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Leaked Spoilers for Season 5 Finale – Episode 16 ‘Conquer’ – *Updated with Full Episode Spoilers*

Warning: major spoilers for Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, the season 5 finale. These spoilers come courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page. I’m going to be honest when I say that I haven’t read the spoilers, nor am I trying to read the spoilers – so I can offer no insights into what you are about to read. I shielded my eyes as much as humanely possible when posting these.

TSDF EXCLUSIVE: Billy Murray’s Legs are BACK! Thankfully, source has offered to answer a few questions. Although he hasn’t given away all the details, we have managed to rule out a few rumors and speculations, as well as confirm a few things we already suspected. -Prime

Here is what he answered:

Q – Do we see Morgan in the finale?
A – I thought you would ask about Daryl first! Yeah, Morgan is seen camping out in the forest during the opening sequence.

Q – Is the dismembered black male Morgan?
A – No.

Q – Does he make it to the ASZ?
A – Yeah! (Along with Daryl and Aaron)

Q – Does Carl lose an eye?
A – No, Carl is still as handsome as ever.

Q – Does the ASZ get overrun by walkers?
A – No, the safe zone does not get overrun.

Q – Does anyone get killed by walkers?
A – I have a feeling I will be saying no quite a lot. No.

Q – Do we find out what the ‘W’ means?
A – Yes. Wolves.

Q – Do we see The Wolves at all?
A – Yes, a few of them.

Q – What about Negan?
A – Sorry to disappoint, but noooo.

Q – Does Daryl lose his hand?
A – That old Nicotero picture? No, his hand, arms, legs are all intact.

Q – Does anyone die?
A – Nobody in Rick’s group dies. Daryl fans can relax.

Q – Is there anything else you can tell us?
A – Nope.

Note: the information is correct at the time of posting. As always, anything can change. Especially for the finale, it’s likely alternate scenes were filmed.


Update: 3/27/2015

The Spoiling Dead leaked FULL episode spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5 finale. So now we officially have every detail of the episode. I, on the other hand, have still managed to avoid them completely. So if you’re interested, view the spoilers below.

TSDF EXCLUSIVE: “Conquer” season finale summary! We honestly want to thank everyone from TSDF Family and all of our sources for being with us this season. Without our sources or our members, we would be nothing. Now on to the spoilers! -Prime
Credit: Bulbasaur

Morgan wakes up in a car. He makes some porridge-type food by a fire. An armed man (Benedict Samuel) walks over and points a gun at him. Morgan asks what the W on his head means. He explains the backstory about the wolves. He says “you know the first settlers here, put bounties on wolves heads, brought the natives into it, made them hunt them. Didn’t take them to long to kill them all (points to the W on his forehead) they’re back now.” After threatening to take Morgan and kill him, Morgan takes him out ninja style with his hiking stick along with a second Wolves member (Jessie C. Boyd) who jumps out of some bushes. Morgan ties them up and puts them in the car. He sounds the horn and walks off. Aint nobody gonna mess with Morgan!

Rick wakes up to Michonne watching him. She says that Pete is in another house. Carol, Glenn and Abe enter. Carol butts in and asks why Rick took the guns (hiding the fact she was involved). Carol tells Rick that he should tell a story the town wants to hear (that he will follow their rules) at the meeting later. Carol says that’s what she’s been doing since they got there. Michonne asks why. Carol replies, “Because these people are children and children like stories.” Rick engineers a plan to reinstate the Ricktatorship and hold Deanna’s family at knife point so they can take the armory.

Maggie tries to persuade Deanna to change her mind about Rick. Reg backs Maggie up.

Sasha buries some walkers and takes a nap in the grave because why sleep in a warm bed when you can sleep in a cozy grave of death?

Carol wakes Sleeping Beauty (aka Rick) and gives him back his gun. She didn’t tell the others about the guns just in case they didn’t understand. Rick says he does not want to lie. Carol says, “You want this place and you don’t want to lie. Sunshine, you don’t get both.” Carol keeps it real.

Daryl and Aaron watch a guy in a red poncho from afar. Recruiter spy mode activated.

Nicholas watches Glenn while acting suspicious. Maggie comes over to chat about working everything out. What a babe.

Glenn sees Nicholas climb the walls. GET BACK IN THE FUCKING HOUSE, NICHOLAS!

