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#107 – “That Hoe Over There” – TWD S7:E14 – “The Other Side”


Join Sebastian, Dennis and Ryan, as we discuss Season 7, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead entitled “The Other Side.” Sasha and Rosita embark on their suicide mission when all signs indicate this is a really, really bad idea. Do we get more insight into their motivations, or is the ill-conceived mission just a convenient way to further the plot? All-in-all, we thought this episode was pretty strong all things considered. Character development, answers to questions we’ve had for awhile, and resolutions to story lines made this one of the better episodes of Season 7. And, as it’s become a seasonal tradition of ours, we give our opinions on whether Daryl will ever more than “just Daryl”. We discuss all this and read listener feedback on this episode of TWDE Podcast.

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