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Who Could Potentially Die Tonight on The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale?


Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. These are based on set rumors and leaked information, so there is legitimacy to this information. You have been warned.

For months fans have been speculating who would meet their demise when Negan is introduced in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Well, tonight is the night and we are waiting with bated breath!

Since the show has mixed some things up from the comics regarding this storyline, it’s still unclear who might be involved in the Eeny, Meeny lineup scene at the end of the episode. On The Spoiling Dead Fan’s forums, they posted the characters who would be involved in the Lucille line-up. Those names include:

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Abe, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Rosita, Eugene, and Aaron

If you remember from the previous episode “East,” Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, and Rosita were captured by The Saviors. So it makes sense that they would be involved in the lineup.

This begs the question as to how the remaining characters end up in the lineup. Since Maggie came down with pregnancy issues last episode, it’s likely that Rick has the bright idea to bring Maggie to The Hilltop, since they have a doctor there that could take care of her. This theory doesn’t explain why Carl, Abe, Sasha, Eugene, and Aaron also tag along, since it would essentially leave the Alexandria Safe Zone completely defenseless.

Either way, this means that any of the characters listed above can fall victim to Negan’s barbed wire bat Lucille. More interestingly, this leaves out both Morgan and Carol. For months, fans have speculated that Carol or Morgan could easily take the place of Glenn from the comics in the show. However, it now appears that they will have a completely separate storyline in the finale, and potentially in Season 7 if both characters survive tonight.

Who do you think will die tonight on The Walking Dead? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

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Ryan Smith
  • leonardo

    Watch the walking dead season 6 finale here ——–>

  • Caleb Boggs

    I love him but Daryl. If nothing else then Abraham because he is already dead in the comics. Daryl never existed and Abraham is already dead (if you have read the comics that is, although they have been deviating the story line a bit like when they decapitated Hershel instead of Tyrese, They have really been lining up the characters with the comics by shooting out Carl’s eye and killing off Ricks potential Girlfriend. Everyone already knows that Glenn dies in the comics so he IS a possibility. I have a strong feeling it will be Daryl or Abraham because of said speculations above but Gimple, Nicotero and Kirkman are geniuses so they may not do it that way. Their best move was absolutely to not show who dies in the finale in order to bring people who may have dropped off otherwise to back the the series to see who died. It will infact be one of the 3 but that is why I respect them, because they are not afraid to lose a fan base, because as long as Carl and Rick are alive (lets not fake it, as long as Carl is alive) the series will continue and fans will persist. As far as it goes, I regard these producers. Kudos…. Feel free to comment beyond.

    • kk

      The character was holding up after the first hit (Negan commended him on it) so I’m gonna go ahead and say probably not Daryl. Daryl is already pale and loosing a fair amount of blood so he wouldn’t have taken the hit very well. I say it’s gonna be Abe. We already had a run in with is Glenn dead or nah so I don’t think they’d do it again so soon. Just a thought.

    • karine_gizele82

      Daryl is my favorite one!

      • karine_gizele82

        Really! I Daryl dies, i gave up on TWD! I won´t wacth anymore

        • Caleb Boggs

          He doesn’t die necessarily, he just never existed in the original story line. I don’t think they are going to kill him, it really would be poor marketing.

    • glowglow

      It’s not Daryl. Dwight injured him and saved him because Negan doesn’t kill hurt people. Why do you think he don’t murdered him. Production is trying to confuse.

      • Caleb Boggs

        I agree they are definitely trying to confuse. After a lot of thought though I really think they are just going to stick to Glenn just like they did in the comics. Daryl IS weak right now and would just set there and die, he also has completely lost faith in humanity, he would have nothing to “take it like a champ” for. Maybe Abraham because he is dead already in the comics and he is a fighter so he wouldn’t go down easy but they played the entire scene out exactly word for word (minus a couple words they could not use and the fact that a couple of people in the group were never even in the comics to begin with), so I have decided Glenn is actually dead this time (my decision clearly doesn’t mean anything its just an educated guess accompanied by analysis). Go read the comics. You will realize, up until the past season and a half they have strayed soooo far from the comics but over the past season and a half they have been catching up and putting everything in order exactly the way that the comics were written (almost).

  • Matt Hura

    the governor, the wolves, the saviors….storyline is repetitive and stale…..WE are rats about to jump off the ship

    • Caleb Boggs

      It may be “stale” but what else is there in this type of world? The idea is to try and grasp what these people are going through and empathize with them. This is not something we could ever actually understand unless it happened in real life so people get bored and decide that it’s too repetitive instead of really delving into it. What about life? Most people work a full 8 or 10 or longer hour shift on certain days of the week and use all of that time making money just so they can live (repetitive). We go boss to boss or as a boss we go employee to employee. That is what life is (atleast right now). I guess that is why we get bored following people who portray characters who are human beings dealing with what is now every day life for them. So you could watch it thinking “man life could be worse” or “this is exactly what I go through every day, clearly not to this severity or extent. Sorry I am rambling and I think way too much sometimes.

  • redwolf6911

    I really hate cliffhangers.

  • K&M

    He’s probably going to pick who he believes is the weakest of the group.

    • Bruce Wilner

      I just applied common sense and looked at which actors are particularly busy filming various projects. It’s crystal-clear that Negan’s victim is either GLENN or EUGENE.

      • Caleb Boggs

        I like your investigation skills. If you are right, then it is definitely Glenn because Eugene plays a huge part in the comics manufacturing bullets and what not shortly after the most recent events. If Eugene dies that never happens at all in the show and the main characters never have a foot hold on the enemy.

  • mochett

    If the filming is done through the eyes of potential Lucille victims and is truly realistic, you’d have to eliminate all those that had hair hanging down in their eyes (i.e. Rick, Glen, Daryl, Maggie, etc)