Father G leaves the community unarmed. Ok, you can leave that’s fine.

Daryl and Aaron lose red poncho guy, but find a food warehouse. Daryl opens a truck, which triggers a trap opening three other truck doors. It releases a hundred or so walkers. There are torsos hanging inside on hooks. Daryl wins zombie kill of the year after beheading three walkers with a rusty chain in one swing. They both take refuge in a car, surrounded by walkers pounding on the window. Inside is a note saying, “Trap, bad people coming. Don’t stay.” Too bad they didn’t see that memo a little earlier.

Carol visits Pete in an effort to get him to check on Tara. She brings Pete some food and holds a knife to his throat after he tells her to get out. Carol continues to keep it real.

Glenn follows Nicholas through the forest. After pausing to look at a dead walker, Glenn is shot in the shoulder and rolls down a slope. Damn you, Nicholas! Why couldn’t you have just stayed in the house?

Rick checks up on Jessie. Pete sees them both from his ‘house prison’.

Daryl formulates a plan to fight his way through the crowd to give Aaron a chance to run. Aaron wants to fight together because that’s what BFFs do! Before they head out, our hero Morgan shows up like a boss and helps them both to a safe distance. Aaron tells him about the ASZ. Morgan says he is going somewhere else but is lost and pulls out a map. Daryl shows him where they are on the map. He sees the note, “Sorry I was an asshole, come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick grimes.” Daryl looks at Morgan, but does not acknowledge the note.

Father Dick finds a walker and is ready to die by its dirty dead hands. He notices a noose around the walker’s head. He changes his mind and then uses the noose to rip the walker’s head off. He cries in the middle of the road.

Abraham visits a bed-bound, unconscious Tara. Rosita and Eugene are there too. Abraham and Eugene both apologize to each other for what happened in the past.

Gabe returns and Spencer asks him to shut the gate. Gabe barely even makes the effort to close it and walks off, leaving it unlocked.

Nicholas and Glenn fight, leaving Glenn stuck under a pile of walkers.

Michonne asks Rick if he is ready (for the meeting). He explains to Michonne how they took the guns and attempts to give his piece to Michonne. She pushes his hand away and lets him keep it. She explains that she’s not against Rick and will follow him however it all pans out.

Rick, while in his room, recounts an old conversation with Bob: (Rick’s voice) ‘This is the real world Bob.’ Bob replies, ‘No this is a nightmare, and nightmares end.’

Rick finds the gate open and some blood on the lock as well as some on the ground. He locks it and runs off.

Gabe returns to his church to find Sasha waiting for him. She wants to talk about what she is going through.

The meeting is starting without Rick and Glenn. Deanna talks about how Rick took the pistol and pointed it at people.

Nicholas is navigating the forest while Rick is searching the community. It’s now night time. (Sunset came rather quickly.)

Gabe refuses to console Sasha and very nastily talks about how Bob was dismembered causing Sasha to scream at him and pin him to a wall. Father Dick is full of fail.

Deanna, Abraham, Maggie, Michonne and Carol say their piece to the town about Rick. Meanwhile, Gabe is wrestling Sasha’s rifle out of her hands. Rick is fighting off three walkers in the town and Glenn is beating up Nicholas.

Two members of the Wolves bring red poncho guy to the trap that Daryl and Aaron escaped from earlier. They slit red Poncho’s throat and reset the trap using music (to get the walkers back in the trucks). Fairwell, red poncho guy. We hardly knew thee.

Glenn points a gun to Nicholas’ head, but spares his life.

Back at the meeting, Tobin is defending Deanna when Rick walks in with a walker corpse. He throws it on the ground.*corpse drop*

Sasha is pointing her gun at Gabe, who is stopped by Maggie. Gabe shouts that she should have let Sasha shoot him because everyone died because of him.

Rick explains how the walker got in through an open gate and that the dead and living will always find a way in. He says, “The ones out there will hunt us and find us. You need to change now.” While he is saying this speech, we see Glenn carry Nicholas away, Carl with Judith at home, Maggie, Sasha and Gabe praying together, Tara waking up, and a Wolves member going through Aaron’s photos of the ASZ.

A wild-looking Pete appears wielding Michonne’s katana and shouts “You’re not one of us!” He pushes Reg out the way, slitting his throat by accident. Abe pins Pete down. Deanna hysterically holding a dying Reg says, “Rick, do it.” Without hesitation, Rick executes Pete. Goodbye, porch dick. Now, you’re just a dead dick.

