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Greetings from the Set of FEAR The Walking Dead Season 2

Just checked out AMC’s “Greetings from Set: Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2” and it leaves me with a few burning questions:  Can zombies swim?  Are all the zombies we see in the promos passengers from Flight 462? Will Nick change his clothes this season?  Will anyone be watching this show?

Lukewarm reception to Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead has dulled expectations for Season 2 of the lackluster companion series, but AMC has proven they can rise from the Killer Floor ashes as has been done with almost every episode in the back half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.  There are a handful of mildly optimistic FEAR devotees who believe they’ve got their crap together and will provide us with engaging storytelling, character development, and solid action sequences.  Mix in the suspense and creepiness that we saw in Season 1, and diehard dead-heads will be hooked.

Who’s tuning in to AMC for Fear the Walking Dead on April 10th at 9:00 PM EST? Sound off with your excitement in the comments section below.

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