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Why Fans of The Walking Dead Are Wasting Their Time Trying to Figure Out Who Negan Killed

Its been little over a week since The Walking Dead Season 6 concluded with one of the most momentous, and ill-conceived cliffhangers in television history. During this past week, many of the show’s executive producers have gone on record and stated that the finale was meant to introduce Negan, with the character death to be uncovered in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, fans have reacted in the complete opposite way, with the internet exploding with fan theories and “scientific” videos attempting to figure out who Negan killed.

Some of these videos have included detailed analyses of Negan’s scene, including his positioning between the characters, the characters’ positioning with each other, slowed down and enhanced audio of Negan’s speech, and even the placement of the trees behind Negan when he makes his kill. It’s all pretty exhausting to follow.

So, Who Do We Have to Blame for This?

The biggest person to blame for all of this hullabaloo is creator Robert Kirkman, since on The Talking Dead he explicitly stated that “there are clues” in the finale as to who Negan killed. However, a mere 24-hours later, show runner Scott Gimple came out and said, “I believe there is no way. There are a couple things in there that might help people possibly kind of limit the amount of people who are vulnerable, but I would say I would like people not to go down that route because I don’t think — I truly don’t think — there is a way to puzzle is all out definitively.”

So, Why is No One Listening?

Fan reaction to the finale has not been well received. According to a study done by Canvs, 70% of tweets regarding the finale were negative, with these tweets including words such as “crazy,” “dislike,” “hate,” and “upset.” This hatred has fueled fans to take any means necessary to try and figure out the cliffhanger for the rest of the fan base. After all, who doesn’t want to be a national hero?


So, Why Are Fans Wasting Their Time?

Whether you want to believe it or choose to live in a fantasy world for the next 6 months until the Season 7 premiere, staring at the finale video will get you no closer to figuring out who Negan killed than taking a plain and simple guess. Nearly ever actor and executive producer has gone on record to state that even they do not know who Negan killed. As recent as today, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd said “I want to know what happens next too – believe me! Honestly, I do not know who it is.” But don’t take their word for it – here is what else we know so far:

Filming Doesn’t Start Again Until May

The Walking Dead has not yet filmed the second half of the season-ending cliffhanger, which means that it’s still open to change. Show runners have said they hope to keep the secret under wraps for as long as possible, with even the cast not yet aware.

Negan’s Head Smashing Scene Was Filmed Separately from His Speech

A few months ago, leaked video of Jeffrey Dean Morgan shooting his infamous bat scene was leaked online. In it, you could see Morgan swinging his bat down on a dummy bag. Therefore, analyzing the scene from the finale to try and figure out who was killed is frivolous, as the cast wasn’t even present. The trees behind Morgan in the scene were likely digitally added post-production.

Contract Negotiations Could Be the Real Killer

Rumors have been circling lately that many actors’ contracts are in negotiations. This could explain why almost the entire main cast was involved in that finale scene. It’s also been rumored that actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, supposedly signed a one-year contract in his last negotiation for The Walking Dead with AMC. It’s possible that the season ended on a cliffhanger because contract negotiations might determine who gets the axe in the Season 7 premiere.

The Writers Don’t Care About Logic or Positioning

At the end of the day, the writers and producers are going to do whatever they want to do. Since the two scenes will have been filmed separately, it’s unlikely that the Season 7 scene will be recreated the exact same way we saw it in Season 6. The writers will take creative liberties to make the death they select work, which means that Negan’s stance at the end of his speech really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

And Most Importantly…

When the scene was written and later shot, it’s highly likely show runners didn’t know who they wanted to off. Although the show tends to market themselves from the perspective that “no one is safe,” there has been a surprising lack of major character deaths in the past few seasons. As the show gains steam and the characters begin to develop their own fan bases (we’re looking at you, Reedus), it’s likely the writers weigh this more heavily, as AMC and The Walking Dead doesn’t want to kill a character that could impact ratings negatively. So, taking the time to figure out how to make a less important character seem more important might be the new normal for The Walking Dead.