A familiar face calls Rick’s name. Rick looks up to see Aaron, Daryl and Morgan standing there.

Morgan and Rick share an intimate eyefuck.

Screen to black.

Stick around for another after credits scene!

NOTE: The information is correct at the time of posting. As always and especially with a finale, anything and everything could change by the time we see it on TV.


Don’t forget to tune into the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead set to air at 9PM EST on AMC on Sunday, March 29th.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

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Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Walker Jeff

    I hope Nicholas gets killed and Ricks group confronts Father putts.

    • dtae

      ricks group is going to kill everyone……blood will be spilled.

  • Andrea

    What?nobody in Rick’s group dies…so disappointed

  • Shenanigans_915

    I just want to see that back stabbing SOB FatherDick (Gabriel) die.

    • tiffany

      I heard that he does die, true or not….i don’t know. But what I read is that Father Gabriel is exiled and is captured by the wolves and they bring him to the gate of Alexandria in an attempt to enter or kill him and he is killed there.

      • Shenanigans_915

        Cool. I hope it plays it out that way. Who do you think the mystery 4th guest is going to be on The Talking Dead? Morgan, maybe.

  • Jesse

    Whelp, another repeat of the S4 finale; no main character deaths. On the bright side, Daryl is safe. I was worrying about him.

  • Maggie

    Don’t know why people want more main character deaths. Doesn’t make sense. We have already had enough deaths this season IMO. Also, reallyyyyy tired of people asking about Negan so soon. IT IS TOO EARLY. So annoying.

  • Jenner Logicman Bradt

    Good questions, and I like the answers. I don’t know what is up with people who want characters to die on the show. The show is for storytelling, and yes, part of storytelling is eliciting emotion. Deaths will do that, but they shouldn’t be used as a crutch for bad writers. There is no reason to kill someone just because it’s the finale. Character deaths should always have a purpose within the story. If a death won’t do anything important for any of the living characters, then the death is trash. Shock value nonsense. With that being said, I have some educated guesses for the finale.

    – Reg Monroe murdered by Pete

    This death would be very effective. For one, it would get Deanna to question whether or not she is right that Rick is a bad guy who doesn’t understand their current situation as well as her. This would show her that Rick might be more fit to run the place than she previously thought. It would also get the inevitable done- a kill order on Pete. Since Rick initially volunteered, Rick will be the one told to kill Pete.

    – Deanna puts a kill order on Pete for murdering her husband and Rick fulfills it

    – Glenn is shown to not be who Nicholas claims

    Glenn will probably do something like help Nicholas get home after they are both injured. Deanna will recognize this act as incompatible with the claims made by Nicholas. This will further show Deanna that Rick and his group are very fit for running and living in Alexandria. A SAFE takeover of Alexandria is important. Rick’s group isn’t going to do something drastically against their character and massacre a bunch of the weak Alexandrians. This is what makes my guesses pretty strong thus far.

    – Deanna gives Rick power over Alexandria after multiple perspective changing events

    Namely, Pete kills her hubby, Glenn shows he isn’t who Nicholas claims, and probably an attack on Alexandria from outsiders, with Rick’s group saving the day. We will see her realize that the world as she knows it is even worse and calls for Rick to take lead.

    – Following the death of Pete, Rick and Jessie “get together.”

    Either kissing or sex. It’s happening. Rick saved Jessie and showed he is willing to go to extreme lengths for her. She likes him and feels like she owes him. That’s a pretty “lethal” combination. Rick wants it and worked for it. He’s going to take whatever she gives. Probably sex.

    – Gabriel won’t get taught a lesson for averring the main group in dangerous

    Whether it’s a direct result of his words or “karma,” I predict nothing will happen to Gabriel away from some possible brow beating. He was just an instrument to shed doubt upon the trustworthiness of the main group. As much as we all want to see him get knocked out after his outright evil speech, spending time on him getting “what he deserves” doesn’t help the group or Rick appear more trustworthy to Deanna, which is most likely the main goal of the episode.

