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Leaked: Possible Major Death in Episode 3 “Thank You”? – You Decide!


Warning: major spoilers for Episode 3 “Thank You” of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace!

The Spoiling Dead Fans have released new details regarding plot lines for episode 3 of The Walking Dead entitled “Thank You.” While it’s been known for quite a bit of time that Nicholas would meet his demise early in Season 6, new rumors are circling that another character, a more major one at that, might also be killed in the same episode. The biggest question that remains is whether the leaked details are that of a hallucination or an actual on-screen death. Read the details below:

We received some info two days ago from one of our sources about ‘Thank You’. We have known that Nicholas dies in this episode, but there may be another death or at least we are lead to believe there will be.

The info we received goes like this –

‘Glenn and Nicholas are on top of a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Nicholas starts to have a panic attack or something. Slow motion shit with ringing sounds over the top. He pulls out a gun and says thank you to Glenn and boom! Glenn gets a face full of blood. As he falls off the dumpster he ends up pushing Glenn off. Not on purpose or anything, it’s like Glenn tried to catch him and they both tumble off. Walkers then rip Glenn’s chest apart.’

Now we have a picture of this with Glenn, but we have heard no other info on this. We are trying to gather more information, but Steven has been seen on set in costume numerous times after the filming of episode 3. This week even! What we personally think is that Glenn is hallucinating after seeing Nicholas shoot himself. We think that Glenn pictures himself dying with Nicholas. Once we gather more on this today we will let you know.

Either way, Glenn is hallucinating or we could be losing a MAJOR character this Sunday! -Prime

Here is the photograph mentioned above regarding Glenn –


Seeing as Steven Yeun has still been filming to date, it’s hard to believe that this would be Glenn’s actual death. Based on the amount of slow motion, spaced out, hallucination sequences we’ve been seeing on the show – e.g. Sasha, Abraham, and most recently, Deanna – it’s likely that this is also another hallucination. After all, we know Glenn needs to meet Lucille in the Season 6 finale – duh!

What do you guys think of the rumors about Glenn’s death? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dennis Patrick

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  • Thomas Noctor

    It’s probably an alternative ending or something

  • Lorebrarian

    I am sure it’s the other dude’s body they’re eating because he fell on top of Glenn. I don’t see Glenn getting out of their either way. There are way too many walkers around him.

    • Heather

      Yeah…and if it were Glenn’s death, actual death, why be so vague about blood and guts. Since when does TWD spare us the gnarly details? We’ve seen T-Dog’s body laid open for a feast in the Tombs, and then Tyreese’s arm hacked off….seriously….it felt PURPOSELY misleading. Any event. Nicholas character was a d-bag until the very end, no matter how Glenn allowed him to redeem himself.

  • Genevieve Gabrielle Carpentier

    If it’s a halucination, then maybe he never fell at all.

  • Bryce

    He is not dead. If you look on leaked the dead fans you can see a picture of Jesus who has not been introfuced yet in the show, yet next to Jesus talking to him is Glenn . you can sleep well now

  • Ryan Lee Brobin

    It would probably be less cruel to the fans if they just let him stay dead this way…

  • Heather

    Well an hallucination might explain everything since they were technically out of bullets. Damn, I suffered through all that Morgan backstory and am still in knots over Glenn. Apart from Rick, he might be the most beloved character of the series. Steven Yeun 1) is excellent at what he does and 2) fell into an iconic role of a lifetime – it is so refreshing to see a lead-type Asian male character that is not demeaning or self deprecating to the point of idiocy. oh, and he gets the girl. And is allowed to be strong and sexy. Without kung-fu. lol.