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So Who Actually Died in the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead?


For months, fans have been speculating who Negan would kill when he was introduced in the Season 6 finale. But only last week, rumors dropped that the season might end in a cliffhanger. While some believed that it was AMC’s way of preventing a leak of a major character’s death (and that we would see an actual death in the final cut), it turns out that the cliffhanger rumors were true.

Upon his entrance, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, performed his iconic “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” monologue from the comics. However, as soon as Negan selects his victim, the camera pans to first person perspective before Lucille’s victim is revealed. The scene ends by fading to black, with only shrieks to be heard in the background.

As expected, the cliff hanger has infuriated fans. Not only did we not see who Negan killed, but we will also have to wait until October to find out, which many have argued ruins the suspense of the death.

On The Talking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple both stated that the purpose of this finale was to “beat Rick down”, with the death to be revealed to propel the story forward in Season 7. Which, we argue, could have been done either way.

Additionally, Kirkman also stated that “there are clues” to who was killed by Negan, but didn’t specify further. With all the news surrounding the actors saying that they were physically ill from reading the Season 6 finale script, it’s hard to really believe anything anyone associated with the show says anymore. What exactly made the actors sick from that finale? According to Chandler Riggs, the actors don’t even know who died either.


So this leaves us with the question: who did Negan kill? And while Kirkman claims there are clues in the episode, it’s highly unlikely the writers even know at this point who will end up dead in the Season 7 premiere. Feel free to speculate in the comments section below while we take a nap until October.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Shelby Swartz

    Well I looked back at that scene where he was doing eeny, meany, minny, moe with the group. And there is a pattern you can follow with each person he points to in the group. You also need to pay attention to when he points his bat at the camera in first person view: he does this at “to pick”, then right after maggie where he says “are”, and finally at “it” right after he passes Rick. Now you can see that as he passes rick he passes Rick on Rick’s left side (you can see by the shadows) and and you can see the light from the rv and cars on Negan’s right side when he gets to the “it” person, which proves even more that he passed rick’s left side.

    And if you paid attention to what the order of the line up was from left to right facing us (which was Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abe, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene), we can now see that the “it” person is thus Sasha, Aaron, Carl, or Eugene. However, you can cancel Carl our from those 4 because when Negan gives his last few sentences before beating that person (probably to death) he says that if anyone moves or says anything then his guys will “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father” (he is referring to Rick and Carl which means that both of them are definitely out of the picture of being the “it” person).

    So we are now left with Sasha, Aaron and Eugene as our final 3. I cannot decipher the scene past that so it is up to the audience and everyone else who they think it is. But I pretty confident it is one of those three given the facts and clue we have from that entire scene. Thank you, I hope you all enjoy my analysis and I can’t wait to see what other people think and who it ends up being.

    • bill Malik


      • Shelby Swartz

        Same I think it is Eugene or Aaron. Eugene cause he finally started being a man not too long ago so he would probably take a beating like one, and Aaron cause he is really one of the only “killable” characters left, seeing how we have not really gotten attached to him like the others.

        • Rush

          Robert kirkman said that one of the fan favorites dies and since we don’t really see much of Aron I think it’s more likely that Eugene dies

          • Shelby Swartz

            Oh! Did not realize that then yes probably Eugene.

          • Gabriel Lobo

            So how could br Eugene? Sorry but he´s not on the the fan favorites.. it had a moment in that episode (which I think was touching but..) but for a long time some people wanted him to die cause it was boring as hell.

        • Helen Smith

          It wouldn’t be significant that Aaron kept standing. So it isn’t Aaron. That was a significant line and Aarons character is wee . It has to be a non Alexandrian.

        • terra king

          That’ll teach him to be a man.

        • Jamie Kasza

          That’s exactly what I thought. Eugene and Aaron are the only 2 characters who are likeable, but not likeable enough to cause people to stop watching if they’re killed off. My vote is Aaron , I don’t see Negan going for Eugene since by the look on his face, he’s clearly terrified. Negans too badass for that. Can’t see it being Abraham either since he has the best lines in the show……

    • Barbie Dorsey

      I will go further with that and say it is one of the women of the show (either Maggie, Michonne or Sasha), as after Negan’s first hit, he states “Wow, you took that first hit like a man”. Pretty good inference that he may have been beating one of the girls to death. Plus, that would add to the hatred the group and the fans will have of him in Season 7.

      • Shelby Swartz

        That is a good point, but he could also be referring to Eugene seeing how this whole season for Eugene has been about becoming a man, so it would be fitting too if Negan said that to him.

        • Shelby Swartz

          Also, Negan’s exact words were: “whoa! look at that! Taking it like a man.” Not “you took that hit like a man”, so he could actually be talking to one of the guys.

          • No, his actual words are “taking it like a champ”. Which implies gender neutrality.

          • Lola Peake

            yes, he says “champ” not “man” so it could be any one of them.

          • Ashly Kuether

            I swear negan said “Woah hes takin it like a champ”

          • Styx

            I heard, “Look…” then a silent pause which he could have said nothing or “at”, then either “Dad” or “that”. “Champ” could also be a reference to a kid. But who really knows…

          • Lola Peake

            i don’t think he specified gender. my guess thou is that it was glenn. i hope not but i believe it was someone who was in the van. and i don’t think it was daryl cos he was up front and the point of view was someone in the back and i think i saw micchone from that persons point of view so that would leave rosita and glenn

        • Guest

          Eugene is not one of the most beloved character on TWD.

      • J.

        No. He says “Damn! Taking it like a champ!” Plus, Negan doesn’t kill women or children.

        • Gabriel Lobo

          Based on the comics, Negan doesn´t kill woman or kids but if that applies to the TV show, why he made a line with Coral and Maggie + Rosite + Sasha during the pick game? It doesn´t make much sense.

          • Thomas Webster

            Carol wasn’t there. Also, read the comics. It’s to show Rick’s people that he can be broken into submission. Also to those misquoting Negan, he says “Taking it like a Champ” just like the comics. People need to calm down about who he killed. There are no hints or easter eggs that prove who he killed. The only proof will come if something leaks close to the S7 Premiere. And to those saying the cliffhanger is a cop out or that it hurt the show? I’m sure 14+ million viewers means the show is hurting huh? Can’t have everything so quick so people are throwing a tantrum. Lol. I’d like to point out that this will be a main person death. Someone here for a long time, like since the first 3 seasons to make us feel it. Since Daryl is hurt, Maggis is prego that takes them out. Michonne is a woman, takes her out. That leaves Glenn, Rick, or Carl. He says to feed the boys eye to his father so take them out. IMO it’s Glenn.

          • Ace

            that doesn’t take them out if he just says that and Rick was on the right of carl so it could be rick or glenn most likely glenn but it is a posibility

          • Mike Harber

            He’s saying Carl, with the Rick-accent, lol–just to clarify.

          • Skye B Hanson

            Agreed Glenn because he would die to keep Maggie safe and an audio on this thread you hear Maggie screaming so her pain is seeing Glenn die. Yet we could all be wrong lol.

          • Jonathan Breazeale

            It’s Carl.

          • Lola Peake

            there’s also abraham, eugene and aaron but i do agree with you that there aren’t any real hints in the death scene. the only Hint could be that through out the entire episode you were seeing through someone’s eyes that was inside the van and then possibly again at the end.

        • April Risley

          Negan kills a woman in the comic before sending her back to Alexandria.
          But yes, he says “champ” not “man”

        • Jonathan Breazeale

          He says “Look! Dad! Taking it like a champ!” Why else would he bring “dad’s” attention to it? Carl is dead.

          • Carl

            he said “look at that. taking it like a champ”

          • Ariel Romano

            Negan, did refer to Carl as a future serial killer.

        • Ariel Romano

          i agree, plus he even made the statement about carl being a future serial killer lol

        • Deanna815

          Why does everyone keep saying he doesn’t kill children? Didn’t he kill a 16 year old boy from the Hilltop. Is 16 not considered a child?

      • Connie

        He said you took that like a CHAMP…

      • emma

        but you can hear the victim groan as he looks up at Negan and it definitely didn’t sound like a girl

        • Lisa

          He said taking it like a “champ”..not like a man.

          • Ashly Kuether

            I want to rewatch it with sound but its so knarly hearing that cracking skull sound 🙁 and imagining whos behind it is even worse.

      • sergio

        he says like a champ…

        • NeganRulz

          No he says “you look like a champ” replay on your DVR. Come on check your facts before posting.

          • terra king

            There is a recording of it up above. You check it.

          • Bryan

            You’re all wrong, he says “Taking it like a champ”

      • Ashly Kuether

        it was not because negan said ‘HE is taking it like a champ. Not she’

        • Mike Harber

          never said “HE”, ever. subtitles!

          • Ashly Kuether

            Hey, That’s pretty clever actually. I never thought about subtitles. lol

      • Ashly Kuether

        if it was one of the girls it was maggie or rosita because sasha was closer to carl and rick and alex.

        • Gemini_Jimmi

          I don’t think you can read too much into the order during the last part where he begins, “My mother told me…” The characters are not shown in order. They go from one end to the other end skipping a few in between and they do it in both directions. It’s more of a random showing of them so you can’t really tell which is the idea.

