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Negan’s Season 6 Finale Audio Leaks Online – Listen Now!


Warning: massive spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale. You have been warned.

With only a few days remaining before the most anticipated season finale of The Walking Dead ever, fans have been scrambling for any information they can get about Negan’s introduction and who he might kill. There has already been a significant amount of speculation that the Season 6 finale will end as a cliffhanger, although this information remains unconfirmed at this time.

However, recently leaked audio of Negan’s introduction seems to support the theory. While there is no video portion, in this audio clip leaked by The Spoiling Dead Fans, you can hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Negan’s official introduction into the show. Listen to the full audio here:

UPDATE: Sorry, y’all. AMC lawyers requested the removal of the audio file.

Here is the transcript from the audio:

[394] Maggie?
[395] On your knees!
[396] All right! We got a full boat.
[397] Let’s meet the man.
[398] We piss in our pants yet?
[399] Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close.
[400] Yep.
[401] Gonna be Pee-Pee-Pants City here real soon.
[402] Which one of you pricks is the leader?
[403] It’s this one.
[404] He’s the guy.
[405] Hi, you’re Rick, right?
[406] I’m Negan.
[407] And I do not appreciate you killing my men.
[408] Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people,
[409] you killed more of my people.
[410] Not cool.
[411] Not cool.
[412] You have no idea how not cool that shit is.
[413] But I think you’re gonna be up to speed shortly.
[414] Yeah.
[415] You are so gonna regret crossing me, in a few minutes.
[416] Yes, you are.
[417] You see, Rick, whatever you do, no matter what,
[418] you don’t mess with the new world order.
[419] New world order is this, and it’s really very simple.
[420] Even if you’re stupid, which you very may well be,
[421] you can understand it.
[422] You ready?
[423] Here it goes. Pay attention.
[424] Give me your shit
[425] or I will kill you.
[426] Today was Career Day.
[427] We invested a lot so you would know who I am
[428] and what I can do.
[429] You work for me now.
[430] You have shit, you give it to me.
[431] That’s your job.
[432] Now I know that is a mighty big,
[433] nasty pill to swallow.
[434] But swallow it, you most certainly will.
[435] You ruled the roost.
[436] You built something.
[437] You thought you were safe. I get it.
[438] But the word is out
[439] that you are not safe.
[440] Not even close.
[441] In fact, you are pegged.
[442] More pegged if you don’t do what I want.
[443] And what I want is half your shit.
[444] And if that’s too much, you can make, find or steal more
[445] and it’ll even out sooner or later.
[446] This is your way of life now.
[447] The more you fight back, the harder it will be.
[448] So if someone knocks on your door,
[449] you let us in.
[450] We own that door.
[451] You try to stop us, and we will knock it down.
[452] You understand?
[453] What? No answer?
[454] You don’t think you were gonna get through this
[455] without being punished now, did you?
[456] I don’t want to kill you people.
[457] Just want to make that clear from the get-go.
[458] I want you to work for me.
[459] You can’t do that if you’re dead, can you?
[460] I’m not growing a garden.
[461] But you killed my people. A whole damn lot of them.
[462] More than I’m comfortable with.
[463] And for that, you’re gonna pay.
[464] So now…
[465] I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you.
[466] This is Lucille,
[467] and she is awesome.
[468] All this…
[469] All this is just so we can pick out which one of you
[470] gets the honour.
[471] I gotta shave this shit.
[472] You got one of our guns.
[473] Yeah, you got a lot of our guns.
[474] Shit, kid.
[475] Lighten up.
[476] At least cry a little.
[477] Jesus!
[478] You look shitty.
[479] I should just put you out of your misery right now.
[480] No! No! No!
[481] Stop it!
[482] Nope, get him back in line.
[483] Don’t.
[484] Don’t.
[485] Don’t.
[486] Don’t.
[487] Don’t.
[488] A ll right, listen.
[489] Don’t any of you do that again.
[490] I will shut that shit down, no exceptions.
[491] First one’s free, it’s an emotional moment.
[492] I get it.
[493] Sucks, don’t it?
[494] The moment you realise you don’t know shit.
[495] He’s your kid, right?
[496] This is definitely your kid.
[497] -Just stop this! -Hey!
[498] Do not make me kill the little future serial killer.
[499] Don’t make it easy on me.
[500] I got to pick somebody.
[501] Everybody’s at the table waiting for me to order.
[502] I simply cannot decide.
[503] I got an idea.
[504] Eeny,
[505] meeny,
[506] miney,
[507] mo,
[508] catch
[509] the tiger
[510] by
[511] his toe.
[512] If
[513] he hollers,
[514] let him go.
[515] My mother
[516] told me to pick
[517] the very best one,
[518] and you
[519] are
[520] it.
[521] Anybody moves, anybody says anything,
[522] cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father,
[523] and then we’ll start.
[524] You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry.
[525] Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.
[526] Look at that.
[527] Taking it like a champ.
[528] Damn!

