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Was Daryl Dixon Really Killed on The Walking Dead?


Warning: spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. You have been warned!

Yes, yes. Wipe your tears, little one. The Daryl Dixon cliffhanger at the end of Episode 15 “East” was plenty emotional. And with The Walking Dead‘s affinity for cliffhangers this season, it’s pretty unlikely that Daryl was actually killed at the end of the episode. But how exactly can we be sure that we are again being “Glenned”?

Well, as usual, The Spoiling Dead Fans are on the case! In late November 2015, TSDF essentially broke down this part of the episode scene by scene on their Tumblr. In their recap, Daryl and Rosita are attempting to retrieve a captured Glenn and Michonne when Dwight pops up out of nowhere and “shoots” Daryl point blank.

Fortunately for fan girls near and far, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) was seen filming Episode 16, alive and well. So while we don’t know at this time whether Daryl was shot or potentially someone else, Daryl will survive his wound. Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Later in the episode, Glenn and Michonne are tied up and gagged by the Saviors. Daryl sneakily approaches along with Rosita and attempts a rescue. Glenn and Michonne try screaming to get Daryl’s attention and let him know the Saviors are still there. All of a sudden Dwight calls out to Daryl. Dwight is right behind Daryl with a gun pointed directly at his back. Another Savior has his gun on Rosita. As Daryl turns around, Dwight pulls the trigger. “BANG!” Blood sprays everywhere. This is supposedly the end of the episode.

Now, before anyone goes into cardiac arrest, Daryl did film for episode 16 so it looks like he survives this ordeal. It’s possible that he’s not even the one who is shot. It could be a bait and switch and someone else could get the bullet. All we know is that it’s going to look like Daryl is shot.


Daryl has survived at least part of the season finale – who knows what will happen when Negan is introduced. Did you think Daryl was killed in Episode 15? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

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  • Lívia Albernaz

    he dosent´die.

  • Toadie

    hes alive

  • Gibby Metcalf

    His character won’t die until they want to end the series. He was created for TV and was much more successful than they thought so they cannot afford to kill him off and it doesn’t mess with any story lines. Personally, that makes me very happy because who doesn’t love Daryl? And does the break between seasons feel like six years to anyone else or is that just me?

    • A quick visit

      I’m happy too and I’m among those likely to stop watching if they were to kill him off; and no, it’s definitely not just you. The wait is torture.

  • SmilingGreenTigers

    Maggie and Glen die. Maggie I know for sure because of friends on set. She is leaving because she wants to pursue other acting gigs. I only assume on Glen though.

    • Wait, are you really sure? And if you are, how does she?

      • SmilingGreenTigers

        No idea how…only that the actress herself is leaving the show to pursue other avenues in her acting career.

        • A quick visit

          Further putting some water on the fire you are trying to create. If she wants to leave, why would it be necessary to kill Glen off too?

          • SmilingGreenTigers

            I was only assuming about Glen because of the comic story line..which I know isn’t always followed. We’ll see Sunday.

          • A quick visit

            Or not I’ve read we won’t know until the start of Seasin 7. Uggg.

          • Deadpool212

            I’ve heard the same thing everwhere I’ve looked. That will fucking suck big time!

          • Corey

            My theory is for Maggie to get it and Glenn steps in which Negan already forbid putting him in line of fire

          • A quick visit

            Hi there. You should go find your friend and tell them they lied to you. There’s no way he or she could know who died because the writers haven’t even decided yet. Every interview I’ve read with writers and cast members reveals the same thing.

            That said, it’ll be a tortuous summer.

    • A quick visit

      Sorry. I don’t buy it one bit. There are spoilers that she takes over leadership of the Hilltop Colony at some point. And absolutely no other spoilers indicate that two major characters will die.

      • SmilingGreenTigers

        We’ll find out soon enough. If my sources are wrong then I will admit I was wrong…but they are pretty certain.