          • Ashly Kuether

            yea, that is true….its almost like a couple words per person cuz i was trying ot keep up with that too

      • Ginger Brehl

        He actually says “wow, look at that. Taking it like a champ” not man.

      • terra king

        He says, “You’re taking it like a CHAMP.”

    • Gabriel lobo

      That was a good one Shelby but when the IT comes, the scene cuts to first person and the RV is no longer behind Negan. They made that on purpose but even with the picking line, you can´t know for sure who is it. No shadow, no scream, no names.. everything to keep that damn “cliffhanger” in air. I think they ruined the season finale… a lot of people, the real fans, were waiting for that scene to happen and to keep the suspense, they messed up really bad with it.

      • terra king

        I disagree. It’s a cliffhanger. It is what makes a show suspenseful. It’s not a ruined show, it’s a great cliffhanger and I believe he killed Abraham. My reasoning is that he would want to kill off an Alpha Male. Abraham revealed himself to be an Alpha when he got up on his knees when Negan walked by him. Woman would be keepers and he wants to make Rick suffer. They are both similar types of men. This is my guess and my explanation for what they are worth.

      • Suzanne King

        There are shadows on Negan’s jacket if u watch in slo-mo. I wont say what, you check it out, but he says if anyone moves pluck out the boys other eye and feed it to his father and THEN we will start. Obly 2 characters that I would cinsider “beloved to everyone”.

    • Bryan

      Actually when Negan says “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father” he briefly points his bat back towards his right at Rick. This means that Negan is on the right side of Rick so Glenn, Daryl, Abe, Machone, and Maggie are the potential “IT.” The slowed down audio that’s been making the rounds on the internet seems like you can hear someone yell GLENN! I personally think it will be Abraham because he was the most able bodied member of the group and Ricks “Muscle” so to speak and TWD spent a great deal of season 6 giving Abraham air time so fans could connect with him. Also Sasha and Rosita being there will make it extra emotional.

      • Skye B Hanson

        I agree only I believe it will be Glenn, why? Well he is stoic with his death because he knows Maggie will be safe then if he takes Lucille. I also recognized where he points the bat, a quick hint but it was there and I believe Negan also barely tilted his head in that direction. So Glenn as he was suppose to die in the comics anyway.

        • Ashly Kuether
          • Skye B Hanson

            See Glenn would die for Maggie we all know this so if it is him then in his mind it is okay to die. This audio you hear “Mag” said but as to the words Glenn I’m not too sure wish it was clearer and apparently in the comics Glenns death makes Maggie stronger especially for her baby so it really is following the comics.

          • Blake Kennedy

            That audio isn’t saying “Mag-” its the slowed down version of Negan saying “that” at the end of “Look at that!” before he says, “Taking it like a champ!”

          • Skye B Hanson

            Problem is they LOVE to mess with us so we could all be wrong lol.

          • Blake Kennedy

            The “mag-” part is just the slowed down version of Negan saying “that” at the end of “Look at that!” The rest just sounds like screaming to me. The only thing I could actually make out is the “no”

          • Angela Gulab

            Sounds like all the women, especially Sasha and Rosita.

          • Bo

            I don’t think we can accurately make out the content of the screams, but the loudest one definitely sounds like Maggie. Compare it to the way she screamed Glenn’s name from up on the guard platform when he was getting surrounded by walkers in the mid-season premiere.

      • travis Dejesus

        it’s Abraham. He looked Negan in the eye when Negan was referring to who was going to take a beating. Foreshadowing of his talk with Sasha is a giveaway as well, you know, planning for the future an all.

      • Ashly Kuether

        I knew he motioned to the right. knowone believes me on that one! I kept saying it was someone on maggies right.

      • Omar

        Bryan, I agree with you that whoever he kills is on Rick’s right hand side and I also like the Sasha and Rosita thing but I really think its Glenn. A few weeks ago the producers were on the Talking dead talking about Abraham and how in the comics he dies taking the arrow to from Dwight threw the eye and the problem with this is that Robert Kirkman (creator of the comics) said that he regrets killing Abraham off soo soon in the comics and that were excited to give us his full story on the show. Now the problem i see is why give Denise his death on the show only to kill him off 2 episodes later, even though it would be a heros death, thats not his full story. Nicotero and Gimble told us there are clues as to who was killed and i dont think it was in the killing itself, i think (not my analysis but one that i read and agree with online) that the clues are in that first person shot they kept on showing throughout the episode where all you could see are blurry lights, they go back to that shot at the end of the episode when they open up the van and at the bottom of the screen you can see Daryl’s head but cant see anyone else. The ones in the van were Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita. Since we can see Daryls head when the van doors open up my Guess would be that we are looking through Glenn’s pov at that time because im pretty sure they wouldnt kill a woman in this scene.

        • Bryan

          Omar, you make some good points and the chances of it being Glenn are very high. I have a couple problems with it being Glenn but first lets talk about Denise’s death. Her death was complete convenience writing, if Denise doesn’t die 2 episodes earlier than there is less of a need to take Maggie to the Hilltop for help. Being that she did die this sets up the group to have to venture out and eventually get trapped by the Saviors. Ok, back to Glenn. If it is Glenn who gets killed which every big walking dead fan knows he is the one who gets killed in the comics than why leave it on a cliffhanger? That seems odd to leave a cliffhanger like that and then just kill off exactly who everyone thought it would be. My heart really doesn’t want it to be Glenn because it will be heartbreaking for Maggie to see that and I love Glenn. It will most likely be Glenn because of the points you made and Maggie preluded to it before they killed the saviors she says to Rick “A price will be paid if we do this.”

          • April Risley

            Negan says “taking it like a champ,” not “man.” He said that in the comic as well.

        • patti cuneo

          After listening to Kirkman on the talking dead, he mentioned the whole episode was done to bring Rick down off his high horse–Rick was feeling untouchable. So, whoever dies has to be important to Rick, has to be to his right, & has to be important to Carl (one slow motion audio makes it seem like Carl screams “no!”). I think it’s michonne. After the first swing, negan says something like ” look at you, gonna take it like a man” he wouldn’t say that to a man. So it could be Eugene, too.

      • patti cuneo

        After listening to Kirkman on the talking dead, he mentioned the whole episode was done to bring Rick down off his high horse–Rick was feeling untouchable. So, whoever dies has to be important to Rick, has to be to his right, & has to be important to Carl (one slow motion audio makes it seem like Carl screams “no!”). After the first swing, negan says something like, “look at you, gonna take it like a man!” (Not positive), but he wouldn’t say that to a man, so I believe it’s michonne. (To a man he probably would have said something like look at the sack on you!) ideas??

        • David Parada

          Actually Negan says, “….taking it like a champ..” which is verbatim to what he said in the comic book.

        • Katherine

          Does he say high horse? If so, he must be alluding to Glenn because that is what happened right when Glenn was first introduced. I think it’s Glenn, but it could be Daryl, Rosita, or Michone bc of the point of view angle we see several times that turns out to be where they are being held. Then the next point of view we see is at the end from the victim. Must be the same person the entire time bc they dont ever have point of view shots in first person.

        • KillerWeed

          He actually says “taking it like a champ”

        • He says ” look at that!; taking it like a champ!”Neegan wouldn’t know about Richonnes relationship, unless Eugene told them

        • Jerry Michalak

          It’s Rick every one is focusing on the wrong clues…..every single clue in that whole episode point to Rick being the victim …. First walking dead episode ever title was days gone by …. Last episode is last day on earth ….. Negan asks who the leader is then Glenn freaks out after he is about to hit Maggie …Negan says next one to act out will be shut down no exception…..Negan says this is ur boy isn’t it to Carl then Rick freaks out then Negan goes right to Enie meanie scene then Negan says cut the boys other eye out and feed it to is father “Rick being a zombie ” not completely having his head smashed in yet ….the show is not like that comics no one is safe and the way the season ended its the perfect way to display ricks leadership is done and Morgan will take over….. Morgan was going the other way when Rick convinced everyone about the raid at the church….get past the point that Rick is untouchable because he’s not and every single clue points to Rick from the title of the first episode until the season six finale……watch it again it’s right under ur nose

      • Martin McCullen

        when he says “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father” he could of been pointing to Carl when saying that, maybe not Rick

    • Ginger Brehl

      I initially concluded that Carl and Rick were not “it” because of what he says about cutting his eye out and feeding it to his dad. However, if you watch and listen again he says “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father. And then we’ll start” meaning if anyone says anything or tries to stop him before he starts, they will cut Carl’s eye out and feed to Rick and then he would start the beating. However, if you watch closely when he says it he tilts the bat towards the right as if pointing in Carl’s direction when he says “the boy” so you could assume that whomever is on the receiving end of Lucille is sitting on Carl’s right, which only rules out Carl and Eugene….

      • Ashly Kuether

        now you got me freaked out……they wouldnt would they…i mean it startd with rick…..

      • Jonathan Breazeale

        Yep, they killed Carl.

    • Darrell Drobish

      As soon as Negan hits the victim, the camera sways down and you see a large white Rock on the ground on the left, meaning it is by the characters left knee. Sasha, daryl and abraham all have rocks before them. And as far as the rv in background, remember Sasha is at a hard angle almost facing rosita and glenn.

      • terra king

        Glenn is off to the side, so no RV behind him either.

