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Another Time Hop to Come in Back Half of Season 6?

Andrew Lincoln alludes to Season 6 time hop in recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.


In a recent interview with, Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, discusses the future of the Alexandria Safe Zone post mega herd attack. In typical The Walking Dead fashion, many assumed that Rick and company would move on from the Safe Zone as they’ve done in previous seasons. The group quickly packed up and moved on once the farm and prison were destroyed, but this time Lincoln claims there is something different about the ASZ which makes the group more inclined to stay.

Because it is a functioning community and it was functioning perfectly well until we showed up, which is generally the way. It’s secure. We have the capability of growing things. And we don’t have any other options. There is that. But also, there are substantial houses that work. We have solar panels and electricity and there are certain things that are the beginnings of a civilization, so it would be strange for us to look for somewhere else because I’m not sure if there would be anything as contained and secure and environmentally sound.

Later in the interview, Lincoln shares a little tidbit of information that might explain where the season is headed, and that fans should expect yet another time jump during the back half of Season 6.

Rick’s strength is seeing that we can fortify this place.  A lot of these concerns and questions get answered relatively quickly in the first two or three episodes of this back eight. There is a time jump, I will say, at some point. And you will see why we stay in Alexandria.

Seeing as the events that occurred in the first half of Season 6 spanned a total of 48 hours, it’s not totally unrealistic to believe that we would experience a flash forward. The question is when exactly will this time jump happen and what result will it have on the plot? It’s likely we will see at least a few episodes discussing the events that occurred in the midseason premiere, and thus, a time jump wouldn’t be likely until Episode 12 or 13.

This also makes many wonder where Negan stands in all of this. With Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham’s interactions with The Saviors in the midseason premiere, how would a flash forward impact that situation enough for Negan to be introduced in the season finale?

Are you excited to see another time jump or would you prefer a more consistent timeline? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.