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Will Negan Kill Glenn? – The Walking Dead Season 6 Theory

Chosen Totem is back again with a new video showcasing a theory that comic book readers are pondering for the season finale. Who is this Negan and dodging bullets, will Glenn make it through the season? Check out their theory video and make sure to subscribe for new entertaining videos.

Dennis Patrick

Dennis is one of the founding members of TWD Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him playing video games and working with online media. He eats Taco Bell on the regular.
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  • Denise Gibson

    Last nite I was very saddened to realize that I will prob lose my favorite TWD character! I realized that it has prob been planned from the beginning of the entire series that Daryl would take the place of Glenn as the most shocking core member loss! From the very beginning Daryl has been willing to sacrifice himself for the children and does so repeatedly.
    He’s the one who would take a bat to the head to ensure that baby has a father when he’s born, someone he knows would be a GOOD father unlike his. His loss would also effect Carols story development in some interesting ways!
    His death at the hands of Negan would ensure that the audience truly despised our biggest bad guy to date from the start.
    It’s the subtle foreshadowing that’s been going on this season that really worries me! Daryl has had his bike and crossbow taken from him but the big one was when they went into the building to rescue the car crash Hilltoppers! As Daryl follows behind Glenn a walker comes outta the door right in front of them. Daryl bumps Glenn aside and takes out the first one then pulls back behind Glenn to let him take the second! Shooting in a narrow hallway, they are not going to film it this way without a specific reason. It’s not like we haven’t seen him offer his life up for someone else in the group before. Remember Claimer Joe? He told him to take the blood he wanted from him instead of Rick, Carl, & Michonne! And while I know how far of a reach this is, I can’t let go of Jesus telling Dsryl to duck before shooting the walker!
    I really hope I’m wrong but his whole arc from day one seems to scream sacrifice!

    • Sosa Vega

      Youre wrong about that… Its definitely glenn.. Reat assured