      • Ariel Romano

        I think it is teeth, that got knocked out of the persons mouth as the probably champed down on their jaw

      • RobP

        Glenn has a rock in front of him as well. Depending on the angle Negan was facing Glen, that same rock could have been to Glenn’s left.

    • Corey Hawkins

      Shelby Swartz, I watched the scenergy countless times and I could not agree with you more. I had the same analysis that whoever it is, is on Rick’s left side. Due to Carl being out of the picture it only leaves Sasha, Aaron, and Eugene. I feel it would be a guy but with everything that has happened with Sasha and Abe lately, it would make sense for them to kill her off to have a bigger impact on the story. I’m not confident saying it’s her. I am confident in speculating that it is one of those three. If they do not choose to make it one of them… it will really be hard to explain how it could be anyone else but, being clearly Neagan passed rick from right to left. It is clearly there plain as day! I am glad that someone caught onto that with me. I noticed it the first time watching it but had to watch it again to be sure I saw it right! I personally think they should of just showed who it was. It really bothers me they would do that. It’s spoils the whole scene imo.

      • edward

        stupid.. when he said get the eye of carl, he was pointing at his right stupid so its on ricks right side idiot

        • Corey Hawkins

          Lmao clearly you have trouble with point of views. Negan pointed to his right which is Rick’s left. You have serious issues to come on here calling people idiots when you are clearly the one who has trouble grasping things. Neagan pointed to his right, at carl, then looked to his left at rick. Watch he scene again before you start calling people out. This does not mean that AMC will go with anyone to Rick’s left but it is what they filmed. Seriously before you call someone an idiot. Look in the mirror dick.

          • dBOMB

            Haha right? Clearly negans right would be ricks left. This dude is dumb.

          • Corey Hawkins

            Thank you dBOMB. I mean I’m not saying it has to be any of them to Rick’s left. They could choose whoever they please. I really don’t even want to guess. I just wish we could continue watching next week instead of October. They way it was filmed, by showing Neagan cross from Rick’s left to his right, and the speech about taking Carl’s eyes out, where Neagan seems to point the bat ever so slightly to the right, when talking about Carl, and then looks to the left when he says “feed it to his dad” would hint it’s someone on Rick’s left and to Carl’s right. Aaron or Sasha. Who knows tho. Just angered me that someone calls me an idiot when clearly they are confused/mistaken.

          • Jamie Kasza

            Yessssss !!!! *Look in the mirror dick* love it

        • dBOMB

          You know aaron and sasha were between rick and carl right? Plus if NEGAN pointed RIGHT that would be RICKS LEFT. so the only idiot is you? Lol

        • Jamie Kasza

          Hey stupid, clearly your an asshole, Idiot. Think before you type jerk-off, this is a forum, its not that serious for you to call someone out on their opinion . But it is serious enough to remind you your a douche. XOXO stupid

          • James


      • Suzanne King

        If you can, watch the scene in slow motion, there is a shadow on Negan’s jacket that is very obvious. After Negan’s remark about Carl’s eye fed to his father was “THEN we will start”. However, they may be messing with us with false clues.

      • Shelby Swartz

        Thank you so much!!!! I though I was the only one who caught all that, I am happy someone saw it all too! 🙂 yes it is definitely between those 3. Well, what can we expect besides a cliffhanger? It is a season finale after all, and most if not all season finales do end in cliffhangers, so we should have all been expecting it lol. Thank you again for the reply to my comment 🙂 I appreciated it.

        • Tams

          I love your analysis! I went into this whole episode truly thinking it would be Abraham, but when I saw Sasha in the line up a whole different notion came over me. I know that the comics portray that Negan does not kill women, but after seeing the finale I truly think that Sasha was “it”. I initially thought that her death would not be as big of an impact for the importance of this part of the story, but then I thought of what her death (in this manner) would do to Abraham’s character development. I think It would be an exciting twist. I was also thinking about Maggie and the purpose behind cutting her hair, since she did it after Glenn’s death in the comics, but before his death in the show. I believe the episode with her and Carol killing their way free from the Saviors was highly significant to the development of her character, therefore Glenn’s death is no longer as necessary.

      • Pepe_It_Is

        I’m thinking Eugene. Since Kirkman said “there were clues”, think about it. In the comics, Eugene manufactures bullets. Just before the ending scene, he gives Rick a recipe to do so, so he is no longer indispensable. Plus, he gets built up through the episode, which usually doesn’t end up well..
        After all, he won’t be missed that much, at least not as much as Michonne, Glenn, Daryl. But still, he is a well-liked character.

    • Carley Newhouse

      GUYS…. OBVIOUSLY it was Carol. No one would even see it coming, considering she wasn’t even there. WOW what a cliffhanger.

    • Nicole Gimourginas

      i completely agree, however it’s doubtful it is a woman. So that leaves out Sasha. And when Negan talks to the group after picking the person he looks to his right and left at them. There is no one on the other side of Eugene, so that leaves Aaron.

    • Ariel Romano

      One of Negan’s last comments are: you can cry; he makes a gesture to his left at someone (Sasha was the only person to the left of rick who had very visible tears, running down her cheek).

      if this is correct that leave only Eugene and Arron. Negan did make another Gesture to his right when talking about cutting out Carls eye. Placing Carl to Negans right. If it was Eugene, than Negan would have gestured to his left; when making the comment about Carl’s eyes.

      Since the only person between Sasha who was on Negan’s left, and Carl who was on Negans right is Arron. From that one could speculate from the line that it is indeed Aaron.

    • Chris

      I agree with it being someone to Rick’s left (excluding Carl)! Carl was pointed at during the final “are”. That would mean Eugene is the only one on the left after Carl to be “it”. And the pattern that he was going in his previous iterations went through the middle of the group before going right or left. He would have broke the pattern to go from Sasha(“you”) then Carl(“are”), pass Eugene(leftmost), then skip to Glen on Rick’s rightmost. A normal iteration would head back in Ricks direction after going to the end person on his right and left.

      I also wanted to point out that while he was doing eeny, meany, minny moe, Eugene was pointed at during “best” and he was crying. He would be the best too because he was crying like a coward.

      Now if he wanted Rick’s group to work for him, why keep around the cry-baby? He wants the muscle, the leader, people with someone to lose. He had a chance to kill Abe for puffing up, Rick for being a leader, Carl for being Rick’s son, and Glen for his emotional outburst. Eugene doesn’t fit in.

    • Daimy

      I know i am a little late, but i have thought of something too. I came up with this 3 persons too, but when he was talking about Carl he looked to his left, Eugene was (from his eye point) on Carls left side. So i guess Eugene isn’t an option either.

  • Inked Soul

    I’ve heard everyone else say how sure they are that it’ll be Glenn because they “heard” Glenn start to say Maggie and heard Maggie yell Glenn’s name. I’ve also heard people say it was Glenn because of the direction that Negan was going when he would point the bat at each person ??? First of all, I think they were just showing random faces to intensify the anticipation of who’ll get Lucille and weren’t going in the order they were kneeling. Another thing, there are ways of neglecting sound! I’ve seen that part with the leaked video and I think it’s more wishful thinking that it’s Glenn. Anyways, I think it’s Rick or Maggie.

    1. Andrew Lincoln commented awhile ago saying after he’d read the script for the finale and it made him physically ill. Maybe sick that they killed off a pregnant lady?
    2. Lauren Cohan has said the word “finale” upset her, like it was her finale. She also said filming the finale was one of the most difficult one of her TWD career. (Could also mean Glenn being killed).

    1. Before Negan kills whoever he said “anyone moves, anyone says anything, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father and THEN WE’LL START. If he were to kill someone else, why would he make them wait to start after that happened?
    2. In the comics, Negan and Carl form a bond. Possibly being a father figure to him?
    3. Again with Andrew Lincoln’s earlier comment about making him sick, what if it was his own character.
    4. Lastly, the more recent promo pictures for TWD features Rick AND Morgan at the very front, like equals. A new leader?

    *Despite the comics, I don’t think it’ll be Glenn. Steven Yeun said he was excited about Negan’s epic entrance (he was the only one excited). Possibly excited to work with such an epic character like Negan?
    *Andrew Lincoln had also commented that he and the other men on set were kind of jealous. Saying “Ugh, all the girls on set are going to love him.” So that could mean it wouldn’t be him.
    *I think Daryl may be killed off sometime in season 7, but I don’t think he’s the one that was killed in this scene.
    *Abraham is also killed by Negan, but I don’t think his character would be such a big deal as it’s being made.

    • Curios George

      After reading your comment, I do think it is Glenn.
      Because he is the only one excited about Negan’s introduction and his comment about all the girls on the set are going to love Jeffrey Morgan.
      Possibly because he won’t be there to see it.
      And because he may think his comment may have people believing it’s not him who gets killed.

    • GingerMama

      It’s not Rick because of the last line when Negan says “if anyone says or does anything cut out the boy’s other eye and feed it to his father.” Unless he means feed it to his walking corpse father, and after that brain bashing wouldn’t be possible. Plus he needs Rick. Rick is his biggest asset as far as “employees” and he knows it. I think all the jerking around is going to result in the show just offing Glenn anyway. Second to that would be Daryl. Mainly because of Norman Reedus suddenly taking up a contract to a different series. But also because he is the fan favorite, just as Glenn was in the comics when they offed him.

