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Footage of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Leaks Online – Infamous Comic Book Scene Revealed!


In some amazing news for The Walking Dead fans, possible footage of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan has leaked online. Reddit user chucksullivan1 posted a video today of a cellphone showing what appears to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan dressed in Negan, performing what appears to be the infamous “bat death scene” from Issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic book series. In the video, Morgan is seen raising the bat and delivering a crushing blow to whomever is beneath it. What you can’t tell from the video is who exactly is getting hit – which fans have already been speculating for months. It also appears that “Negan” is laughing after taking a swing. You can view the whole video below.




As you already know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was recently cast as Negan. It was announced that he would officially make his appearance in the season finale of Season 6. Filming for S6 is scheduled to conclude relatively soon, which means that the scenes above reflect what we should see in the finale. Who do you think will “meet Lucille” in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

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  • Bull moose

    It’s not Glenn, if anything I think it’s Daryll or Morgan that takes the bat. Writers have a habit of making you almost hate certain characters before they are killed off and I’d say most people hate Morgan now. If it’s Daryll how iconic, awesome, and heartbreaking would that scene be. Seems like a perfect way to end Daryll to me.

    • PeterMZanetti

      There is a very fine line between shocking the audience and pissing them off.
      As much as it makes certain characters untouchable, I don’t find it especially interesting to just keep killing off characters that have been around since Season 1. I would find it more interesting to see those characters start to DO things. Actually start to overcome, and make some real progress in this world.

      • Kathy

        Love this.!!!..Wish they’d get a clue like YOU obviously have.

    • Kathy

      Huh? Perfect way to end Daryl?? Why do you feel THATS a perfect death for him?? I could see Darryl dying in a now way out situation (zombie attack) where he takes out hundreds of them with a molotov cocktail or some sort of explosive device. Haha ….thats literally going out in a blaze of glory.

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  • bob

    Fucking spoil sports erasing the video from existence.

  • Alex

    It could just be a random person, or someone else from Alexandria being killed just to introduce us to Negan To really make a statement, wait til season 8 to kill Glenn. He was killed in comic #100 and the season premiere of season 8 would be episode 100.

  • Cassie

    Norman Reedus has a new show on AMC…..

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  • kathy braxton

    I truly hope someone like Eugene or preacher gets done in, & absolutely NOT Glen.

  • Ralphie

    its got to be a bigger character than just an alexandria character…could be the preacher, or carol, maggie perhaps… after all lauren cohen is doing a ton of movies this year…

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  • Denise Gibson

    Remember the episode before last when the group went into the building to rescue the Hilltop car crash survivors? Well I sadly believe that there was subtle foreshadowing going on as Glenn & Daryl walk down the hall with Glenn in the lead. As the walkers come out of the room Daryl shoves Glenn aside and takes out the walker and ducks outta the way to let Glenn take the next one. Either Negan chooses to kill Daryl or Daryl just jumps in the line of fire. What other character death would make Negan so instantly and thoroughly hated as the one fans threaten to riot over? I pray I’m wrong since Daryls by far my fav!!!

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  • I’m fairly certain nothing is being hidden from us with that “cliffhanger”

  • mochett

    If the filming is done through the eyes of potential Lucille victims and is truly realistic, you’d have to eliminate all those that had hair hanging down in their eyes (i.e. Rick, Glen, Daryl, Maggie, etc).

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