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Bullshit Alert: TWD Claims 11 Death Scenes Were Filmed to Keep Negan’s Kill Secret

In yet another eye-roll worthy claim from the team behind The Walking Dead, The Hollywood Reporter claims their “sources” report that 11 different death scenes were filmed to keep Negan’s victim a secret until Season 7 premieres in October.

According to THR, each of the 11 cast members involved in the Season 6 finale line-up have already filmed a death scene. The Walking Dead producers and episode director will then work with the show’s editors and pick the character who dies.

This news comes only days after multiple “cover your ass” type maneuvers by AMC and The Walking Dead. Last week, AMC issued a cease and desist to The Spoiling Dead Fans, a popular TWD spoiler forum, threatening them with a lawsuit if they even offer an opinion regarding who dies in the Season 7 premiere. Next were comments made my Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, who claims that they might not be filming Season 7 in sequential order.

So why does this news smell shittier than the Season 6 finale?

Lets look at the logistics of filming 11 different death scenes and picking who dies at a later time. More intelligent fans might realize that this is completely implausible. Filming 11 death scenes would also require production to film 11 different versions of Season 7 altogether. How do you film a season of a show and then decide later which character will die in Episode 1?

This would require writers to create several different story arcs based on who did and did not die in eleven different scenarios. Doing so would result in extended filming schedules, more writing time, and more money – which we all know AMC is cheap as hell.

Swing and a miss, AMC!


Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Jay

    Not to mention we already know from Negan’s dialogue that it definitely wasn’t Rick or Carl so there’s no reason to film a death scene for either.

  • Leftmouse

    Your article is so hostile about the show! I came here thinking it was a fan site, but it turns out to be the opposite. How strange!

    • We are a fan site, but after 6 years of reporting on this stuff, you start to get tainted by all the lies lol

      • Leftmouse

        I don’t think of them as lies. Its just tough to protect surprises, especially for a show that shoots mostly on location. As fans we are desperate for info, and perhaps feel a little impatient?

      • outkast1980

        No you’re just full of crap. To film 11 different death endings, you don’t need to do 11 different episodes for each episode the rest of the season. LOL. and if you need me to explain it, you’re not as intelligent as the people you’re attempting to talk down too. Hell not even for 1 episode.

        Also it’s well known on shows and movies re-writes can come in the middle of the night. Major changes can happen very last second. Watch LOTR cast commentary sometimes extended version, you’ll hear them jokingly complaining about last second script changes.

        Laurie Holden aka Andrea, found out she was dying, at near the last second. Did that mean they had to go re-write season 4 ? Of course not.

        Seriously, stop being that typical negative internet smark and either enjoy the show, and watch it. Or Don’t watch, and not complain. It’s not really hard to figure out.

        • If you are going to film 11 different death scenes, and then pick one at a later date, you would need to write/film different versions of the season. The Andrea example doesn’t work in this scenario because that is the END of a season as opposed to the BEGINNING of a season. Anything impacted by Andrea’s death was written/filmed months later in Season 5. Obviously they wouldn’t need to go back and re-shoot anything from Season 4. So, if you honestly believe that they filmed 11 different deaths, you’re not as intelligent as you think you are 😉 If all 11 death scenes show up on the S7 Blu-ray, you can come back and say, “I told you so.” But until then, kindly STFU.

          • outkast1980

            This was terrible reply. They don’t have to show all the death scenes to prove anything. Do you think they care about immature morons who piggy back off their name and yet disparage them so classless. The answer is a resounding “no”. And no my example still holds water. Re-write can happen in a matter hours our a few days, while keeping the big scheme in tact. What you said has no merit. Till you can talk like an adult with intelligence, I’d heed your own advice, Mother Dick. – Big Ass kicker

          • This was a terrible reply. You completely avoided the argument and instead twisted it around to make this about our opinion of TWD? Your example still does not hold water. What you said has no merit. If you really believe it, you’re as dumb as AMC thinks you are.

          • outkast1980

            Lol! Who took whose words and twisted it? You did. Mine made perfect sense. You just didn’t like someone calling you out on your BS.

          • Lol! I’m not offended by you calling it BS. You’re just wrong and seem like the type of person who argues the opposite point of anything you read. If you enjoy the sound of your own voice so much, you should start your own site.

          • Dradst

            Jesus, why so hostile? Are you the only one that’s ever allowed to be right? Because that’s definitely the impression you’re giving. Extremely unprofessional.
            As for the subject matter, no, they don’t have to film the entire season 11 times (once for each death). They did it to prevent spoilers from the Saviours extras.
            Try using your brain, or putting in just a few seconds of research, instead of going all hostile over anyone or anything that might not 100% agree with your opinion. I’ve never seen a “fan” site act so unprofessional before.

          • We do plenty of research, thank you. And the initial poster was hostile, so he received a hostile reply. Sorry you don’t agree.

          • Frank

            Just read all of this, agreed with the other two posters. You are very hostile and unprofessional; not to mention you seem to be trying to throw this show under the bus, the same show that gives you a reason to write your opinion on the web each week.

            To be honest, I don’t believe they filmed 11 scenes, BUT even if they did, there’s no reason to think they did it and then created 11 different versions of the show. They simply did it to throw off anyone willing to release spoilers, (Similar to the end of Lost season 3).

          • When you made your conclusion you are also concluding that the story in the first episodes are written around the main characters.

            Its normal when the group finds a new place that the story is written around the new characters and the new place. There is always small stories in the first episodes like when they got to alexandria. The first episodes was made from many small stories (carl beeing introduced to the other children, rick falling in love etc). Those scenes could be cut out without the whole story falling appart.

            So you could write a few epsiodes without a main plot that involves the main characters.

            And what is so difficult about filming 11 scenes?
            The only thing they would need is makeup and the rest is done in the clippingroom.

            This is not a fan site i would visit more than this one time.

          • What’s so difficult? Budget…timing…schedules?

          • harambe101

            he told you so

  • Zomtalk I liked his article and did not find it jostle at all just another take on the situation.

    • Omg, you are totaly wrong!
      First of all every movie and television show have a gigantic pile of deleted scenes, so why would it be so extremly expensive to make 11 death scenes?
      Have you watched the show? WHen new characters and new places are introduced the plots are very small and usually involves only one main character (rick falling in love in alexandria, carl meeting the other kids etc). So it would be pretty easy to cut out a character without it destroying the main plot.

      film 11 death scenes only require some makeup and a few takes with them screaming the name of the person who dies the rest is done with clipping, and then they are taken to the new place and the first episodes wil be filled with lots of small plots where the main characters is exploring the new place for them selfe.

      I agree that it seems strange to do it this way but your arguments are not good.

  • jcrican88

    Agree 100% they would have to film 11 different episodes for the first episode plus they have a budget and have a time schedule to film actors have been doing other jobs they can’t afford to waste time doesn’t make sense they just saying that cause they don’t want it spoiled

    • Why would they need to film 11 different episodes?
      How many times do you see all of the main characters in the same shot?
      And how many times have the group come to new places and been togheter as a group all of the episode?

      Usually the group is split up when they come to new places so it would be pretty easy to cut one of them out after shooting the 2-3-4-5 first episodes.

  • hneftafl

    It’s going to look awfully strange when Negan steps to Rick’s left and then somehow kills two people on Rick’s right…

  • John Ellis

    your talking about a minute long scene, and JDM only had to film his part once most likely… if it was done 11 times it was to prevent leaks from extras and crew, not main cast members. its not as crazy as you make it sound. and if it is true, it worked, there have been no confirmed reports of who died.

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