      • dh1981

        It was michonne cause she was close too rick and Carl as he talks about them both before he swings cause he knows it will affect rick and carl!!

      • OisFubar

        The new show Norman is on is already “in the can”, (as in shot), plus it is an AMC show, so different series or not, he could conceivably do both shows without a conflict. If new show doesn’t go over well, then Norman could continue in WD.

    • Shelby Swartz

      Just so you know I don’t think people can really use actor’s comments about the show and their characters as proof or clues to find out who died, because if you watched the Talking Dead after the episode, we find out that the actors themselves do not even know who was killed and they have had the script for several months now.

    • Vashti Amhose

      Not sure if this is anything given the twists and turns they use for misdirection, but when Negan says “anyone moves” he looks to his left, “anyone says anything” he looks to his right. Does this mean he was in the middle of the lineup? I can’t imagine he would look at his own people since his entire focus was on Rick’s group. Just more thoughts to ponder.

      • J.

        He didnt look side to side. He had his eyes on the POV victim the entire time during those words.

      • Armando Erotico

        Yes, he did just that, address to the left and the right and then looked down at the victim, which means it can’t be anyone on the ends, namely neither Glenn nor Eugene.

        In any case Maggie was “are” and as everyone knows for the eenie-meanie game to be a valid random selection device one must proceed in a sequential order from the point it would be obvious who is “it”

        …that is to say it will be someone next to Maggie, so either Abraham or Rick, but we know it isn’t Rick due to the eye feeding comment therefore it will be Abraham.

  • Courtney Adoette

    I think its Glenn. Kirkman said on TTD that there were clues. The POV was used throughout the episode. I’m assuming this meant something. The POV started in the van, which when the doors are opened, the POV comes from the character that is the furthest back. This POV is Glenn’s. Just my thoughts.

    • monkeyman

      just saw this. yes, that’s the key clue. also, the showing of the other characters twice and glenn only once at the end. it’s glenn.

    • KimBee

      What about this photo of a replica of Daryl? Will this be used for special effects in smashing it with a bat?

  • KomicalAss

    It better be Glenn, either way this show is getting a bit ridiculous… To much jumping around and cliffhanger suspense…. Im immune to it now. The season6 finale just bored the hell out of me. I feel that if it’s not glenn, the show will bomb next season.

  • Lisa

    I think the reason all of this happened is because of Enid! She has been feeding information to The Saviors and she gave “Maggie” a jar of poisoned pickles! How else would the Saviors know what was going to happen. Where Rick and Company were heading (hilltop for help)? Hopefully it is her that is gone!

    • Curious George

      I agree with you.

    • Gabriel Lobo

      Damn.. how did I miss that??? How did you notice that the pickles was poisoned? How do you (also) know that Enid was sharing information with the saviors? Please reply and thanks in advance.

      • tracy

        Enid may be a spy:
        1.Enid was always sneaking over the wall last season. Why?
        2.She was wandering around town and Glen had to save her. Why?
        3.She wanted desperately to go with the group to Hilltop to find the doctor. Why?
        4. Enid forced Maggie to rest while she took her watch shift, then Maggie gets sick after eating mysterious pickles from Enid.
        I think there must’ve been a reason for the whole closet lockup scene with Carl also.

        • tracy

          Also, how did Enid survive a whole year after her parents’ deaths, especially with little to no survival skills.

    • Leah

      I’ve always been leering of Enid. ALWAYS. I didn’t pick up on the pickles, but it makes sense.

      Did we ever learn why she was obsessed with writing the initials JSS everywhere? I feel I missed something during that episode…? What does it stand for?

    • terra king

      I don’t believe she ate the pickles. She sat them on the table and then feel to the floor in pain.

  • monkeyman

    the pov character started in the back of the van carrying daryl, glenn, rosita, and michonne. negan has a weird priniciple of not killing women or children so it’s daryl or glenn. daryl’s voice can be heard by the pov character in the van so it’s glenn. also, they showed every kneeling character twice EXCEPT for Glenn during eenie, meenie, miny moe. it’s glenn.

    this is a strategic choice for negan also. the group will now take more ownership of maggie and the baby’s health, therefore likely making them more compliant.

    • sarabi

      Yes! Didn’t catch that he was only shown once!

      • Ashly Kuether

        i would but i already rewatched it once..gave me anxiety both times

    • Shelby Swartz

      Actually, Glen, Rosita, Michonne, and Eugene were all shown once. I bet it is Eugene or Aaron (you can see my reasoning above in the comments). Plus can we really know if Negan has a principle in the show about not killing women and children? Seeing how he almost struck Maggie down with Lucile when he was commenting on how horrible she looked, saying he should just put her out of her misery then and there.

    • April Risley

      I don’t know where people think he won’t kill women and children.
      In the comic lineup he says he doesn’t want to kill a mother in front of her child (referring to Maggie and Sophia). When he sees Michonne he says that there a lot of things he’d like to do to her, and killing her isn’t on the top of the list, but it’s still on there. And they were both still included (along with Carl – a child) in the eenie meenie process.
      And he killed Holly (or had his men do so which is the same thing) before sending her back to Alexandria with a bag over her head.

    • KimBee

      I agree that it is one of the characters in the van since the whole episode repeatedly returns to that person’s POV scenes in the back of the van and ends from that character’s POV as well. It’s Glenn or Daryl unfortunately.

  • sarabi

    So a couple of things that stood out to me were-
    1) Glen is the one that stops to view the polaroids of Lucille’s victims (on the wall) while he and Heath are killing Saviors in their sleep
    2) Glen begs Daryl to leave the woods saying, “Its going to end badly out here”
    3) It’s in the comic (and it’s time) Sorry Glen, we still love you!

  • JoeSmoov

    It’s Glenn. They have been foreshadowing the whole season. Plus weeks before the show he posted a bunch of nostalgic pics with him and the crew…those photos were taken down shortly after. As much as I love him as a character there are way too many story plots that come from this moment.

  • Sersee

    Kirkman said that this will be the story in season 7. It is such a pivotal point in the comics that I think it has to be someone important and emotional enough to affect the group to the core. Although losing any of them would be sad, I don’t see Sasha, Rosita and Aaron as being that person . It isn’t Rick due to what Negan said and the fact that he is the leader. Best way to punish the leader is to kill one of his closest people. It also won’t Carl. Abraham puffed his chest out and stood tall willing to take one for the team. Because of that, I don’t think Negan picks him. Why would he when Abraham essentially volunteered. All clues had pointed to Eugene’s demise. He even gave away the bullet recipe. But is he enough to rock the core? I don’t think so. I also think Abraham also falls into this category. Daryl is a possibility but I don’t know if he could take it like a champ. He had been shot and didn’t look to good. His arms was just hanging there. Plus he is the face of twd. They don’t need to kill him yet. He is twd cash cow. I also don’t see Maggie taking it like a champ because she could hardly stay upright. So it just leaves Glenn and Michonne. Im torn here. As per the comics, it’s Glenn. It would make sense. It’s emotional and would changed things and characters. But they have teased us before with his death. It makes this moment feel cheated in a way. Do they decide to stick with the comics? That is hard too because then it’s even more predictable. Something that stood out to me was the red rover walkers. They had michonne’s clothes on and Daryls. I didn’t think they said anyone else. I could be mistaken. But Rick reacted the most to the Michonne walker. Could they have been watching? Could they have been watching the entire time? Do they know who is close to who? I know Negan isn’t supposed to kill women…in the comics. Could they do something differenty here? I think so. Michonne is sleeping with Rick and like a Mom to Carl. It’s possible he kills Michonne(who would take it like a champ). That would devastate Rick and Carl. Rick and Abraham also had that convo about being scared to fall in love and losing that person. I thought for sure it was going to be Maggie due to all the past baby references ..but maybe she loses the baby in season 7. So Im torn.I know Glenn gets Maggie to Hilltop…but they could switch her out with carol too since she is having a crises herself…

    • Ryan

      I tried to look through the episode for the hints. I agree but why the Scene in the RV with Rick holding michonnes hair …..hmmmm

    • Jessica

      This is probably the best analysis yet

    • nat

      I really like your theory all the way threw, both Glenn and Michonne makes more sense to me, and at the same time Glenn being too predictable and Michonne a woman and black being beat up to death would probably not seat well with a lot of people..I’m torn

    • Leah

      I thought it was going to be Michonne before I saw the finale. Kirkman saying the death of this person will contribute to the entire storyline of season 7 made me believe it even more. Rick took the Michonne dread from the walker to heart.

      I also thought it could be Abraham because honestly, he’s the only one that I could see “taking it like a champ.” However, I think Negan sees him as valuable because of his bravery (kneeling straighter when Negan approaches him) and doesn’t want to kill him because Abraham will end up helping him in the future.

      My thoughts… Michonne got Lucille. The audience doesn’t expect it, and THAT’S what TWD is all about. Surprise and shock.

      • Thomas Webster

        I hope you are right, but idk. I just don’t see AMC letting a woman take that spot. TOTALLY AGREE it would be a shock and awesome but I just don’t know. IMO, think it’s Glenn still.

        • That1guymark

          THIS Negan killed a 16 year old kid to prove a point. That’s what Jesus told Rick & Company when they visited Hilltop.