    • Maggie

      Yeah I never predicted any of Ricks group to die in the finale. I just think it makes no sense. People are getting upset because THEY thought there would be a main character death. You don’t need character deaths in a finale. I would think that would become too predictable. Not feeling Rick and Jessie, even though its comic based. Never was a big fan of that “relationship” so Im looking forward to her meeting her end soon.

      • Jenner Logicman Bradt

        For Rick, I think Jessie will probably be a lesson to not attempt dating those who are now considered weak to the post apocalypse world. By that, I mean that she won’t be around long. I definitely don’t enjoy Jessie. I will say that. I am not about the relationship stuff like a lot of others, but some relationships in my favorite shows don’t bother me. I think Rick with a stronger female wouldn’t bother me unless they suffocated the show with the relationship.

        Let’s just hope that Alexandra Breckenridge isn’t too likable behind the scenes. Objectivity is not a strong point for the average human.

        • Maggie

          What you said about seeing Rick with a strong female is a reason I think sooo many wanted him and Michonne to get together. They see Michonne as an equal to Rick who isn’t weak as a paper towel. I’m personally not a Richonne shipper I just enjoy the platonic friendship between the two. I agree with you about Rick having a romance with the right woman and it not dragging the show down. I think the Maggie/Glenn marriage is handled great on the show. A lot of times I even forget they are married lol.

          • Jenner Logicman Bradt

            Maggie and Glenn are handled wonderfully. When they have been focused on, the story has never been clammed up. I would say Rick and Lori were nearly the opposite extreme during season 2 and 3- They had no chemistry and their story that I can sum up in a couple of sentences got a lot of needless camera time.

            Michonne and Rick – I honestly don’t see it happening, but I know why people wanted it. At this point, I feel the TV show will probably need to bring in their own strong female for Rick to romance up. I would say that Carol and Andrea have changed places in a way, but the comic doesn’t have Daryl and Carol will eventually be Daryl’s girlfriend.

            Are Rick and Michonne equal? I get what you mean. I really do, but I want to say something about Rick. For a main character, they don’t do a very great job of protecting him. I don’t know whether that is good or bad. I can tell you that I, personally, like stronger lead characters (Greg House) more, but there is a threshold I can live with while still liking the character as it’s written (Michael Westen). I can forgive Michael for what he did during the last season of Burn Notice. With Rick, I think he will eventually reach a point where I am tired of making excuses for him mentally and physically. Mentally, he’s not very consistent at all, but still not someone worth hating just yet. Physically, I am annoyed by how they have him get beat up and over-sell injuries with his life and others on the line.

            Michonne has been far more protected than Rick thus far. She isn’t as emotional nor as crazy, and she is the fighter you’d expect the main character to be.

      • bmclane

        When Carol told Rick she sees how he looks at Jesse, he doesn’t deny it. Why so hard to think Rick may be attracted to a nice girl? Shipping Richonne is silly. She doesn’t need help and after she just bashed him the head his affections are way over on the other side of town.

        • Maggie

          I never questioned Ricks attraction to Jesse. I just said I’m not personally a fan of the relationship. Never was reading the comic and still not watching the show. That is MY opinion. I also said that I am not a Richonne shipper. Just pointed out why my other Walking Dead friends ship Michonne with Rick. I don’t see it for Rick & Michonne like that. Never have, never will.

        • Chuckawobbly

          Shipping anyone on this show is silly. It’s as if people deny that a kindred spirit or friendship is somehow less simply because there is no sex or romance. I’ve never shipped anyone on this show and I never will.

  • Chuckawobbly

    So if no one in Rick’s group dies, why is everyone freaking out about the ‘mystery guest’ on The Talking Dead and Norman and Melissa’s appearance…as if their appearance on the show automatically deems that one of them is going to die?

    • Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

      I bet it’s Morgan and they don’t wanna give away that he returns.

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  • still here

    maybe they found an actor to play negan

  • Bryce Kenyan

    I better run before the walkers get me

  • Aman Doda


  • John Nada

    This does tie in with the Q& A spoiler released earlier srome the same site which I am a member of as well. Seems pretty credible although it was rarely in the past we would get season finale spoilers. Finally we get to see Morgan and it appears fans will be satisfied.

    As far as main character deaths are concerned with the exception of Dale, Shane and Hershel the others had no real impact in my opinion based on how the characters were written therefore fail to add any impact to the storyline.

    • Lucille

      My tv guide says 78 minutes show. The other site also said the same which was questioned. Makes you think !