We’ve done our analysis as to why we think fans are wasting their time speculating. Now we want to hear your thoughts. Let us know if fans are wasting their time, or if they’re the unsung heroes of the fandom in the comments section below.

Be sure to stay with during the off-season for real spoilers for The Walking Dead, including set photos that might hint at the actual person killed in the Season 7 premiere.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Christopher Greer

    People still care about this show? The writers of the show certainly don’t care about the fans. I say everyone boycotts watching Seson 7, Eposode 1.

    • GreatCatSbee


      • Jeannine Ludovicz

        I absolutely agree and go a step further. I think all those faithful to the show from Season 1 should boycott not only the Season 7 opener, but also ALL advertisers that paid for time in the Season 6 finale (Liberty Mutual, Verizon, Geico, etc.) and TELL THEM they are being boycotted and why. I’ve already started doing this. AMCmtheir writers and Mr. Gimple may not have to pay attention to the fans, but they DO have to pay attention to where their money comes from. If all 15.1 million viewers told Verizon they were being boycotted, why they are, and then stuck with it, you can believe Verizon, for instance, would be having something to say to AMC about this – like ‘fix it!’ I am not normally a confrontational, oresib but I was really, really pissed off by Mr. Gimple’s dismissive attitude to the fans that keep this show going. Both on the Talking “Dead and in interviews the next day he made the comment . . “the S7 opener is months away – the fans will get over it. Really???? NO Mr. Gimple, some of us won’t get over being manipulated so blatantly, especially when it was done TWICE in one season for nothing more than a disgusting ratings grab.
        Nope – no Season 7 opener for me. I don’t care who Negan killed.

        • Christopher Greer

          You said everything…great comments!!!

        • GreatCatSbee

          You can watch whatever you want but you don’t get to decide who are the true fans and what we watch. I enjoyed each and every episode so far and no so-called specialist will tell me otherwise.

          • Marina

            Exactly. My initial reaction was disappointment but l am learning to accept it and think of it as a good thing. There’s no way l’m giving up on this show, that’s sth a true fan doesn’t do 🙂

        • only thing that I have to add is that there are way too many commercials now during every showing of it

        • Martin Bell

          I agree, the plot sucks balls and the only reason im honestly watching it now is for a definitive end, its sad and pathetic that I feel my time spent so far watching it needs to be justified by an ending that I honestly hope Negan baseball bats them all to death so I can stop watching this trash!

          • Witchie Poo


        • Witchie Poo

          I so agree. Unbelievable the things he has said. Every time he opens his mouth it’s worse than the time before. This guy needs a public imagine coach. I think they have those. Ur right. Boycott their sponsors. They will care then. Thx for posting who the sponsors r.

    • jet sakura

      Despite an uproar in the walking dead fan base on exactly how it ended. I have to say that season 6 was freaking amazing. It brought non stop action, which in my opinion was ultimately the best. Althought I was a little bit disappointed not knowing who died. I think that the anticipation is worth it. I do not mind if they do not kill off any major character just yet, I am perfectly fine to be disappointed in that matter, however they did not need to end it that way, The walking dead producer just stepped it up sooo much. I am not even sure how exactly they might make season 7 even better. I expect a lot if they can top it off. If they writers of this show cared about every single fan, do you know how predictable this show would be? No one can please everyone. I am very much happy with the show. I want to know what goes on in the mind of the writers, not just puppets to please every single fan out there.

  • Chuckawobbly

    If all the above it true, then why did Norman Reedus recently state in an interview that he KNOWS who gets killed and that’s why the cast members stated they were upset when they read the script? Someone is lying.

    • So Norman Reedus knows who got killed but executive producer Gale Anne Hurd doesnt? I’ll give you one guess who is lying .

      • RIP Michonne

        Producers can lie you know? So, yeah, they know who got killed, and so do I.

      • Chuckawobbly

        The producers on this show lie all the time! lol That’s what’s so funny to hear some cast members say the finale was upsetting because “Oh, I know who gets killed”.

    • Witchie Poo

      They’re ALL lying. The actor who played Noah said he knows & actors sometimes play dumb so they don’t have to answer questions.