      • Mike Harber

        this was my theory as well, until I saw the episode. It HAS to be a major character and it’s all about hurting Rick. There is part of me that wonders if Glenn, but that would be too easy and this show likes to shock–so I’m sticking w/original claim–Michonne.

  • Tigg76

    I have two theories… First, there is a lot of foreshadowing that it could be Glenn. However, if you watch Negan’s body language and eyes during the final scene, it opens up another possibility (that also had foreshadowing involved). When Negan says if anyone speaks to cut out Carl’s eye and feed it to his father, Negan first leans his head to our left (toward Carl) and then to our right (toward Rick). The two between Rick and Carl were Sasha and Aaron. If you follow the premise that Negan does kill women or children, that leaves Aaron as the recipient. Thoughts?

    • Thomas Webster

      Not even close. Aaron isn’t a main character. Thus death HAS to be a main person from the first few seasons… theory: Aaron, Abe, Sasha, Eugene, and Rosita are NOT main survivors yet. That leaves Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Rick, and Carl. Daryl is hurt so he won’t kill an injured man to prove his point (Daryl safe). He won’t kill women (Michonne and Maggie safe). He says to cut the boys eye out and feed it to his father. (Rick and Carl safe). That leaves…Glenn!

      • terra king

        I would consider Abe and Eugene and Sasha main characters. Aaron no. Rosita Yes. But, with all respect to Aaron…he wouldn’t be the person because it wouldn’t be as shocking or horrifying to fans.

      • April Risley

        He’ll kill whoever he landed on. He didn’t give any reason not to kill any single one of them.

  • Roc

    the only clue that I can think of in that episode is Eugene saying that he is a survivor. I still want it to be Glenn to stay true to the comics, but I could see them having no spine and killing someone that isn’t as popular, plus if they killed off Daryl half of the woman that get moist when he comes on screen would boycott the show

  • sergio

    i think its Eugene because he stands after the first hit, its must be a big person like Eugne, and he had time to say goodbye when he takes the rv and gives rick the information about the bullet factory

  • Helen Smith

    Whoever doesn’t re-sign their contract basically. Real life just ruined one of the most epic TV moments in history. Like Dexter. Ending fail. Am I going to stop watching? No. But I’m not going to bother with fear the walking dea . Waiting six months for every freaking climax is not my idea of a fan faithful show. I’ll watch shows without six month breaks.

  • Jam

    I think it is Maggie. Edin put something in the pickles she gave Maggie to set this entire RV ride in motion to hill top. Hence why they killed Alexandria’s doctors. They have only one place to go. The Survivors had to know they would be heading there. Edin is one of them and has been spying on Alexandira and that is why she tried to leave and had been leaving. Negan said he wanted them alive to work. it does make sense to kill a health member. So it was Meggie because Negan already knew she was going to die.

  • Ben

    guys…the easiest way to narrow this down is the 1st person perspective. they showed it several times where the pinholes of light and muffled noises inside the van. that would indicate someone being held prior to Rick’s capture, will be the one killed. watching it back Darrell is the first one out and the closest to the door, but the perspective seems to be coming from behind him as the scene right before they exit, you can see darrell’s hand on the door. in 1st person that is from the back right of the vehicle which would be michon (though she is directly behind Darrell) and Glenn. My guess is they stay true to the graphic novels and Glenn is the one.

  • Zak

    I think the first person point of view is a clever clue but it makes it too easy to pin it on Glenn. Ultimately the show is only going to really change if Michonne or Glenn die. I don’t think it was Glen because the position Negan was in seemed to be in the middle of the group. The main clue I saw was when the first person looked up you could see trees in the sky. Notice behind Carl Aaron and Eugene from their first person perspective there was an opening in the forest and there was a clear view of the sky. This is not the case when Negan uses Lucille. You clearly see the trees in the sky from the point of view of Abe Michonne Daryl and Glenn. I believe anyone of them who be devasting for the fans but to really affect the show and the relationships it has to be Glenn or Michonne. That being said if one of them was the one killed I think they would have benefitted from showing the death and leaving everyone in suspense on how this will change everything. So because the cut away I’m leaning towards Abraham or Daryl and mainly Abe because this would leave people wondering how this will change everything and really it changes nothing he is arguably the easiest of the main characters to kill and it seems like his character role is completed and ready for a truly epic exit! With that said I will miss all of Abe’s funny one liner comments like “bitch nuts” or we are heads deep walking up shit creek with our mouths open.

  • Valde YoGetta

    Can’t wait for Game of Thrones they have some balls..When George R.R Martin is writing i imagine he just drinks a couple of beers and is like “Fuck it who am i killing this chapter”

  • Shane

    I think the title of the episode would be most fitting if this is Glenn’s dismissal from the show. This episode was called “Last Day On Earth” and showed someone’s pov from where they were holding Glenn, Michonne, Darryl, and Rosita. From the angles it looks like Glenn’s pov and I am certain that the pov is a hint at who Negan killed at the end. The first episode Glenn was introduced in was called “Days Gone Bye” which could be linked too hinting at the death of Glenn.

  • Ashly Kuether
  • Guest

    It’s Glenn.
    There were many clues leading to him being the one to bite the bullet.
    There was a picture of him holding a bat circulating. There was a scene where he stops and looks at the pictures on the wall of people who died from Lucille. Maggie cuts her hair last episode and says she must go on. It was said that TWD will lose one of the most beloved character on the show.
    I think it’s his time.

  • Troy

    Dependent on if he went in proper order and the camera shots weren’t just to distract us the he would have landed on Maggie; mainly considering how he phrased it. Also he points towards Carl not Rick as he state it as he says “boys”which would be slightly off to the right of Maggie.

    • Ashly Kuether

      wasnt abraham right next to maggie, a few people have said him too

      • Armando Erotico

        Rick and Abraham were on either side of Maggie, do “it” would be either of them, and we know it isn’t Rick due to the eye feeding comment >>> RIP Abraham

  • Enrique

    Well, paying attention to the last Negan´s lines before he smashes Lucille´s victim´s skull, he warns the group with something like ripping Carl´s only eye out and feed Rick with it. This warning only makes sense if both characters, Rick and Carl are allowed to live. Otherwise, whats the point of that threat. At least, we know they are not killed by Lucille.

  • strangerous

    I don’t think there is a tell-all clue in the finale as to whom they will kill off. They hinted towards everyone in one way or another. When he pointed at Darryl and said “TIGER”, that stood out to me because there seemed to be contempt in Negan’s eyes- like he already knew who Darryl was and what he had done. He lingered on Darryl when he said TIGER. There is speculation that Negan witnessed Darryl blowing up his followers with the RPG- a car being in the background that is circulating on the internet. It’s going to be a fan favorite- and since Rick is untouchable- he’s the only one who is safe. Everyone else is free game. It has to be someone that is going to rip fans to the core. All characters are rated by degree of their shock impact – so it has to be those on the higher end on the fan favorite scale we have to consider. That leaves us with Darryl, Glenn, or perhaps Carl. Those are the three that make it to the final round. I think it’s Darryl. When Negan said “TIGER” as he pointed the bat at Darryl, and they made eye contact, I just got a feeling from the exchange. If it’s not a “beloved” character- they aren’t doing justice to the villain that they NEED to make Negan into in order to propel the 7th season. That’s got to be Glenn or Darryl. Negan set up his “code” in his speech- and women are a part of that code. Notice that there were NO women in the crowd. If you remember the “WALL OF DEATH” The group encountered while on the raid to kill the Saviours – it was Glenn who saw all of Negan’s handy work with Lucille displayed on the wall. He won’t kill a woman. It’s Glenn or Darryl. Glenn is the obvious choice because he was so outspoken. The fact that he didn’t focus much on Darryl in the line up makes me believe it’s going to be Darryl.

    • Armando Erotico

      I think there are concrete hints (see my post), but if you are going on feelings then I would say it wouldn’t be Daryl because they have been leading up to his subplot of recovering his crossbow and bike the whole season.

      …still I don’t think feeling based arguments are really all that valid.

    • Armando Erotico

      I haven’t heard the Negan saw the RPG incident argument, but I can’t buy since he doesn’t seem to be a guy who would be hiding in the shadows, that is if his gang was there he would be leading it.

  • Rene Rivas

    The White Rock, could it be a clue? Have I lost all of you?

  • Rene Rivas

    The white rock. Does anyone know what I’m may be referring to?

  • Armando Erotico

    So who is it?

    It isn’t Carl or Rick based upon his warning to not make him cut out Carl’s eye and feeding it to Rick if anybody moves or says anything during the execution.

    …and then there is the hint Negan gives of when he describes the emotions the people who will survive are about to feel, but that hint is in body language; he nods and looks to the left and then the right of his victim, and therefore the slain isn’t on either of the ends, i.e. it isn’t Glenn or Eugene.

    Then thinking within the episode only, Negan commented, “Ho! Ho! Look at that. Taking it like a champ!”

    …so who couldn’t take it like a champ? Maggie the gravely ill pregnant woman for sure so I’ll take her out of the line-up.

    I doubt Eugene who while he has found new balls still isn’t that hardcore to take a baseball bat to the head and rise defiantly, but that is a judgement call.

