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Important Comic Book Character to be Introduced in Ep. 10 “The Next World”

Series will introduce yet another comic book character next episode.


Praise the lord! Yet another comic book character will be introduced this season and fortunately for fans, it will be happening in Episode 10 “The Next World.”

The title for Episode 10 is a play on Volume 16 of The Walking Dead comic book series entitled “A Larger World.” The renaming of the title might have to do with the fact that the show will be skipping the volume that immediately proceeds No Way Out – the part where we see Carl recover from his injuries and the community of Alexandria rebuild.

It’s likely the updated title “The Next World” combines both stories found in Volume 15 “We Find Ourselves” and Volume 16 “A Larger World.” – e.g. the focus will be on what’s next for Alexandria, while our group also discovers the existence of another local community. It’s already been rumored that a time hop will occur in the beginning of the episode, which will cover some, if not all, of the story found in Volume 15.

More importantly, it has also been speculated that Paul “Jesus” Monroe will be introduced in this episode. Over the summer it was heavily rumored that Tom Payne would be assuming the role, but it wasn’t until set photos started making the rounds that AMC decided to “officially” announce the casting.


As comic book fans likely already know, Paul Monroe is a ninja-esque recruiter for a community of over 200 people known as The Hilltop. In the graphic novel, Michonne and Abraham first encounter Jesus while on a supply run, where he requests the presence of their leader. Jesus explains that he would like to set up trade communications between the two groups and in typical Ricktator fashion, Rick kicks him in the face until he blacks out. After a bit of back and forth interrogation at the Alexandria Safe Zone, Rick eventually comes to trust Jesus and, well, the rest is history.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, February 21 at 9PM EST on AMC.

Ryan Smith