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New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser Promises No Safe Harbor For Survivors


While it will still be a number of weeks before Fear The Walking Dead returns for its second season, AMC has finally released a teaser trailer with new footage.

While short, it appears as though the season will include a combination of land and sea action – which should quell some fan concerns regarding the whole season taking place on a boat. Based on the trailer, it appears there will be plenty of zombie action and human-on-human drama to satisfy all types of fans. Check out the teaser video below:

Fear The Walking Dead returns April 10 at 9PM EST on AMC

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

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Ryan Smith
  • Dusty

    I like fear. it’s the story behind the story or so to speak. I mean, i love TWD as is, but they skipped a lot in the beginning and i know, it is to tell the story of one man finding his wife and kid after he came out of a coma. But they never showed how things started to begin with. That is where Fear stepped in, to give the perspective of the initial outbreak and the chaos enraged from it. So it did a grand job “filling the holes” as it were. Though i doubt the two shows will come into one unless Fear does a huge time skip at some point and they some how make it across the country. But that is a thing for another day far from now to ponder upon. Loving both Fear and the main WD. Can’t wait for more!

    • karine_gizele82

      That would be awsome!