    Now while I think there would really only be one person who is hardened and hard skulled enough to take it, Abraham, I don’t think the writers want to be accused of being sexist or racist so they will likely still include the lithe bodied characters Michonne, Sasha, Rosita, and Glenn in the mix (I mean this based only on body mass relative to such a blow, but I don’t think that will be factored into their writing).

    Daryl they could theoretically make him have a superhero death-is-imminent energy surge, but if we judge him solely upon his condition, he is obviously too weak probably from gunshot injury and loss of blood to realistically take the blow and rise again, and on the basis of his infirmed condition I think he is unlikely to be able to take the blow and I’ll cautiously (and arguably) remove him from Death Row.

    So who are left? Michonne, Sasha, Rosita, Aaron, and Abraham.

    Now taking demeanor into account Eugene, Rosita, and Sasha are crying, not exactly the strength of will to be able to take a baseball bat to head, rise up, and stare him down, so I’ll eliminate them from the running, whereas Michonne, Abraham, Aaron, and Daryl (marginally given his weakened state) are making eye contact, with Michonne and Abraham doing it defiantly.

    Who is now left? Michonne, Aaron, and Abraham.

    I believe this is going to be a major death, so Aaron is likely out as his recent impact on the plot line has been minimal.

    Between Michonne and Abraham, well it is purely subjective, but Michonne has too much main character leadership potential for me to believe they would kill her off, but who knows, whereas Abraham while also playing a major part in season 6 is expendable and yes, still is the person who is most defiant, battle hardened, and of exceptionally large body mass to rise up after a blow to the head with a barbed wire bat.

    Additionally Abraham is the only one shown rising up with his whole body to meet Negan’s initial approach, perhaps this is a form of foreshadowing.

    The order of characters going from left to right are Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene.

    In terms of the eenie-meanie game, which generally is a sequential selection process, we go left-wise order starting with Rick, Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, Daryl, he then walks to his right and proceeds in a right-wise order with Sasha, Aaron, Carl, Eugene, then there is a cutaway to him being in front of Rosita, inexplicably back to Aaron, then to Glenn, and progress to Maggie at “are” (another reason why she is out of the running), after which prior to saying “it” the camera flashes between Daryl, Abraham, Carl, and Rick, which to me implies they are his final potential choices.

    Generally in the eenie-meanie game we can assume the immediate choices just prior to “are” have been eliminated for “it”, which safely would mean that Glenn, Aaron, Rosita, and Eugene aren’t going to be the next selection, consistent with them not appearing in the four characters in the flash “it” scene.

    Again based on the sequential nature of this game, depending if he goes right or left from Maggie, the choices are either Rick or Abraham, both of which are in the flash sequence.

    Consistent with the reasoning stated previously Rick (as well as Carl) isn’t the victim, so once again we are left with Abraham.

    • OisFubar

      Is Abraham a major character though? I understood that it would be a long time, beloved character.

      • Armando Erotico

        I didn’t hear that, but if you got a reference I’d sure be curious to read it.

        I assume it will be a character that played a major role in the last season though.

        Even though I put together a major discourse above for me it really only comes down to 2 points assuming they play fair with the story and don’t cheese out.

        One I think most people agree that it isn’t Rick due to the eye feeding comment.

        Then the only other event that should matter is the eenie-meanie progression. We all know that the game has to have overall a non-arbitrary sequential progression for it to function as a random person selection device.

        Throwing in a bit of randomness prior to the end of the game is ok as we assume no one is calculating the final outcome and so having one person be assigned 2 instead of 1 word is fine, and even wholesale jumping to a new person mid-game, but there is only one cardinal rule that cannot be broken lest the reciter by accused of just arbitrarily choosing and negating the point of the game entirely…

        The person cannot switch from the sequential progression at a point where they obviously know who the chosen one would be.

        So when he get to the “are” person, i.e. Maggie, there would be no way he could switch from the sequential progression lest he just be choosing someone arbitrarily and the game, and scene would be rendered pointless.

        To Maggie’s right is Abraham and to her left Rick, and if we agree it isn’t Rick then for the scene to make sense it must be Abraham.

        Now of course they could make him bash anyone’s head in and have the first words out of Negan’s mouth in the season opener say something like ‘I never liked that game anyhow’ to explain why he went out of sequence, but that would be incredibly heavy-handed, defeating this whole let’s guess who it was process they claim can be deduced through scene hints.

        • OisFubar

          Very astute. I never broke the information down to that point. One thing I will say, is (and I don’t know this character Neegan from the comics), every villain has a code of their own I.e., no women or children as in the Neegan mindset, however, all villains seem to have a screw loose and when they come undone, I don’t think the codes matter much. Rick, Carl, Maggie from what is being said, ( and sorry – just heard that bit of info on several blogs about the victim being a major character, cannot remember which blog to point out to you), seem to be fairly safe, as for even Michoen, not sure, even if RIck is closer than ever to her. It would justify all the hype, p.o. the fans – especially women if it is Daryl, add the additional viewership that AMC would like, etc. Additionally, I also understand that their may be two “bashees”, perhaps for justification of making us wait the long six months. Abraham and Glenn?

          • Armando Erotico

            Eek, I hope there won’t be two, that would seem to be a gratuitous waste of main characters.

            I tried to stich to the more factual and less feeling argument, but as feelings go I would be surprised if Daryl is killed because they have created a story arc about him getting his crossbow and bike back, but that that is just meta- (as well as wishful) thinking.

            The one thing that might be taken out of context, but is disturbing to see it the picture someone posted above of the Daryl replica, which could be used for pinata purposes.


  • Maureen

    There are clues that point to who was killed. In the circle when they were all kneeling, Negan was talking to Rick and since it was cold outside you could see Negan’s breath as he spoke and the wind was blowing to the left. When Negan was talking to the person he bashed, his breath in the cold air was blowing to the right, sooo …it had to be a person kneeling directly across from Rick and the others next to him. Two people directly across from Rick in the circle were Daryl and Michonne, so it’s one of them.

    Plus you could see the camera was shot from the first person from someone captured inside the truck. It showed that scene several times and then the person who was bashed was shown from their view (first person). Michonne and Daryl were inside that truck (along with Glenn), but Glen was on the side of the circle so it couldn’t be him, because Negan’s breath would blow behind him in the cold breeze as he spoke. It’s definitely Daryl or Michonne.

  • Cathy

    Glenn. When Maggie cuts her hair she says that she can’t have anything holding her back. I think she loses Glenn and the baby. Then nothing is holding her back and she becomes the big bad ass female of the series.

  • Jason Wright

    Aaron. The shadow rests on the left side of Rick’s face with the intended person on Rick’s left hand side (Sasha, Aaron, Carl, Eugene). Aaron is expendable, the Yeoman Johnson of the crew…

  • Steven Devitt

    The POV is a major clue. See it used 3 times from the van and then Lucille’s recipient. The Red Rover line is another clue. See evidence that they have Daryl and Michonne, and Rick seems distracted by Michonne’s clothes. In the van the POV comes from the passengers side if you look at the angle at which we see the center light, and we see a shadow of someone’s head between the door and the POV person. This shows that the POV is coming from the passenger side front position. When the doors open and the 4 exit it is Michonne that is in the passenger side front position. Michonne must be the one who dies, all the clues point to her. The rock on the ground, the tree behind Negan, the position of Negan compared to where he points to Rick, the Red Rover line and the POV from inside the van. If anyone can take it like a champ it would be Michonne, she has that attitude of you can’t beat me, so she would look back up at Negan after the first hit.

  • jon6421

    Glenn got beat down!!!
    He was the only one not facing the RV, notice when the first hit happens you see the background ,NO RV only woods
    If it was anyone else the view would have shown the RV

  • andrew_gilbey

    I wondered about looking at each actor’s name on IMBD to see what they are doing in the future? This might give a clue as to who has some free time when TWD might be filming. Norman Reedus certainly seems to be in another series about motorbikes. Stephen Yeun seems to be filming Mayhem. Lauren Cohen (MAggie) is filming All Eyez On Me. Another angle might be to check the actors’ agents to see about availability.

  • We keep hearing about the leaked audio…

    but if the actors
    themselves dont know who died, and the death scene has not even been
    filmed yet, then why would anyone be yelling Glenn??The leaked audio file is either a fake, or the subtitles are wrong!

  • I had a thought about Eugene. What if he is a spy for Negan? Earlier this year, he talked to someone on a radio. They could have been in contact a lot more. We already know Eugene will lie and do whatever it takes to survive so maybe he struck up a deal with the saviors? He could have contacted them to say a packed rv was heading to Hilltop and that’s how the saviors at up so many roadblocks. They were waiting for them. And he was alone in the rv when he was captured. He could have told the saviors where the others were. Even that while thing with Dwight last week could have been a set up. I read the comics and know this is really far fetched but it kind of makes sense of you think about it. This?

    • Gray Degree

      I agree with you, and I gonna say: There must be a traitor, otherwise episode was silly and illogical!

      the things that saviors had done it at roadblocks, needs to: (time and effort, Planning, prior preparations) and this in turn requires accurate information, So, how saviors get that information? How did they know the roads that will be chosen by Rick? How they managed to put that preparations on roads? Rick and his group got off the RV in an unknown location, and how saviors knew this place? …etc!

      addition of Cliffhanger (killing of a main Character) at the end of the episode will not make it better, Because this a slight for the minds of viewers! But, it is possible becomes everything understood if there was a traitor among the (Rick group)!