Immediately following the last line “Damn!”, the intro music for The Walking Dead starts to play. Which has led to many interesting theories about the placement of this scene (see below).

Now compare this to his comic book intro:



When comparing this transcript to the actual comic book scene, there is a significant lack of gender definition. Important moments denoting the gender of the victim are intentionally left out – specifically the line “He’s taking it like a champ” has been replaced with “Taking it like a champ.” Additionally, after the “it” selection of eeny, meeny, miney, mo, Negan shouts “Bring him up” in the comics. That part has also been left out the scene.

Essentially what it comes down to is that it appears whoever Negan kills in the finale may be left as a cliffhanger until Season 7. As you may have noticed, The Walking Dead has already used first person perspective shots in multiple scenes throughout Season 6. Additionally, previous leaked footage of Negan’s introduction showed a first person perspective shot being filmed.

You can clearly here in the footage, once the first bat swing occurs, a high pitched ringing noise, which would imply that the viewer is watching from the perspective of the person being hit. Then after a few more smashes by Negan and screams from Rick’s group, the episode sounds like it ends – which would imply a cliffhanger.

Interesting theories worth noting from Reddit user TheDidact118:


  1. The added 3 minutes to the finale are the rest of the scene, screeners were sent a different cut that doesn’t reveal the victim.
  2. This is the cold open, and is longer than usual since this is a 93 minute finale. We see the full scene play out in the end, with the victim revealed. Like how last episode had part of Carol’s scene.
  3. The initial strike is POV, the rest show the victim being hit.

After listening to the audio and comparing it to the original, what are your thoughts? Would you be angry with a cliffhanger ending? Is there any instance where a cliffhanger would be okay? Sound off in the comments section below.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Deadpool212

    That. Was. Awesome!
    I cannot fucking wait!

  • Dan78

    Maggie might be the one that gets her head bashed….. Or Gleen… Maybe even Darryl…. Fugg guess we wait until season 7…

    • bob

      I heard they start filming in May.Are they really going to be able to keep who died a secret that long. I’m crossing my fingers they at least have an extra scene after the credits and that’s why 3 extra mins were added to the episode.

      • Marcus

        Its 30 extra minutes added not 3.

        • Marcus

          Usual episode is an hour long this one is 90 minutes long. Which is an hour and a half.

          • Danny Moiles

            It’s 93 minutes long. 3 extra than the 90 announced.

        • Sosa Vega

          Its a 90 min with commercials and 3 xtra mins added

      • Sosa Vega

        April not may

    • Randall Cheuvront

      glenn would be useless if maggie was killed. they might as well walk him a ditch and tell him to look at the flowers.

      • TwdSPFan

        Maggie will be just as useless without him. She can’t live without him. Glenn is her life & that really showed when her and Beth got separated. She cared nothing about finding her own sister but her Glenn was in the front and back of her mind the entire time; nothing or anyone else mattered to her at all.

        • NeganForPrez

          Maggie thrives after Glenn is dead and gone

          • Donte

            In the comic..the TV series doesnt follow it as strictly. TWDSPFan pointed that out on how she was concerned with Glenn and not Beth.

          • If it did Abraham would have bit it last week, not the Doctor.

          • TwdSPFan

            Thank you Donte & you are right because the tv series in not a complete mirror of the comics.

          • TwdSPFan

            *is not

          • Colleen

            Agreed. And, runs Hilltop.

        • Ashly Kuether

          I think his death opens up her story in the comics.

      • Sosa Vega


  • Courtney Adoette

    It doesn’t sound like the episode ends there. It sounds like it begins after the scene. They usually don’t play the intro music as the credits roll. And after a major character death the credits are usually silent anyway. Could it be we see this scene as the intro? Then see how the events led up to this moment, allowing us to see who actually dies at the end of the episode? Just a thought.

    • George Teed

      That’s definitely the credits music, but if it was the intro it would certainly be a special spin on it

    • Robin

      I’m agreeing with you, they’ve done that alot, play out of order Pulp Fiction style. I think it’s Glenn, 🙁

    • Randall Cheuvront

      that means they’re playing the time jump game again having the worst of it at the beginning and then leading up to how they got to that point.. but that doesn’t mean it still won’t leave us waiting till next season to find out who bit the dust.

