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Which Characters Have Been Seen on Set Filming Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

Do filming clues help determine which character survived the Lucille beatdown?

It’s been roughly two months since Season 6 of The Walking Dead concluded and many fans are still trying to figure out who exactly Negan killed on that fateful night. While nothing has yet to be officially confirmed, actor sightings on set in Georgia help confirm who is still alive to date, meaning they likely weren’t Negan’s victim. Check out the details below:

Season 7 filming officially started on May 2.

The only actor confirmed on set during the first day of filming was Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes. But since its presumed that all actors from “the lineup” would be on set for at least the filming of the death scene, it’s more important to focus on the filming of latter episodes. Actors rumored to be filming also include Steven Yeun (Glenn), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie).

Cliffhanger filming concludes.

On May 4th, The Spoiling Dead Fans reported that the cliffhanger death (e.g. Season 7/Episode 1) would be filmed that night at Raleigh Studios. Supplemental scenes for the lineup and the premiere episode continued to be filmed through May 12.

Studio filming prevents actor sightings.

Filming continued through the middle of May at the studio. Studio filming tends to prevent the leak of spoilers because everything is super incognito. However, we all know they can’t film inside forever.

Filming at Alexandria begins again.

On May 12, TSDF reported that filming at the Gin Property, e.g. the Alexandria Safe Zone, would begin soon. It was rumored that all major players from the lineup, including Lucille’s victim, would be included in the scene. It’s been rumored that this will be a dream sequence involving all major players of “happier times.” It’s also been suggested that Maggie and Glenn’s baby will be featured in the hallucination. The same day, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun were photographed helping out the victim of a car accident.


More cast seen on set.

On May 13, Episode 2 filming began. It was reported that Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Alanna Masterson (Tara) were seen.

Daryl rumored to be filming with The Saviors.

On May 16, it was rumored that Daryl Dixon was filming scenes at The Sanctuary (The Saviors’ home base) along with Negan, Dwight, and other Saviors. It’s believed that a car chase sequence took place. Dwight and a few other Saviors were rumored to be pursuing a runaway Savior. On May 20th, it’s rumored that Norman was filming an escape attempt.

Episode 3 filming began on May 25.

King Ezekial from The Kingdom is rumored to be in Episode 3. So far, no sightings of the actor playing the character have occurred. Filming at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta appears to be where they are filming The Kingdom. Melissa McBride (Carol) is spotted filming at an outside location.


So what can we conclude?

Not much can be determined from this information other than Daryl Dixon likely wasn’t Negan’s victim. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Some fans have suggested that Daryl’s scenes with The Saviors are possibly a flashback sequence between getting shot by Dwight in Episode 15 and the events that occur in the finale. However, this information remains unsupported at this time. Alternatively, Carol seems alive and well, but that was never really a worry either.

Sebastian C.