to call it – what will she find and what is this weapon she speaks of? We break down episode 2 “Reunion” scene by scene in this episode of The Westworld Podcast by Fandom Found! Enjoy!

Below are links to some of the articles and theories we discussed on today’s episode:

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We’ll see you next week for Episode 3 entitled “Virtù e Fortuna”.

Sebastian C.