  • sotiris7

    My God…. First of all, not a single fuck from Negan are you kidding me??!! I don’t care if there are going a lot of in the DVD the whole Negan’s lacks a serious point here but I’ve waiting for this… But a cliffhanger? Really people? Come on we’re talking about the best and most crucial moment of the series, the season shouldn’t end this way…

    – Comic Book: <> Here Negan sounds terrifying
    – Tv series: <> Here Negan sounds weird if not stupid… I will definetly see the episode and continue the series but That’s a huge dissapointment at least for me.

    • Victoria Ahrens/R.A. Ahrens

      The F Bombs are going to be in the Blu Ray. This was confirmed….Have to wait for that to get Negan in “FULL glory”….Yeah, kinda sucks, but at least we WILL get the true scene eventually……

      • Kevin Kelly

        AMC made the ruling, no f bombs {but you can brutally kill someone with a baseball bat}. TWD producers started pushing AMC to bring the real Negan off the pages of the comic {potty mouth and all} before JDM got the part.

    • Donte

      Im not sure how you are surprised there are no fbombs. Id be more surprised if there were. It not HBO, or Showtime. Its AMC.

      • sotiris7

        I know that this is AMC and I am not surprised but we’re talking about Negan here. Every other word that comes out of his mouth in the comics is the f word so I think they should have done something about this

        • Donte

          Like what? Changed the fcc rules?

          • sotiris7

            No I don’t mean something like that ( even though what’s the point of not letting them drop some f bombs if some zombies eating a child’s head is okay?) but breaking bad was allowed to drop 1-2 f bombs per season I think…why they can’t do that with the walking dead?

    • Chuckawobbly

      You should have known this. That word has never been in the series so far.

      • sotiris7

        I know that this is AMC and I am not surprised but we’re talking about Negan here. They should have let him curse a little ( just 1,2 fucking,fuck etc) in order to shock us and make Negan different from all the other villains in the series so far!

      • tasha lyons

        Rick used the f-word when they first got locked away at termius. He said “they’re gonna feel pretty stupid..when they find out they’re f***ing with the wrong people” my favourite line out of the whole show 😉 I must have watched the uncut episode! Much better impact!

  • Steph Jones

    11 minutes of negan , i here other voices but all you transcribed was what negan says

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  • Crimzon Nutcase

    Am I the only one who heard a drawn out yell of ‘CAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLL’ at the end after the screech? It was in Rick’s voice as well, and you can make out a woman yelling, Animaaaaallll or you animal, something to that effect.

    • bob

      I guess everyone is hearing something different. I hear what sounds like “Glenn” a few times *especially towards the end* along with a loud female scream who dominates the rest of the women screams I hear. I also heard a faint “Mag” or “Maggie” during that time too and that would all add up to Glenn being the one picked and the dominate women voice screaming being Maggie but then others claim to hear the name daryl,etc.

  • TWDfan1024

    The fact that he says ‘Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start.’ Makes it seem like Carl is not the victim because his eye would be bashed in if he was… And Rick is not the victim as well as he would have to chew on said eye. Or maybe I’m reading too much in to those lines.

    • Danny Moiles

      I thought the same but then remembered that in the comic he said he wouldn’t choose Glenn because he didn’t want to be racist, but then did anyway.

      • Sosa Vega

        He said he wont choose… Then he leaves it to odds.. Hence the eenie meenie miney mo

        • Danny Moiles

          I’m going with Carl. Lots of reasons including the foreshadowing of the 16 yo victim at hilltop, the gun with Lucille etched in handle, Negan says “anybody moves … THEN we’ll start”, Robert kirkman said years ago that only one that is safe at this point is Carl… I think he already had him pegged for Negan back then. If you want to pay your enemy back you kill his kid. This scene makes clear that Negan knows Carl’s Rick’s kid. Rick just started to become soft again… Purposely, so we can see him hit his limit?

          • Jodie Llewellyn


          • Please take a Valium.

          • Christine Winkler Maloney


          • Tashtohard

            Karl is not going to die nor Rick. Rick us the main character without him the show is over poo!

          • Sloane686

            Yeah I agree, sounds like Carl dies. Also makes the most sense – piss poor actor, worthless character who contributes nothing, most impact on the person in charge, and high shock value bc he’s a “kid.” Plus I read the “cut out his other eye and feed it to his father” to mean he’d picked Carl and would cut it out before he began the beating for maximal torture impact. But I guess others read it to indicate he’s safe.

