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Is Maggie Pregnant in Season 6 of The Walking Dead?


Warning: spoilers for the premiere of The Walking Dead as well as the graphic novels. You have been warned.

Whether you’re familiar with the comic book or not, you may have missed this rather subtle moment from last night’s premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.  This one statement may suggest a major comic book story line to come in the near future.

When Rick gathers the residents of the Alexandria Safe Zone to discuss plans to migrate the massive herd of walkers trapped in the quarry, he asks for volunteers from the group. While Glenn volunteers to help, he requests that Maggie stay behind to help Deanna recover from the loss of Reg in the Season 5 finale.

Then a truth bomb gets dropped when Maggie responds, “That’s not the only reason.”

If you are a fan of the comic book and caught this statement, you likely crapped your pants at this very moment. Is Maggie (Lauren Cohan) implying that she’s pregnant, and thus, shouldn’t put herself in harm’s way? Glenn (Steven Yeun) obviously seems to the support the idea of her staying behind, so it must be something he is also aware of.

In the comic books, the announcement of Maggie’s pregnancy sets forth a series of events that change the couple’s lives forever. Ironically, Glenn’s insistence on finding a safe place for a pregnant Maggie and his soon-to-be child eventually leads to his death.


Shhh, baby Hershel is sleeping.

If Maggie is, in fact, pregnant on the show, we should expect to see The Hilltop Colony and the introduction of Negan in Season 6. Since it seems like the show is itching to get to the Negan portion of the story, it’s a likely possibility that Glenn will meet his demise relatively soon – if they choose to go in that direction.

Did you catch this statement in last night’s episode? If so, do you think Maggie is pregnant? What could her pregnancy mean for the story lines to come, especially in regards to Glenn? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith hails from the great kingdom of Philadelphia and is a part time voice actor, part time twitch streamer, a part time podcaster but a full time sex machine with machine guns for arms.
Ryan Smith
  • jeanne kefer

    They can’t get rid of Glen. He is one that actually has compassion for others, He can forgive when no one else can,

  • Randy Valentine

    I really don’t think they’ll follow the comic events in the first meeting with Negan.
    It’s been “spoiled” by so many people who have read the comic it’s almost common knowledge.
    I think they’ll play on it, tease it but then possibly kill off Carol, Morgan or someone else (excluding Rick, Michonne and heaven forbid the invincible Daryl)
    I’ve liked how the tv show has delivered some comic storylines almost word for word but with different characters (like Bob and the Hunters, Hershel and the Governor) and other times have gone off in different, yet still similar directions (Hershel’s barn or the first meeting with Aaron)

    I will genuinely be shocked if Negan and Lucille are introduced to the show the way they were in the comic.

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