      • Well we didn’t get to find out lol. I do think that the haircut also shows that she lives. My mom kept saying she thinks it’s Maggie and I said I’m sure it’s not. She was getting annoyed and asked why I was so sure and I said the haircut. That made her even more mad. She said that’s insignificant. I said no. She was still annoyed. She asked why and I said that in the comics she becomes leader of the Hilltop and her hair is short in the comics at that time and that could mark her start as the leader. I just really hope it isn’t Glenn. He was my favorite in the comics and he’s my favorite right now. Shane is my favorite overall because he had amazing characterization and was The Walking Dead’s first actual villain. But I didn’t care that he died because his death was inevitable. I do like that his lifespan was longer in the show than in the comics. Fun fact: Shane was originally supposed to die in the first season, but when Frank Darabout figured out the first season was limited to 6 episodes, he decided to lengthen his story to season 2. Darabout was eventually gone though in season 2, which is why Dale was killed off much earlier than his comic counterpart. The actor didn’t want to be in the show any longer since Darabout was gone, so he wanted to be killed off.

        • A quick visit

          Oh thanks for that detail. :).

  • I would rather have Daryl die than Glenn. I also kind of want him to die because I want to see the fan reaction, and he’s also gotten kind of boring.

    • A quick visit

      The fan reaction would be the end of the show.

      • The Truth

        No it wouldn’t, moron.

        • A quick visit

          You have a nice friend too, Friend.

      • Well then the fans are stupid. Just because your (I’m not saying you specifically, just people in general) favorite character dies, doesn’t mean that you should stop watching. If Glenn dies, I’ll be pissed, but I won’t stop watching. He died in the comics and I got over it. I still kept reading. And why is that? It’s because it’s a good comic series. So when Glenn dies in the show (if he does), I’ll still keep watching.

      • Deadpool212

        The true fans wouldn’t stop watching. Everyone on the show is fair game when it comes to getting killed off. He shouldn’t get special treatment because a bunch of butthurt fangirls say that they will “riot in the streets” if they kill off Daryl. Y’all sound like whiny little kids, crying because someone took away your juice box or something…Grow up fcs!

  • Lisa

    They kill off Daryl, don’t think I’ll watch anymore. He’s the one true hard-a@! they have on the show. Most of the females have now gotten too girlie or too sensitive and seem to forget how they were once bad-a@! too. It’s like nobody is scared of the dead zombies anymore, but instead the other living. Bring dead zombie stuff back!!!

    • The Truth

      Bye, Felicia.

  • barbarino91

    Not to mention Dwight says something to the effect of “Don’t worry that’s not bad he’ll be fine” after he shoots Daryl.

  • Angelique Michaud

    All this “if Daryl dies, we riot” may have sealed daryls fate. Robert Kirkman stated in a recent interview that he see it as a challenge…so fans may have sealed his fate

  • TWDFAN83

    I read that Norman reedus comment that what you seen what happen is what happen. Daryl did get shot. He mention he can’t say where he was shot. The finale of season 6 is gonna be the most hardcore and the most dark episode among all season finales. The best Norman says. I read that Daryl suppose to die by negan. Getting his head bashed in. I don’t know. Guess we will find out next Sunday. I look forward to the drama action and the killing.

    • Deadpool212

      Or will they make us wait until October to find out who Negan kills?

  • Deadpool212

    Well, Mr.Dixon might be enough of a badass to survive a superficial gunshot wound but, nor he or anyone else for that matter are badass enough to survive the thirst for bloodlust that Lucille brings to the table…

    This is how I think it’s gonna play out for Mr. Dixon…

    The group is all lined up. Negan says that he picks the “Chinese” guy. Daryl then corrects him saying “He’s Korean”. So Negan kills Daryl for feeling insulted by him….

    Mind you, this is just what I think.

  • Has anyone ventured to speculate about the fate of Michonne? Rosita? Eugene? Aaron?

  • duckman

    I’m guessing Daryl doesn’t die since it appears another major character is going to be killed by Negan and I expect that they won’t risk killing off two popular characters which in turn risks viewer loyalty going into Season7. Carl being killed in front of Rick would be rather brutal!