  • Gary

    “The writers don’t care about logic or positioning”. I especially find truth in this statement. Think back to the cliffhanger in the middle of season 6 when the boy kept saying mommy as they walked off the porch with zombies all around them. While Sams fate was ultimately revealed, nobody ever seems to question how the group somehow managed to make it all the way down the street before his demise was sealed. There was no continuity in that scene, so why bother theorizing anything now before all is revealed later?


    Considering how many posts there about this very topic on this site, labeling it a fruitless pursuit has a hollow ring to it.

  • Thomas Webster

    Truth in the article.

  • Kimberly

    I like the cliffhanger. It keeps us all guessing and making theories and that’s fun. It keeps the conversation going while we wait for season 7. I agree that they have to keep some core characters “safe” or the show will lose a lot of what has been developed over the years. I like when they teased us with Glenn’s fall into the pit of walkers. People get way too worked up. It’s not real life. It’s a TV show and it is for entertainment. I love The Walking Dead and enjoy the show and the story any way it plays out.

    • Christopher Greer

      Ahh Season 7…will be nothing but another 16 more filler eposodes…can’t wait…

      • Marina

        Nope, Negan’s here so everything changes

  • Marina

    All that whistling and they didn’t draw any walkers lol at least Rick and Carl are safe 🙂 hopefully Carl isn’t absent this season. That kid’s got so much potential, even Negan saw it. It’s such a waste really. Please don’t let Enid share a connection with Negan too(only Carl), and why is Carl so cool with everything, bring on the drama, father&son relationship! And why did he lose the eye? Just for the sake of it or…nothing happened with that, he remained the same pihhh…but Jeffrey is uh dreamy and amazing. I’m rooting for Negan caz he’s actually more generous and decent than our massacre-commiting ”heroes” 🙂 plus he’s funny, our guys are boring. We need sarcasm(the one Damon from tvd has) and humour!!!

    • Wajoojojo

      No, we dont need humour weirdo, this aint No fucking Comedy show, its good how IT is. And Carl? That Kid needs to bounce i like to see Rick ruthless Without keeping eye on his Family.

      • CCarolinee

        for your information, WEIRDO, we do need humour and Negan IS that so I’m pretty sure I don’t care what you think is needed or not needed caz it’s reality, too bad for you. ammm they’re not robots, of course they cannot be ruthless and killing machines all the time. What you want is pretty unrealistic, even for a tv show lol

    • Witchie Poo

      I agree they need some light moments amid the tension. They have that about w/ Josh (Egene) & Michael (Abraham). Even Tara was funny when she said, ” Thank God. Thank God nothing happened to your hair.” Lol!

  • Stay Tuned for next season to find out! No matter what they do, it will always be the best TV on TV!!!

  • Lala72

    Glenn. The actor that plays him doesn’t seem nearly as enthusiastic or committed to promoting the show as the rest of the main cast. I think you can off him and not miss a beat. In fact, we already thought the guy was dead a couple times, only to find out he lived.

    • jjskekd

      really I thought Glenn was the only one who was promoting the show

      • Lala72

        Guess you didn’t see all the work Rick and Daryl have been doing lately.

        But, I guess some people just love to disagree.

        Glenn the only one promoting the show…what a reach. Seriously, where would a sane person come up with that? 🙂

  • Steven

    Please do a game of thrones enthusiast podcast already. Please !

  • Witchie Poo

    Normally I don’t like spoilers but this guy THIS guy is such a pompous a** that I WANT it to come out who it is. I’m sure u all read what he had to say about it. And what he said about S6E16. If the guy told me it was raining I’d go outside to check before I believed anything else he says. He needs to remember who made him rich & why he’s getting a paycheck. That could change in an instant.

  • Evianna13

    Since the cast wasn’t even present when the bat smashed down on the dummy/camera man it’s ridiculous to try to figure out who the potential cast member to be killed will be. I am sure it all comes down to “politics” and money. If they killed off a well loved cast member like Daryl it would be bad for ratings.