      So, can Eugene be that traitor? maybe, Eugene decided to bet on the strongest horse! he is a weak person, maybe he thought that he perishable if he stayed with Rick Group, so he decided to rely on his smartness and skill in lying, and decided to cooperate with Negan to topple Rick! after all, Eugene was the person that selects the routes that taken by the group, he was suggested that Rick is following the journey on foot, so, can Eugene was acting as the hero while he was in fact a traitor? maybe!

  • Heather Weber

    There is one theory I think has a lot of credibility regarding the use of first person P.O.V shots throughout the episode. The episode opens with a shot from the inside of the van michonne Glenn Rosita and Daryl are in. But we don’t know that yet at the beginning. Then halfway through the episode there’s another shot of light filtering through that van. Then finally, we see it again at the end, the light filtering through, right before they bring out all four inside the van to line up with the others. And of course the final shot with Lucille is shot from that first person victim P.O.V so I believe it is 100% someone from inside that van whose dead. And I think Glenn is most likely but if they choose to mix up maybe it’s Daryl. But why include all the random P.O.V shots throughout the episode of the victim isnt one of those four. Just sayin’ R.I.P Glenn.

  • Heather Weber

    There is one theory I think has a lot of credibility regarding the use of first person P.O.V shots throughout the episode. The episode opens with a shot from the inside of the van michonne Glenn Rosita and Daryl are in. But we don’t know that yet at the beginning. Then halfway through the episode there’s another shot of light filtering through that van. Then finally, we see it again at the end, the light filtering through, right before they bring out all four inside the van to line up with the others. And of course the final shot with Lucille is shot from that first person victim P.O.V so I believe it is 100% someone from inside that van whose dead. And I think Glenn is most likely but if they choose to mix up maybe it’s Daryl. But why include all the random P.O.V shots throughout the episode if the victim isnt one of those four. Just sayin’ R.I.P Glenn

  • Jonathan Breazeale

    Guys, it was Carl. LISTEN to the audio. “Look! Dad! Taking it like a champ!”

    Why would EVERYONE be so upset? Over Michonne? Abraham? Eugene?

    Come on, Norman said it was “gutwrenching.” Would Abraham’s death be “gutwrenching?” Michonne’s?

    There is no way it could be any darker than for Negan to kill Carl. It is plain as the nose on your face.

  • Sean Filkins

    You keep getting first person perspective glimpses inside the trailer where Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, and Glenn are being held. That perspective is the perspective of Negan’s victim. If you watch closely, you can see that it has to be Michonne’s perspective, being I’m pretty sure you can see Daryl’s hair at the bottom of the screen before the trailer doors open and the prisoners are taken to join up in line with the rest of the group. I think this means Michonne is dead. Not to mention, also, there is a random first person perspective just before you see michonne during the eenie meanie, section.

    • Angela Gulab

      Right. I agree. You see the POV person at the beginning, 17 minutes in and again at 35 minutes in, where you hear Darryl and Michonne whispering and you see Darryl’s hand move in front of the holes.

  • Dustin Holland

    Ok,heres my theory and analysis,if u recorded both TWD and Talking Dead,watch scene when negan swings bat and theres just nite sky and tree foliage in background,then go to the talking dead around the 8 min mark when they are doing remember the ones we lost,last one is negan swinging the bat…with a open van door and two peoples faces,one clearer than the other,but still recognizable,now go back to last negan introduction scene and those guys are visable in front of the van they took daryl michonne glenn and rosita out of,so that van is on left side of line up if u are looking face on,which in theory from where they are behind negan in bat beating scene,the victim should be on far end of right side of line up,which is aaron carl and eugene,but i say Eugene is the one who got it…but of course its a theory and i could be wrong

  • Angela Gulab

    He looked toward Glenn on the left and said “You can breathe” wouldn’t look Michonne in the eyes and looked back to his far right at Carl “You can blink” and back to his left toward Michonne w/o looking into her eyes “You can cry”. Since he loves to respect people(Carl in the comics) in some perverted way, Abraham(remember he had on the soldiers uniform when Darryl blew his boys to bits and Negan was watching from afar), when he was noble and offered himself by raising from a sitting to kneeling position, Negan had an opportunity to be human by showing Abraham the respect by letting him be ” IT”. He’s looking for someone to SAVE him from his monstrous self. Carl can HANDLE Negan if he plays his cards right. There’s vulnerability in Mr. Negan.

  • Amanda Cash

    The picture on the wall in the library of an Asian baby was that a clue?And also when Morgan re entered the library looking for Carol there was a poster stating “know more” a reference to rick that he did not know it all

  • darylina

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s not ”mag” but ”..that”. It’s Negan’s voice when he says ”look that … he ‘s taking it like a champ..”

  • Kaycee

    I thought it strange that Eugene was the only one bound and gagged. I desperately don’t want it to be Glenn and definitely not Daryl. I am hoping that Negan had already decided who Lucille was going to meet and that is why Eugene was the only one in that condition. When Negan said taking it like a champ, I thought he was being sarcastic because there is no way Eugene could have fought back…he had to take it. For anyone else I think we would have heard some type of struggling…or defense sounds. I think the whole thing with the first person view in the van was to throw us off. At least that is what I am hoping….Please don’t let it be Glenn, Michone, Rick, Maggie, or Carl. Sorry Eugene, but I hope I’m right.

  • Kelly Huddleston

    The rocks in front of them. Compare them to what is seen after the first whack.

  • Brad Riegel

    I hate to be the spoiler here but it is definitely someone to Rick’s left. The shadow on Rick’s face clearly suggests Negan is walking past Rick on Rick’s left. Also, clue #2 is that Negan while giving direction to Rick’s crew about how they can cry if they want looks to his right. Eugene is at the end of the row, Negan would have no one to look at from Rick’s crew over there so its NOT Eugene. Carl will have his eye cut out and fed to Rick so we know it is NOT Carl.

    This leaves only Aaron and Sasha to Rick’s left.

    It will be Aaron. BUT!!!!!!!! Here is the huge twist and since I’m sure you all heard the slowed down audio that is NOT from the actual shown finale we hear them (Maggie possibly Abraham and Rick) screaming out GLENN!!! Carl screams “No!”

    Here is the twist. While Aaron is taking his beating and no offense to Aaron he is a great guy on the show but his death would leave the diehard fans empty. So while Aaron is taking his beating Glenn acts up for a 2nd time trying to stop Negan. Remember the first one was free!!! The 2nd one won’t be and Glenn will take the sweet end of Lucille as well.

    So we will have 2 Lucille deaths with one of them being Glenn, thus keeping it in line of the Comics.

  • Jason Yuen (Sharbs)

    In the Talking Dead, Scott Gimple said, “we knew people would be zaprudering it”. And Kirkman jumped in immediately and said “As they should, there are some hints there”. You gotta watch both these men speak to appreciate the subtle hint.

    zapruder –
    To watch a film over and over intently to analyze it a la the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination.
    The Zapruder film is a silent, color motion picture sequence shot by private citizen *ABRAHAM* Zapruder with a home-movie camera, as U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, thereby unexpectedly capturing the President’s assassination.

    I dont think its mere coincidence that the name of the person the term zapruder is coined after happens to be Abraham. I didnt pick up on it, until Kirkman jumped in saying “there are some hints there” as soon as “zaprudering” was mentioned. This takes place at about 5:20 in the Talking Dead.

    I hope others would watch the Talking Dead and let me know what they think.

    • OisFubar


  • Phil

    In the comics Glenn dies from being beat to death by Negan with Lucille so theres a real good chance its him

  • Johnny Rico

    Kirkman said there are clues but did not say the clues were in the final episode. The whole season led up to Negan big reveal. The season consisted of the group fighting various villains and making friends, relationships ending and beginning, safety and peril, sanity and insanity, calmness and rage. Jesus, said your world just got a whole lot bigger more foreshadowing leading up to Negan. What stood out for me were Glen’s almost fatal decision to follow someone who he didn’t trust and who almost killed him which lead to the other guys death and nearly his own and the near destruction of Alexandria. The second thing that stands out for me is Maggie’s reveal that she is pregnant fresh hope but at what cost?. The third thing that stands out for me is Daryl running out stupidly for Carol knowing full well that is not how the game is played and when you dont play by the rules there are consequences. The other thing that stands out me is the groups ruthless raid on the saviors. Characters became comfortable killing and uncomfortable with the price of killing. In the final episode Rick reassure Maggie twice that she was going to experience more that this is not it. I think Rick is right but if the episode his about breaking down Rick then wouldn’t it stand to reason that Glen dies. What would break Rick down more then he already has then seeing Maggie’s world destroyed. As a writer wouldn’t the stories that are created from Glen’s death would create division in the group Maggie may even blame Rick for Glen’s death. Finally the POV in the finale episode certainly suggests that it is someone in the sweat box. It certainly is not the face of TWD he is on their merchandise not good marketing strategy to kill Daryl. Michone maybe I dont think so the reason I think that is Negan says feed the other eye to the father, The Rick, Carl, Michone dynamic is important to driving stories at this time and Michone’s death does not serve to further the story line. Finally I dont think it is Rosita because of all of the female screaming in the fade out also her death serves no purpose to furthering the story line. You had a good unrealistic run Glen hot wife, more luck then you average post apocalyptic survivor and if you want us to hate Negan it would have to be a top three male lead either Rick, Daryl or Glen who would you pick?