            It seriously can’t be Glenn or they’ll have been massive dicks for putting him, and Maggie, and viewers, through what they did the rest of this season, w the dumpster and the other near death. What would have been the utility of all that then? Plus Glenn is by far the “best” character on the show in terms of logic and morality and general humanness. It would really suck for the last truly good character to go.

          • Danny Moiles

            Yeah. I, at first, thought Carl was safe too, but then realized Negan says THEN we’ll start, implying that they would do it before the brain bashing. I don’t think it’ll be Glenn, mostly because he’s what comic readers will expect. I could see it being Abraham, maybe Daryl.. But I’m locking in Carl as my final answer. Too awkward to keep shooting him with a patch anyway.

          • Donte

            You two are really, really reaching..Its awkward to put on an eyepatch??? As opposed to all the prosthetics an makeup they have to use on how many different people to make them zombies?? Yeah and eyepatch is going to kill the budget and make things off.. A show about dead people coming back to life the awkward thing is someone wearing an eyepatch?? Did you really write that???

          • Danny Moiles

            I didn’t mean to literally put it on. Lol. You don’t get it, it’s over your head. That’s okay.

          • Donte

            No…I think you are the one that doesnt get it.. It would be awkward to keeping shooting him with the eyepatch. They had him specifically grow out his hair so they wouldnt have to keep doing a lot of make up. This was on

          • Donte

            Talking Dead. It even happens in the comic eventually Negan gets Carl to take off the patch and his hair conceals the wound..

          • Donte

            The problem is you want it to be Carl so bad that you have found a way to justify it being him getting killed simply because of “awkwardness”.. Again all the special effects on this show putting a bandage or a patch on it is nothing.

          • Donte


            Sorry not Gimple it was Nicotero on Talking Dead revealed they told Riggs to grow his hair out so reduce how much bandage and work they would have to do just like the comic: Nicotero says actor Chandler Riggs was clued in a while ago about the scene and was told to grow his hair out to prepare for the gunshot wound.

            “Chandler knew before anybody, I think,” said Nicotero. “One of the things that Scott had talked to Chandler about was, ‘All right, this season you got to start growing your hair.’ And he was like, ‘Well, why?’ ‘Well, later in the season, you’re going to get shot in the eye and we want your hair to be able to come down and cover a good portion of the bandage so that it makes sense from a story standpoint.’ That’s why Chandler’s hair is so long because it was designed so that as the series progresses, his hair will help diminish seeing the bandage.”

          • Little Savage

            i think we are all interpreting these words to mean something different… but i think i agree with danny, it’s not hard for them to film it, it’s hard for us to watch it, and it limits carl. admit it, he’s been a useless turd since then.

          • Donte

            Coral also has a big role in Negan’s story. And honestly I’m not sure swapping him out for someone else would have the same impact or meaning

          • tasha lyons

            I’ve been thinking about that. Alexandria now has a prison cell (built by Morgan) there’s no way that Rick would let Negan live and imprison him if it was Carl. The cell leads us to think that the story will play like the comics perhaps?

          • Donte

            That makes a lot of sense.

          • Donte

            Where are you guys getting that it’s some technical issue and that’s why it’s him? Based off what knowledge did you guys come to this conclusion?

          • MW

            I definitely agree with Danny…it’s Carl. When Neagan realizes he is Rick’s son he knows that’s the best way to hurt him & make the most impact on the group. The eye comment meant we will do this FIRST then kill him to torture everyone even more..especially the one he wants to suffer the most..the leader of the group..Rick. So this is meant to keep them from trying anything to stop him. Also as other said… Think about Carl looking at the engraved bat on the gun handle and Jesus telling
            Rick about Neagan killing a 16 year old from their group.
            I believe he meant the eyepatch would be difficult deal with due to the fact that it could cause him problems wearing something obstructing his vision in one of his eyes for long periods of time. I believe it can cause “lazy eye” or other eye issue. May not be exactly correct but was what I was thinking as well for him to have to deal with that long-term on the show.

          • Danny Moiles

            That’s EXACTLY what I meant. As someone who has had to deal with low vision in one eye, I can say it definitely effects everything you do. Especially when it’s dark. Imagine them on the run again, in the woods at night and Carl only having one eye! I’d read before that the reason Hershal was chosen for the governor’s kill was because once the prison group was on the run, the writers said it would be too difficult for Hershal since he had only one leg (besides prosthetic).
            I’m glad you knew what I meant!

