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Leaked Spoilers S6 Midseason Premiere – Episode 9: No Way Out

Major Leaked Spoilers for Season 6 Episode 9: No Way Out. Read at your own discretion.


It’s that time of year again, folks, when all your spoiler dreams come true. If you haven’t already guessed, this post will contain major spoilers for Episode 9, the midseason premiere, of Season 6 entitled “No Way Out”. If you have no interest in being spoiled, we suggest you turn back now. Still here? Cool. So, what should you expect from the midseason premiere? Find out the highlights below:

Daryl Doing Daryl Things

If you can remember way back to December, the last time we saw Daryl, he was facing off with Sasha and Abe against the newly introduced Saviors. In the cold open, Sasha, Abe, and Daryl are subdued by their captors, only until Daryl is able to overtake  one of The Saviors and blow up the remaining bikers with the rocket launcher. That’s SO Daryl.

Yes, Everything from the Comic Books That You Want to Happen Will Happen

The very best part of the No Way Out arc is when Rick is forced to hack off the hand of Jessie when she is attacked by walkers and refuses to let go of Carl. Well, fans, looks like this will be coming true! Sam becomes frozen with fear and stops. Jessie pleads with him to keep walking, but he ends up drawing attention from walkers and gets bitten. Jessie gets swarmed but refuses to let go of Carl’s hand, which, in turn, results in Rick lobbing off her arm with his axe.


Eye Hope Carl is Okay

A few months ago, set photos surfaced that showed what looked like Carl rocking bandages on his head. While the legitimacy of these photos were under question, it led many fans to believe that the epic “Dad?” line from the comic book would happen in the show. Well, it turns out those photos were legit. In a twist on the comics (where Douglas Monroe accidentally shoots Carl), Ron picks up Jessie’s gun (after she is killed presumably) and aims it at Rick. Carl jumps toward him as the gun goes off. The bullet hits Carl. As Ron goes to shoot Rick again, Michonne drives her katana through his chest, killing him. Rick turns and sees Carl standing with blood spewing from his eye, Carl softly crying, “Dad?”


Denise Gets Over Her Anxiety

Carol ends up killing the wolf who kidnapped Denise, just in time for Denise to return to the infirmary to save Carl. With nothing to do but watch helplessly, Rick goes into rage mode and takes his aggression out on the herd of walkers. Other Alexandrians, inspired by Rick’s bravery, join in the fight.


These are the key points from Episode 9, No Way Out. More details are available from The Spoiling Dead Fans here.

Sounds like the midseason premiere is going to be one hell of a ride – what many fans were expecting from the midseason finale. But it sounds like it will have been well worth the wait. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Sebastian Compagnucci

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  • Think BEFORE You Post

    These sound great. I particularly like that Daryl bests Negan’s men. Let’s just hope in the end Negan doesn’t get payback, as he’s supposed to beat someone to death with a bat.

    • Cocksmith

      The only way they are going to kill Daryl is if they want people to stop watching. That’s what will happen. They know it too. They are going to tease him getting killed 1000 times. It will never happen. They’ll kill Rick before they kill Daryl and they’ll never kill Rick, either. Not until they want to end the series.

      • Think BEFORE You Post

        Good morning! I think you’re right, because I can tell you … right now … they kill Darryl … I’m done. Done! But, since we’re sort of chatting, what about Glen? Would they dare kill him for real after that horrible tease last half of Season 6? Someone’s going to die. I think we know that for sure. I’m just hoping it’s a secondary character like Abraham or Sasha. I’d even settle for Morgan, who is major but wasn’t a core character. OK that’s it. I have to work. I’ll look for your reply later in the day. Have a good one.

        • Cocksmith

          Actually I have a STRONG suspicion Abraham is going to die next.

          Simply because he’s a military man and he is currently dressed in some very fine Military Regalia. Very befitting of a funeral. Ya know? Like, they “dressed him up to send him off” kind of thing. “Honorable Discharge” so-to-speak.

          I don’t want them to kill Abraham or Sasha, I like both of them.

          I feel like they’re gearing up to kill Carol too, actually. She was a bad ass hero the last couple seasons, but they made her really mean and some what abusive. Which to me, is the writers “making you hate her”, in a way, so you don’t go “What the hell?! Why’d they kill one of the most benevolent and downright *GOOD* characters?” But, they’re giving her a “dirty streak” so that when they do kill her, she can go out doing something “Heroic” to redeem the recent shittiness she’s been exhibiting. (I don’t know if that’s even remotely true that’s 100% speculation on my part)


          I actually think they are going to do a switcheroo and kill Maggie the same way they killed Glenn in the comics. In the comics he gets his head bashed in by Negan’s baseball bat. But they made Maggie pregnant, and I couldn’t put up with another pregnant lady sub-plot, and I don’t think other people would want to either, so I think they are going to abort that story line by substituting Maggie in place of Glenn.

          If they ended up killing off Glenn after that whole debacle he was in this season I will be really disappointed. That’d be a really shitty way to “say goodbye” to a central character.

          (Also, on a more “socially relevant” point of observation, I don’t think they’ll be doing much killing of any “minority” characters any time soon. WAY… WAY… WAY TOO MUCH backlash from Social Justice groups talking about how The Walking Dead is racist for killing off the only Asian character… They’ll be killing off strictly white people for a while to pander to professional-victim-groups.)

          • Think BEFORE You Post

            You might be right. I had a gut reaction … the distinct impression/// based on something fleeting that the host of the TALKING Dead said during that season finally, that they might kill Maggie off.

          • ENFP

            Carol will live. The producers said that she had evolved into the most intereating character and they wanted to fully flesh her out and see where she goes developmentally for a long time.

          • Cocksmith

            Really?! That’s fantastic. I hope it’s true. She’s one of my favorite characters. I agree, she’s evolved so much. That’s one of the reasons she’s one of my favorites.

          • ENFP

            I’ve read it several times and the dude said it in a panel where I SAW/Heard him say it, however, I too question everything they say. It would be a great loss if they’re lying.

          • Westley Williams

            Abraham is an NCO. Why would they have him die in an officer’s uniform? Any army vet knows, Sergeants work for a living.