  • Amy

    After watching the kill scene in the finale countless times, and listening to the audio clip that was released so many times that I have lost count, I think we are all wrong. Lets start with the actual ending of the finale. First, if you look through the victims eyes, he has to be to the right of Rick, because of the background(no rv, no cars with beaming headlights, only woods). Having said that, who to the right of Rick could it be? First I am going to rule OUT Abraham. If they portray Negan like they did in the comic book(which I think they will), then Negan is not just crazy. Oh no, he is slightly crazy, but overall he is an extremely arrogant, survival of the fittest, use people for what they can offer to benefit him, no one will ever defeat me, kind of man. He truly is the half of Rick Grimes, that Rick himself has to keep in check, and only use to the benefit of the group. Having said that, why would Negan kill the muscle(Abraham)? A powerful army always needs more muscle. As far as the women in the line up, I really don’t think that they will change from the comics the one good trait that Negan has, and that is he will NOT kill women and children(actually in the comics he went as far as to kill one of his own for raping a woman). Why wouldn’t he kill women and children you might be wondering? Like I said before, He wants everyone to serve him. So logically, you wouldn’t kill the people that will ultimately provide more servants for himself, now would he? Just for fun, lets go to the left side of Rick. First, Aaron, what does he have that will benefit Negan and his army? In my opinion, one of the most powerful tools in Negans eyes, Aaron is the ultimate sheep. He will do ANYTHING to keep peace, and save lives. After all, what is a shepherd with no sheep to follow him? Now Eugene…Eugene is the worst fighter in the entire new world, Judith could probably kick his ass, and Negan knows that. Although weak and scared of his own shadow, Eugene is hands down the ‘brain’ of our beloved group. If you were trying to raise an army up to the magnitude that Negan, would you kill the only man left that can develop weapons manufacturing, set up solar panels, and ultimately provide the way of life that you demand to still have? Again, logic would tell us no…Now Rick and Carl, I believe they are both safe for now, why bring Negan in if there would be no Rick or Carl? The producers wouldn’t do that, it’s useless. So, that ultimately leaves 2 potential victims, Daryl and Glenn, and this is where it gets tricky…I hesitate to say this, but after the last week of over analytical thought, I believe it is both of them. Daryl is badly wounded, with the inflicted shot by Dwight, in Negans eyes, Daryl is nothing more than a waste of precious resources. And as for Glenn, we all know this is his time to die according to the comics, and besides that, when it comes to Maggie the beloved Glenn has no filter. Now let me explain to you what gave me this epiphany…First, the eaters eggs in the show that point to our victim(s). We will start with Daryl, when he was in the burnt forest lying parallel to the dead walker that head had been bashed or melted in, almost looking at his future. Now Glenn, when the group ambushed the Saviors homestead and Glenn found the pictures of victims that had some pretty hefty head trauma. Ironic? I think not…Those of you comic fans reading already know that Daryl is not even in the comic books, but DWIGHT is, who many people thought for a while Daryl was taking the place of. There just simply isn’t enough room for the two of them in the show. And finally, the most compelling piece of evidence to my theory(and it is just a theory), is the infamous audio clip. We clearly hear Glenn and Maggie yelling each others name, and we can only assume what is happening. But if you listen closely in the tones of their voices, I believe that Glenn is sitting next to the first victim(Daryl, because for some reason Rosita vanished when Glenn was first put back into the line up after his outburst). Imagine at that point what Glenn is going through, his friend/brother Daryl being beat to death right next to him, of course Maggie is going to yell at him. Then it gets interesting, you really hear the concern in Glenn screaming ‘Maggie’. My assumption is that Maggie tries to break formation to save her dying friend Daryl, and Glenn is trying to make her stop. And that is when Glenn breaks out of the line up again (we all heard his first warning if he were to do it again), and that is when Lucille is unleashed onto Glenn(victim 2). He couldn’t be the first victim, it would be kind of hard to yell like he was with that kind of head trauma. Plus, Glenn’s voice goes away towards the end of that audio clip. Some people think they hear ‘Abraham’ in the audio clip, but I personally didn’t hear that. A lot of people have speculated about the scene when we are looking through the eyes of the victim, because there was no hair in his eyes. My thought on this is, if you get hit in the head with Lucille, you probably won’t have any hair left to fall into your eyes. Also, the producers left it that way because if there was hair in the victims vision, wouldn’t that make it kind of obvious? They did, after all, leave us on one of the biggest cliffhangers that any show has ever seen. Please let me know what you think, I love hearing other people’s theories. Thanks

    • OisFubar

      Great analysis Amy. No theory here, just a comment – I’ve read here and there on the web, listened to podcasts that indicate it may possibly be two victims as well. (Please not Daryl, but I digress…), I detest the cliffhanger, it’s going to give me an ulcer. Even if Dwight is another Mother Teresa in the comic books, he will never be Daryl IMHO. Won’t be Rick or Carl, they are too much of major characters yet in story line. All things point that it will be a strong main character that meets Lucille…it may very well be Glenn, now where did I put those Tums?

      • amy

        Thanks for the compliment. I totally agree that the cliffhanger was aweful, and I too, feel as if I might puke just thinking about it. Lol. Daryl is my favorite character in both the comic books and show, and I agree that Dwight will never be able to replace Daryl. I came to my analysis with the thought that the writers and producers have really chickened out for the last three seasons(as far as character deaths). So I think they are going to try to redeem themselves in a big way.

    • Gray Degree

      Thank you for your analysis wonderful, but will not be There two victims, if they were killed two main characters, that would be a big loss for the show, plus (according to the comics) Glenn was screaming during the Negan smashed his head, so they just followed what happened in the comics (SPOILER):

  • amy

    Adding onto my last comment that became more like a short novel, I really hope people realize how mathodical Negan actually is. He has been watching our group for a while now, studying what they could offer him. NOTHING is at random, even eeny meeny miney mo, if i t was, He would have kept in order.

  • StephenE

    I haven’t seen or heard anyone talk about a “dead” giveaway, which if the producers stick with the exact exchange as it occurred in the finale, would prove Negan did not kill Glenn or Eugene. It is clear that he passes Rick to his left which would be Negan’s right. After Rick was Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene. We believe he did not kill Carl because of the reference to his eye. But here is the tell. When Negan tells them it is ok to “breathe” and to “blink” he looks at people to his left on “breathe” and to his right on “blink”. Well, Eugene and Glenn on on the opposite ends of the 11 person lineup. Why would he look to his right if he was picking Eugene or to his left if he had picked Glenn. Because of this, it is most likely he killed Aaron.

  • Angela Gulab

    Got another possibility. At the beginning of the show it’s Negan whistling and his victim is looking at the holes from the inside of the van. POV! Narrowed down to Glenn, Darryl, Michonne or Rosita. The hair in the face theory might narrow it down further. Hmmmm…

  • Angela Gulab

    We might say goodbye to Darryl or Michonne. We’re in that bullet riddled van at the beginning, at 17 minutes and again at 35 minutes in. It appears that Darryl is waking up from a semi-conscious state in the beginning, is slowly able to make out voices in 17, and can see more clearly in 35. Another strong clue is Rick being given the opportunity to choose Negan’s victim.(Will he choose Michonne’s hair or Darryl’s arrow?) That could narrow it down.

  • Angela Gulab

    Why is Michonne’s hair on one zombie and Darryl’s arrow put through the heart of the other zombie in the zombie line up? Darryl knows to aim for the head so it was put there. There may be many clues in the zombie chain gang. The POV person is looking at Darryl move his hand in front of the holes and can hear Michonne and Darryl speaking in audible whispers. Okay, another theory, Darryl and Michonne are near the door and are the first two out, then Rosita and then Glenn. Rosita could have tried to help Darryl when he was shot and the guy behind her knocked her out with the barrel of his gun to the back of her head or Glenn got knocked out as he screamed to Darryl. So one of them was semi-conscious in the beginning and waking up. Negan might want to break Rick with Michonne’s death. That virtual zombie text was pretty cold.

  • Armando Erotico

    You made me smile, thanks. 😉

  • Angela Gulab

    If I were in Negan’s shoes it would be Michonne because to get the leader to guide his people to get me some shit, I’d need to go for his heart and make him obey me. How? Terrify him! Rick has shown his fearlessness so I’d have to create a new fear in him. If Rick sees that I killed his woman, his lover(how’s he know? Jesus is the only one that saw them in bed), would I care about killing his son? That would have to weigh heavily on his mind and heart. That zombie did have an arrow through the heart. In the weakened position that Rick is in now (realizing he doesn’t know shit), he’s as good as a pimp’s newest hooker. If he doesn’t comply, Carl will be next.

  • Carley Newhouse
  • Maykel

    According to the comic books, it’s Glen!

    But Abraham was killed before that anyway, so It might be one of them

  • Evianna13

    I read that the actors weren’t even on the set when they filmed Negan bashing someone’s head in with “Lucille” so do the shadows, lights etc even matter?