          • John V

            Beginning to think Carl as well, Negans character will think this will break Rick… Not so, it will unleash Rick. He still has Judith to live for and Negan will die within 3 episodes at the hands of Rick.

          • John V

            Carl has a promising future in acting and not all in one show like TWD. I think he will move on to be seen. Besides this will be the heart wrencher, much like this scene:

          • John V

            This will put rick in charge of the “Kingdom” and then this will be the last season of TWD

          • Jonny

            It’s definitely not gonna be Carl. First, killing Carl would leave Rick with absolutely nothing to live for, and second, many of the events from the comic book after this encounter would be no way

          • Little Savage

            what about judith? he has judith. and michonne, now. family 2.0

          • Boandcrystal Sturgill

            We were told to buy diapers and tissues by the Producer. You gotta think, who’s death would cause us to need a tissue? Darryll, Carl, Glenn……we are at that point again when its time to lose a big character. They cant live forever.

    • Sosa Vega

      Not at all thats very logical.. But if you listen closely at around 10-30 35 u can hear an echoey voice faintly saying maggie.. And abt 10 seconds later u can hear maggie shouting glenn. Its all cause… Glenn gets lucy

      • Michael Eagle

        yeap that’s what I heard to ..r.I.p Glenn..sad but true there following the comic book….

        • DeWayne Holloway

          How come everyone keeps claiming they hear this? Is it because you want to or so many others state they have? I’ve listened to the audio countless times and I hear nothing but screaming

          • I believe they are going to throw us for a loop and kill off Daryl because they never go exactly as the comic. I sure hope not!! o.O
            We love Glenn too and don’t want to loose him either, but the FANS will be totally IRATE, if they kill Daryl. NOT DARYL!! 😮

          • john

            I doubt they’ll kill Daryl for the simple fact of how the last episode ended. TWD writers left us with a cliffhanger AGAIN making the viewers question if Daryl just got killed when the last thing we see is his blood hit the camera before it goes black. My thinking is that he was just shot in the arm and when the viewers see this, they’ll get a sigh of relief that he wasn’t killed. That allows for the actual death of what I’m thinking will be Glenn to come out of nowhere (for the fans that aren’t familiar with the comics at least).

            This is why I think the writers deciding to ‘fake out’ Glenn’s death in the first half of the season is making more sense now. When we supposedly see that Daryl getting shot and the episode ending immediately afterward was just another faked death scene, it will make the viewers think that these major characters that have been with us since the beginning truly can’t be killed off. That’s why Glenn getting killed in the same episode will feel that much more unexpected despite a lot of people, including myself, knowing his demise being pretty much inevitable already.

            Now this just raises the question of if they are going to make Maggie have a miscarriage to make the blow that much more devastating. I don’t actually know how far along she is at this point, so maybe the pains she was getting was her going into labor, but I don’t think I remember her having a belly that looked any larger than 6 months along. Could be wrong though.

          • I doubt it’s Daryl because it seems like Daryl and Dwight have unfinished buisness

          • It’s there the sound gets distorted, at the end of the distortions…..:15 Maggie. He doesn’t sound like he’s hurt. Maybe AMC intentionally leak this audio to bamboozle the audience

    • Tashtohard

      I agree with you….it’s not Rick or Carl I believe it’s sasha looking back on that last clip the camera moved to towards Karl but also look a Rick which is left side and sasha is on his left

  • RedNeoCon

    JDM’s voice is super deep. This didn’t sound like him at all. I say fake.

    • Ae Jae Meade

      You can totally tell it’s Jeffrey.

  • RedNeoCon

    @10:49 you can hear someone yell “leave him alone!” very clear.

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  • Sara Kay

    Yessss I’m so stoked! I love Jeffrey dean Morgan!!!!

  • lexie

    At 10:30 sounds like Rick saying “Carl”, then at 10:35 sounds like Carl saying “Dad”. Maybe it is Carl who meets Lucille since Negan said anyone move, anyone say anything, take the boys other eye out and feed it to his father, THEN we’ll start. That would be horrible!

    • Ae Jae Meade

      Not gonna happen lol. Robert Kirkman has stated before that the walking dead is really Carl’s story. Plus there is so much more from him to come later and is “friends” with negan

      • Bundy

        I think the producers are deluding themselves if they think after killing a fan favorite that the fans will in any way start liking Negan or buy into a friendship with him and Carl.

    • Danny Moiles

      Good catch! I thought Carl was safe because of that line, but you’re right! He does say THEN we’ll start! Interesting.

  • Peteypab19

    I truly hope they don’t make it a cliff hanger. The kill will be spoiled by filming next season and who hasn’t showed up. They need to bash in someone’s head then pan the camera above, zoom out and we see who’s head was just bashed in with rest of crew going nuts. He’s the ultimate villian and for the kill to get spoiled would not do the character justice. We need to know who he kills so people can hate him immediately

    • Sandy Conklin

      I totally agree. Waiting til next season would be a let down to the avid and loyal fans. I’d be very disappointed with the show to pull such a big cliff hanger after all we’ve invested especially this season.

    • brian alercia

      The kill might not be spoiled of indeed the kill is shot from victim’s pov. You wouldn’t need an actor present to shoot that. As a result, the cast may not even know who gets it. Of course when filming begins they will still have all of the season 6 actors report to set to throw off the stalkers and papparazi. Just a thought.

    • Chris Leininger

      Exactly. Would be totally disrespectful to the character (whoever it is) that gets the bat. All of these characters deserve a good death scene, and a six month break in the middle of that death scene would be pretty anticlimactic to say the least. I’m finding that I don’t even really care anymore after having been yanked around all season, though, and am just ready for it to be over already so I can get back to King’s Landing.

      • Peteypab19

        The episode needs to begin with the negan scene, then take us through how they got there, maybe also meet the kingdom then finish with the character who gets the bat funeral back at Alexandria. It gives them the proper send off and allows us to cope. It’ll be gut wrenching and emotional as long as it is a main character (darly, glenn, Maggie carl) anyone else would be a waste

        • Christopher Sifford

          Cope? Seriously? You realize it’s just a show, don’t you? Veterans need to cope, trauma survivors need to cope, and people who make worthwhile societal contributions during their high stress jobs need to cope. The Walking Dead fans don’t need to cope unless it pertains to something other than the show.

    • naturallythe1

      Well they f’d that up…

    • Erin

      You listened to the audio expecting to find out who was killed right? So you can’t complain about it being spoiled by an actor not showing up.

  • Wayne Gleeson

    “You can clearly here in the footage, once the first bat swing occurs, a
    high pitched ringing noise, which would imply that the viewer is
    watching from the perspective of the person being hit. Then after a few
    more smashes by Negan and screams from Rick’s group, the episode sounds
    like it ends – which would imply a cliffhanger.”


    • Bonz

      This is actually the very beginning of the episode. The cutaway is when the rest of the episode shows what leads up to it, which implies there won’t be a cliffhanger besides “what dey gon’ do now!?” It’d be more powerful, in any case, if they reveal it.

      • Wayne Gleeson

        That’s one hell of a long intro, but dang if you are indeed correct then you need to spread the word

      • DamonH

        at the very end of the clip you can hear the intro music playing; would be nice if they let it all play out in one ep instead of splitting it between 2 seasons but who knows … we’ll find out soon I guess

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  • Rebecca Stone Morin

    Who gets out of the line and says Don’t, Don’t, Don’t. I think it is Glenn saying Don’t as he did in the END in the comics. They switched it up. Because there is no he or she I wonder if it is a female…maybe Michonne or RosIta ???

  • Victoria Ahrens/R.A. Ahrens

    They never play intro at the end. In fact, after a scene like that they would keep the tone low so that the somber feel lingers. This was an intro, probably purposefully leaked by AMC themselves to build more intensity. Was awesome, though.

  • Marcus

    It’s not going to be left as a cliffhanger. That clip i think is the beginning of the episode, sextet negan picks someone out and smashed their head in. The opening credits begin. So i think they show that part with negan and then the episode explains how it got to that point.

  • NeganForPrez

    You can clearly here in the footage, …….. hear*

  • Donte

    I swear the female screaming at the end is saying Maggie.. but, thats probably because she’s my top choice for the “hard left”.

  • Julie S

    The soundcloud version I listened to is crystal clear, and at 10:35, right after the first strike by Negan, Daryl clearly says ” know what-that ain’t nuthin”, to which Negan responds “whoa, takin it like a champ” followed by skull crushing noises and screams.
    People just don’t want to believe it is Daryl. Sorry, but it is .

    • Donte

      Thats funny…because the transcript above doesnt have anyone saying know what that aint nothing..

      [525] Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.

      [526] Look at that.

      [527] Taking it like a champ.

      I think you are guilty of hearing what you want to hear as I did. Because I thought I heard the scream at the end saying Maggie.

      • i think the leaked audio is painfully realistic

        like a snuff

        i feel guilty after listening to it

        • Donte

          Lol right!

          • jeffrey dean bardem was in a movie i loved last year

            S O L A C E

    • tasha lyons

      I thought I heard daryl at 10:35. Can’t make out that though? It sounds like he says damn? Does anyone else think Negan sounds like George Clooney lol I’m picturing buzz lightyear!

    • Jade

      You’re hearing things. You’re delusional. Sorry, but you know nothin.

  • Kevin Kelly

    It’s Glenn or Maggie. The clues are there.

    Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t. {That’s Glenn’s voice}

    Negan: All right, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free, it’s an emotional moment. I get it. Sucks, don’t it? The moment you realise you don’t know shit.

    Negan: He’s your kid, right? This is definitely your kid.

    Rick/Negan: Just stop this! -Hey!

    Negan: Do not make me kill the little “future” serial killer.

    Negan found the ultrasound photo Glenn has.

    Everyone is expecting Glenn, but if Negan pulls a switch and takes out Maggie, it adds to the shock factor and makes Negan one evil S O B for killing a pregnant woman.

    • Boandcrystal Sturgill

      Its such a toss up. No one is safe and we are about to lose a big character. If you put them in order of importance and add in the producer saying we should buy diapers and tissues for this episode, who fits the bill?

    • Mason

      The “Do not make me kill the little future serial killer.” Part makes me think they are slightly combining two iconic moments from the comic. I think that maybe Rick saying “No one else leaves!” When him and Morgan left Alexandria was foreshadowing Carl leaving like in the comic with the assault rifle when he rides to negans compound and opens fire. Maybe Carl is the first to meet Negan in this episode and they just hashed it together? It’s been awhile since I read that arc but I’m pretty sure those lines “Don’t make me kill the future serial killer,” are used when Carl is caught at negans compound. I know they are obviously not there but maybe the TV writers thought it would make more sense to do that sequence mashed up with the sequence of Negan choosing his victim for Lucille.

      Also, it may not at all be like that but I’m just wildly speculating haha

    • Fireyiceprincess

      Not….its going to be someone we don’t really expect. Abraham want to start a family and buffs up to Negan….could be him….or who knows.

  • Linda

    No I am NOT ok with a cliffhanger! Please dont do that to us

  • Chuckawobbly

    I think a lot of people are hearing a lot of things that aren’t there…particularly those people on here who claim they can hear dialogue that clearly IS NOT THERE….

  • tasha lyons

    I’m thinking Maggie too! The future serial killer part makes me think so as in the comics Negan leads us to believe it’s not going to be Glenn because he’s not racist, then chooses him anyway. Could be anybody though! I only listened once before it was took down! I’m going to have to stay off the Internet all day Monday as we don’t get it till Monday night!!

    • hey Tasha

      it will be 3.30 am sunday night (technically monday)

  • Bundy

    I’ve been close to leaving WD for a while now. I think after this finale it’ll be it for me.

  • debbieap

    Bye bye glenn its gonna be you they are going by the comic book I love glenn but I rather it be him then my Daryl or carl

  • Ariana

    What is the point of killing Glenn though? We already the whole ” he is dead?” thing from some months ago. I hope they go with a different character for the surprise element.

  • Bruce Forrest

    The funny thing about all this mayhem, AMC taking the audio down from sites, and all of us scurrying for spoilers is—NO ONE ever digs around for “Fear the Walking Dead” spoilers. LOL (of course, rightfully so)

    • Ashly Kuether

      Im not to big on that one. I gave it a try but i feel like they just threw all there sloppy seconds in there.

  • Ashly Kuether

    That freaked me out a little….man i do not want to watch this….ugh, its most def. not carl so hes out i know that much…Rick, I don’t think so but who knows, it could be someone we wouldnt have even guessed. Damnit

  • Melzie

    I listened to the audio 3 times and read the comics. One of your lines is wrong. Negan says “I have to SEE this shit.” Then takes Carl’s bandage off his eye.

  • Ariana

    I have to agree with you on this. Many people are expecting Glenn, but he is too predictable plus they already faked his death. Why kill him after they made him go though that? I think the writers will go for a woman too. Either Maggie, or Michonne. I am leaning more towards Maggie though.
    The actress who plays Maggie has movies coming out too. I think she is done for on the show.
    Michonne could be a good death too.

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  • Michael Plettl

    “R. I. P. DARYL….HI I’M NEGAN MEET MY BFF LUCILLE…SHE IS HHHHHUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGRRRRRYYYYY”:) I believe thisbis how this shit goes down as we saw Dwight shoot Daryl in episode 15 last week and Dwightbsays “You’ll be alright”:) I don’t think Daryl dies from the gunshot, I believe he will be held prisoner for Negan to BEAT WITH LUCILLE and KILL DARYL NOT GLENN AS IN THE COMICS…

  • Nicholas Rastelli

    i think it will be Carol Peletier every time they spend this much time with a character this close to the finale they kill them off and she is such a big character know witch will suck because she is my favorite

  • Starr

    “You look shitty.” “I should just put you out of your misery right now.”—Maggie, since she is in labor

    “No! No! No!” “Stop it!” “Nope, get HIM back in line.” “Don’t, Don’t. Don’t, Don’t, Don’t.”—- Glenn defending Maggie

    “He’s your kid, right?” “This is definitely your kid.” ” -Just stop this! -Hey!” “Do not make me kill the little future serial killer.”—-possibly referring to Maggie and Glenns baby ultrasound. I don’t know if TWD revealed the sex yet but in the comics, Glenn and Maggie have a boy named Hershel.

    At this point, I think that either of them will have an date with Lucy.

    • Starr

      *baby ultrasound picture that Negan may have found on Glenn or Maggie when his men are disarming the group.

    • Candy

      It seems more likely he is saying that to Rick about Carl being the future serial killer.It does kinda come true later on(in the comics) and Negan takes a liking to Carl because of it.

  • Josh

    I will be very disappointed with Scott and Robert Kirkman if it does not show us who the victim is during the finale. It is an insult to the fans specifically the comic fans. You know the people who made this show happen to begin with.

  • Laurie Lynn

    After reading all of the comics, up to date, I don’t care anymore. I’m waiting for what’s (hopefully) coming…… On down the line in a couple of years.

  • Gilles Callens

    If my ears don’t deceive me, they’re following the comics on this one. Listen closely to the screams just before the intro. I actually hear his name screamed out.
    If I’m right on this one, I’ll be so disappointed.

  • Gabe Hoard

    Just want them to get it over with and not make us wait till October to see who dies! I’ll be pissed if that happens!

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  • Chris Yakubovsky

    Any chance this is an intentional leak to throw everyone off, and that section isn’t really in the actual show? With all the attention, wouldn’t take much to get him to record this, for them to edit it and “leak” it to get us excited while still making it a huge misdirection.

  • Franz Beckenbauer

    What does he mean with: ” Cut the boy’s other fucking eye out and feed it to the girl”?

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  • Tomcat

    On the topic of gender definition, you hear the line “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father”. In the comic it says “feed it to the girl”. This may indicate that the victim was a female, narrowing it down. It could also be speculated that the girl is Maggie in this case, giving irony to the contrast.

  • Christopher Sifford

    I’m going with Aaron getting introduced to Lucille. It wasn’t Carl, Rick, or Maggie, we know that. The most likely would be Glenn since that’s what happened in the comic book, but that would be too easy. My theory is that they killed off Aaron to make way for Jesus to play a more significant role at Rick’s side. As it is, it’s too crowded. But they need to make room for Jesus to be able to step up and become one of Rick’s go-to guys. Since Aaron currently occupies the position of go-to guy from the new camps he would have to die or be cast out in order for Jesus to fill that role as he does in the comics. Plus, this: as I was watching Talking Dead and they played the death scene, the character that Negan points the bat at was Aaron. You can’t see his face, but the camera is facing Aaron with Negan standing in front of him, his legs blocking Aaron’s face, but clearly showing his jacket. I didn’t notice this during the show and I haven’t yet watched the scene again to confirm that it is from what actually aired. It may be, or maybe Talking Dead aired a slightly different scene from what we saw on the finale. That is my take on it. Did anyone else notice this little spoiler?

  • Eric N

    Glen finally gets knocked off. It’s such a pivotal point in the comic that Robert Kirkman most likely didn’t want to deviate from such a point in the comic. In the slowed down audio, it is maggie at the end yelling GLENNNNNN!

  • so what did you think ??????

    • tasha lyons

      A little disappointed with the cliff hanger! I honestly don’t know who it was?? I actually think the writers haven’t decided yet either! I think Carl and Rick are out of the equation so could be anyone else. My money’s on Eugene or Abraham. Was heartbreaking to see Rick so helpless, which is what I think the whole episode was about.